7 Ingenious Tips to Choose the Best VPS Hosting Provider in 2017
Affordability with independence – that is what we want from our hosting plans, isn’t it? What if I say, you can get the benefits of both shared and dedicated hosting services together? A VPS or virtual private server is a pathway between dedicated and shared hosting. It is much affordable in comparison to a dedicated server and is far better than… (2 comments)

Cloudways Coupon Code with Review (Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider)
Cloudways Coupon Code with elaborate review of this best managed cloud hosting provider of current market. In recent times, Cloud hosting platforms have gained credible recognition in the cyber world. The internet is a vast world encompassing a massive gridlock of websites. However, to precisely manage network traffic congestions, technology has significantly taken a leap ahead in… (3 comments)

What is Uptime | How to Check Hosting Uptime
Every alternate web host promises to provide at least 99.9% uptime. However, did you ever wonder what actually uptime is and how you can check the hosting uptime? In my last article I have discussed about the 20 basic Web Hosting terms you must know about. Uptime & Bandwidth are the most important ones among them. Let’s talk about… (3 comments)