What is Google adsense invalid activity payment deductions

What is Google adsense invalid activity payment deductions

Google adsense has been a proven way to make some serious money online. Many bloggers are living their life world-wide by making huge money with this program. One of such example among Indian bloggers is Mr. Amit Agarwal of labnol.org, the father of Indian bloggers.

Recently Google adsense has added a new feature called “Adsense Invalid Activity Payment Deductions” in the payment history section. This is an awesome feature as Google is making it more transparent about how much commission they are paying to publishers and how much they are not considering as valid clicks.

How to check Adsense Invalid Activity Payment Deductions

To check this feature, you have to log into your Google adsense account. Check for payment history and explore the latest payment break-ups. I have share my June month Adsense income report screenshot below and here I can see that Google has deducted $ 2.81 from my income under Invalid Traffic – Asense for Content.

Adsense Invalid Activity Payment Deduction

Google adsense system is very strong to capture such activities. Whenever some unnatural clicks happen E.g. accidental clicks, click via auto-mated system etc, Google is able to capture them and the commission generated from those clicks will be considered as invalid income.

This feature will also give a positive signal to advertisers, who already trust Google like anything. Most advertiser prefer to promote their products via Google adwards program rather looking for dedicated websites.

Anyway, did you check your adsense payment history and find out how money you have lost this month with the help of Google’s “Adsense Invalid Activity Payment Deductions” feature?

What is Google adsense invalid activity payment deductions
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  1. Yes Invalid Traffic clicks are now capturing on my adsense account. I personally feel its good move by google, because the website owners will know how much amount adsense differes from estimated earnings to paid

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