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7 reasons why you should avoid free blog hosting and free blogging platform

How many times you have planned to start a first blog on a self hosted platform? But take a step back thinking about the expenditures to host a blog.

I myself go through such scenarios when I have started my first blog with BlogSpot platform. By choosing a free blog platform one can blog without spending a single penny, but can’t sleep peacefully as the control of your blog is not at all in your hand.

avoid free web hosting free blogging platform

If you are serious about your blog and want to make money out of it, then you should know why pro-bloggers recommend paid hosting services with a custom domain name.

Reasons to avoid free blog hosting service providers

There are many popular free blogging platforms like Google Blogger, hub page, Tumblr & WordPress.com etc. They are really awesome in their own terms and condition.

I have spent more than 2 years on BlogSpot platform before I migrate my first blog to WordPress self hosted platform with a custom domain.

It was a tough decision for me, as I had to spend money for my passion. But after migrating to WordPress, I know where I am right now. Anyway why I am stressing here is to avoid free blog hosting services are explained clearly with the below 7 points.

Zero control on your blogs life

Every free blogger platform has their own terms and condition. If you deviate from any of them you may loose your entire website.

Recently Google has announced that they will not tolerate any adult content on their BlogSpot platform. Although the definition such adult content is controversial.

Now with such a move, a well established website may loose their entire website as BlogSpot penalty. This is one of the biggest nightmares many bloggers already experienced, when they were in free hosting or free blog platform.

As a beginner, you can choose from either Bluehost or Hostgator shared hosting plans. They are very cheap and have a very good customers support.

Problem with technical errors in theme

Now this is one of the major problems I faced during my BlogSpot blogging days. Whatever free theme I tried, I was struggling to remove them all the time.

By default Google blogger has many scripts which are not good for your blogs health. But in case of WordPress paid hosting, you can buy a premium theme like Genesis and make your theme 100% error free.

There are even many awesome Genesis child themes, which you can use and choose a different and professional blog design.

No flexibility of plug-in or easy to use resources

If you use WordPress as blogging platform, you can do many things even without knowing coding or any technical knowledge.

Simply use a plug-in related to that and resolves the issue in a minute. E.g. if you want to put adsense code after the first paragraph of your content in blogger platform then you have to change the XML code and many other things. But in WordPress, simply install Quick adsense plugin and enjoy ad placing within content.

Zero security of your content

Anytime your blog can be hacked or its content can be altered as there is almost zero security measures taken by these free blogging platforms. We have heard many such instances recently.

But if you use WordPress, you can take help from many security plugins either free or paid to secure your blog from unnecessary cyber attacks.

Less professional and less seriousness

When you blog on a free platform, people started taking you for granted or not at all seriously. There are pro-bloggers, who are continuing their blogging journey on BlogSpot platform, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you have an out of the box idea or plan then you may stand out differently, but for majority of newbie bloggers free platform is not able to provide them the look and feel they want to tell. And again if you discover that your blog has enough potential to grow, then you have to spend huge money to transfer that blog to a professional platform like WordPress.

Zero control over server resources

Many beginners don’t want to stress much on hosting side and start a blog with free blog platforms. But hosting servers play the major role on your blog’s future.

As this is free, you don’t have any control to that server. In such a case when your blog start receiving huge traffic, your free hosting server may not be able to respond properly and your website will crash frequently.

What will you do in that case? So better to avoid free blog hosting service providers.

Very tough to migrate to WordPress

When I have decided to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, I ave to spend a significant amount. The reason behind that was the permalink structure of my post was not SEO optimized, few technical things have to be corrected etc.

Even I am still rewriting my old articles by putting 301 redirect to make them worthy. So if you are serious about your writing, then it is better to pay some money in the beginning and start blogging on a professional platform only.

These are few reasons I find useful to avoid free blog hosting and free blogging platform. In other words you can also say that these are the reason why one should choose WordPress.org platform over free blogging platform to make blogging journey flexible.

7 reasons why you should avoid free blog hosting and free blogging platform
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