How Often Should you Write a Blog Post?

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What is the best frequency of update blog post? How often should you write a blog post to increase blog search ranking?

I found this question in many blogging forums or post comments to successful bloggers asked by a newbie blogger. And at the same time there is various answer by experts which is always debatable.

But the question here is whether the update frequency of a blog really matters? I am sharing my point of view on ideal blog post frequency from my blogging journey so far.

How Often Should you Write a Blog Post

What type of Blog you are Running?

I found this is the most relevant question one should ask first to get the answer of the question related to frequency of blog posts. If you run a news related blog or website or a multi-niche website then you have to write articles almost daily. If possible even more than 1 article a day.

Because there are various readers who are expecting article from you on different news or different topic. Can you write multiple article daily? If not then you can hire content writers to write more articles.

Are you Planning to Start a Micro-niche Blog?

If you run or plan to start a micro-niche blog then you need not to think about the ideal blog post frequency. Generally a micro-niche blog contains in-depth explanation on a specific topic. That means you will not get regular stuffs to write on that blog.

In that case frequency of blog posts will be different from the previous point. May be weekly once you have to collect for fresh articles related to that topic. Or else you may have to rewrite the old published contents with added value and re-post them weekly or monthly basis.

Are you Starting a New Blog?

If your blog is just born, then you have to follow the simple thumb rule forgetting about any of the niche. Just write and write more content to make your blog readable.

In the early days of your blog, you have to write quality articles as per your convenience to build your blog audience and presence. Gradually when you grow some traffic and readership via email newsletter then you may decide your blog post frequency as per your readers expectation.

Are you a full time blogger?

If you are a full time blogger then you have enough time to write more than one article a day. In such a scenario blogging niche doesn’t matter. In-fact you can maintain multiple blogs at the same time on different niche to cover a wide range of topics.

But remember to keep some time aside to extend the reach of your post as well.

Blog Update Frequency of Pro-Bloggers

When you ask anything about Pro-Bloggers, you should understand one thing that they have achieved the maximum level of this blogging world. They have followed all the best practices in early days and now their blog has reached on top.

So far as per my observation it actually depends on many factors. Mostly pro-bloggers also love to update their blog or blogs almost daily or even multiple times. Many pro-bloggers run other online marketing business as well besides blogging. So they may get less time to concentrate fully on blog updating.

E.g. Pro-blogger like Harsh Agarwal of ShoutMeLoud runs a multi-author blog which makes sure that his blog update frequency is maintained with multiple articles daily.

So, Ideally How often should a blog be Updated?

I feel there is no such frequency rate which will increase ranking of blog of future. It always depends on the person or the blogger.

How much information you have learned that can be shared? How much frequently you love to write an article? Do you prefer to prepare a in-depth article with more than thousands words? These questions will simply answer this query.

But as a blogger one should write a blog post when he/she is ready to share that knowledge, not for the sake of blog updating. I think this question can conclude this article. Try to answer this question by yourself and you will know the best frequency of blog posts update. Share your thoughts on ‘How often should you write a blog post’.

How Often Should you Write a Blog Post?
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