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5 Micro Niche Blogging Secrets to Generate Passive Income

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When we talk about making money from blogging, then no one can beat micro niche blogs. But what are those micro niche blog tips to generate some real good income?

I have read many places that micro niche blogs has lost their crisp due to various changes in Google algorithm. But the real truth is that, micro niche blogs are the best way to blog for money, if you have taken all the necessary steps to avoid Google penalty.

Now the question is, is it so easy to start a micro niche blog? The answer is “NO”.

You have to plan properly and also need to be lucky to get such a niche where there is very less competition in blogging till now. If you believe the facts, then everyday millions of blogs are hitting the web world and competition is increasing day by day.

Micro Niche Blogging Secrets to Generate Passive Income

But if you believe in hard work, able to follow the best practices of blogging and be patience for a long term then success can’t stay away from you. In this article I will share 5 awesome micro niche blogging secrets which will compel you to consider starting a niche blog.

What is Micro Niche Blogging?

Before proceeding further let me answer what is micro niche blogging?

Actually if you see the popular blogs around you, you might have noticed that they are covering many topics under a broad niche in their blogs. I came to know about micro niche blogging for the first time from Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmenloud.com. If you check that blog, you will find many topics related to blogging, WordPress and online marketing. But he has another website called cydiaguide.com, which is completely created to cover a single topic of “Cydia iPhone application”. That is what called a micro niche blog.

Best 5 Micro Niche Blogging Secrets

1. Traffic Source

As we are talking about make money via micro niche blogging, we have to remember that our keyword should be from such countries where conversion rate is high. Countries like USA, UK, CANADA has very high conversion rate. That means one can make more money online.

If you choose a micro niche based on India or Pakistan then you may get very little money from ad. So choose high cpc keywords from those countries only.

2. High CPC Keyword

These are keywords for which you can earn a big commission in case of a click. Look for all such keywords with good volume of search. But remember the competition has to be low to get good result.

If you try to rank for a popular high CPC keyword, then there will be no benefit as you can’t beat those existing blogs for that keyword. So do some keyword research.

3. Plan for articles

So you have finalized the targeted keyword for your micro niche blog. Now you have to explore more keywords or related terms so that you can write more than 15+ articles. If you can write more article then no problem as there is no limit on how many blog posts you must write. Try to write the main article with more than 1000 words with in-depth analysis. And then write more article with minimum 300 words to support the main article.

4. Buy the domain name

Now you have to do the biggest thing, buy a domain name with your keyword. If you find the Exact Match Domain and that has very low competition then there will be a huge chance of getting ranked for that keyword. But you have to follow the best practices of blogging to rank well.

If you are looking for a free domain, you can checkout the BlueHost discount offer here.

5. Follow the blogging rules

Simply buying the EMD or exact match domain and writing few articles will not give you the result. Search engines has changed a lot. So you have to follow all the best blogging practices like: on-page SEO factors, off-page SEO factors, good link building structure, domain authority and finally patience.

Keep doing these activities time to time without much bothering about the current state of the blog. Micro niche blogs may take time to rank well, but if you continue this practices then you can even beat a reputed website in long run.

Did I get any success in micro niche blogging?

Of course the next valid question is whether I have tested any success in micro niche blogging, as I am suggesting so many Micro Niche Blogging tips 🙂

Yes, I also have started a micro niche website SukanyaSamriddhiAccount.com which is giving a decent income from Google adsense. In near future, I will share about the learning and blogging mistakes I have gained from this micro niche blogging experiment. So have you tried micro niche blogging? Please share your experiences and learnings to enrich the article for the people who is thinking to start a niche blog in coming days.

5 Micro Niche Blogging Secrets to Generate Passive Income
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