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What do You Know About Web Hosting – A Beginners Guide

Our today’s article is the next step in How to Start a Blog Step by Step Guide. You might have heard enough about web hosting. But there are many things out there which you should definitely know to start a blog & make it successful. This post is truly a beginners guide to web hosting.

As we now understand that why WordPress is the best blogging platform, we should know the basics of web hosting. I have already shared that, one can start blogging without any knowledge or skill, but as time progresses, s/he has to seriously learn many things to make blogging a profession.

So let us go though the web hosting step by step guide.

Beginners Guide to Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting and Why do I Need it?

A laymen’s term web hosting means nothing but the storage or place where your websites files are stored. Generally we call it a server.

Now what is a server?

A Web Server is a very big computer with huge memory and high performing parts, which will run continuously without stopping for a second. It is like our computer hard disk, where we store our files.

In a web hosting server, one has to buy a small space to keep the websites files. So that website can be visible from the entire world.

What are website files?

A website is nothing but a combination of files. E.g. most common files are: About Us, Contact Us etc. When we talk about a blog, every article or blog post creates a page. Now all the pages are called from a single page via coding so that the website looks as per our expectation.

To keep all this files safely at one place, one has to buy some space form a hosting company.

So, I hope it is clear enough about what is web hosting. Now, the next question is how many types of hosting are there?

Different type of web hosting

There are couple of different types of web hosting plans one can buy to host a website. It actually depends on how big is your website, how much traffic it is able to fetch etc. Understanding the types will help you to choose for the best plan.

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting vs Cloud Hosting vs VPS

Shared hosting Plans

As the name suggest, with this hosting plan you will get a space from the hosting provider in which many other websites are also hosted. This is mainly good for a low traffic website, as the more traffic means it may eat the bandwidth of other websites of that pool.

Although almost every company mention about unlimited space, I believe for shared hosting the max space occupied by a website is decided. One can’t cross that limit. Otherwise your website may go down or they will ask you to upgrade your hosting by choosing a dedicated hosting or any other upgrade plan. I faced the same with BigRock hosting.

Virtual private servers VPS web hosting

Again I will stress on the same, virtual server. Means your website will be hosted on a dedicated virtual server, but in actual it will share space with others. This may give better performance compared to shared hosting. But again for a high volume traffic again there might be some disadvantages.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Now, with this one should understand that if your website has very high traffic, you can buy a Dedicated Hosting Service from your hosting provider. For all big websites, this is mandatory to run a website without any downtime.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is nothing but the very larger picture of web hosting. With Cloud Hosting, one can expect a far better results.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Now this is a customized hosting term. With Managed WordPress Hosting, every hosting provider includes couple of services, tools to make blogging easy.

So, we have enough knowledge about web hosting and their various types. Now the next question is how to decide which hosting service is best for WordPress blog?

How to choose a web hosting plan?

Few obvious questions playing your mind might be:

  • It should be a cheap web hosting
  • It should be less technical stuffs with more automated tools
  • It should be a good hosting service provider with high recommendations form others
  • If the billing cycle could be lesser

To answer all of these questions, I will simply say that go for a shared hosting plan with BlueHost hosting plans. Look for monthly billing plans, if you have any such preference.

If you need a hassle free and featured packed hosting then a managed hosting service might be a good option. But again it may cost you more than shared hosting. BlueHost is also one of the best hosting provider as per the professionals.

Web Hosting Discount: Check out Bluehost India Discount Coupon if you are planning to buy a hosting plan from a India based hosting provider, or else you can check out  Bluehost.com Hosting Discount Offer.

But the basic funda is to start with any share hosting plan with a monthly billing cycle. This will help you to blog on self hosted blogging platform at the same time you will feel paying less, as billing cycle is less. Most of the hosting companies provide only yearly billing plan, but there are few others as well.

Now which hosting service provider is best?

How to choose the best WordPress hosting provider?

To answer this question, you can read the article on How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting. This will help you to find the best hosting provider for you.

Read the next step to know how to SetUp a WordPress Blog.

Hope you will find this beginners guide to web hosting useful. So which web hosting services are you using?

What do You Know About Web Hosting – A Beginners Guide
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  • Thanks for the excellent guide. I’m new in the web hosting and I really needed something like this. I ordered a VPS at rosehosting.com and I’m happy with the service so far.

  • BlueHost or HostGator are a huge mistake! Absolutely the worst hosting companies out there. I got pulled in to all the hype about how awesome they were, so I decided to move – once I switched nothing was as promised, I was with them about 2 hours before I wanted to switch back.

  • Hello Manidipa,

    This is a very useful and interesting post about web hosting. I bet that a lot of people especially the newbies who are still using the free blogging platforms do not know anything about web hosting and its good you took your time to educate them on it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Theodore,

      It’s really great to know that you found the article useful.

      You are very true in saying that, most of the newbies don’t tend to learn much about web hosting (even I also didn’t know anything about it during my initial days :)), but it is very essential & helps you a lot in understanding your hosting needs.

      Thanks for stopping by. Take care 🙂

  • I found this post interesting, short questions and answers, nice post.

  • Hi Manidipa,
    What a joy to be here today.
    Your visit on my page made me to happen this!
    Thank you so much for the kind visit and the feedback.
    The new series is really worth for any bloggers, especially
    the newbies, I have been depending on others all these days
    to do such thing and still depends on some of
    my friends online to help me out in this process.
    The recent breakdown of my page and putting back
    Together everything in order was really a great dilemma to me.
    And i approached one of my online friends and he
    rendered his wholehearted support to me and he
    put everything in order keeping aside his sleep.
    If one gets to know for themselves all these Technics
    we need not disturb others. 🙂
    I am bookmarking this series for my further read and study,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this
    Have a good day
    Best Regards.
    ~ Philip

    • Hi Philip,

      A big welcome. It’s really great to hear this from you 🙂

      I am also thankful that I got the chance to visit your space.

      In the web world, it’s not always possible to be on your own. And thank God, we are blessed with such fellow bloggers who help & support us in need. Great to know that you have recovered from the breakdown & wish you will share more knowledge in this blogospehere.

      Thank you so much for putting your time & sharing your views here. Take care 🙂

  • Great explanation about web hosting, this guide really helpful for every newbie bloggers. BlueHost is the best web hosting company we already have best experience on that… 🙂

    • Hi Ganesh,

      It’s really great that you found the post useful. Thank you so much for spending time to read this & nice to hear that you have a great experience with BlueHost. Take care 🙂

  • Thanks for the valuable information. I think that managed VPS hosting is excellent choice for those who have multiple websites to host. I am one of those and I am hosting my sites at rosehosting. I decided to join them since their service is affordable and their fully managed service was too attractive to me.


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