10 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers & Webmasters

If you want to blog on the go, then the right blogging apps for Android can just do that for you while making things easier than ever. As bloggers, we always want to remain connected with our blogging activities. But what are the best Android apps for Bloggers & Webmasters which can perform all the necessary chores?

Smartphones are easy to handle, portable and fashionable too. So gradually people are getting more dependent on their phones and tablets to get their job done. You can make your Smartphone as your workstation by using the needed android applications.

Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system of current time. If you have an Android powered phone, then there are many applications available in the Google play store for various needs such as productivity improvement, social sharing, writing apps etc.

In the previous article we have discussed about the best apps for Smartphones that will fullfill your general needs. However, if you are a blogging enthusiast, then here is a list of top 10 Free blogging apps for Android that will help you to complete the daily tasks and schedules wherever you are. They cost nothing, so use them to put your life at ease.

Best Android Apps for Bloggers Webmasters

Best Android Apps for Bloggers / Webmasters

Let’s see some of the must have apps for bloggers & web masters which they can use to blog from their Android devices.

  1. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform over the web. WordPress for Android helps you to perform many essential tasks like create and publish new blog posts, edit old posts, moderating comments etc.  You can also monitor your site’s statistics /analytics and upload images or videos taken from your SmartPhone. This app is compatible with self-hosted WordPress blogs as well as blogs hosted on WordPress.com. So if you have WordPress as your content management system, then this app is a must-have for you.

  1. Blogger

Blogger is another blogging platform which is great for a beginner to start blogging. If you have a Blogger blog, then this app is for you. You can use this app for creating and publishing new posts, editing old ones and managing comments and other functions of your blog. Also the Blogger app allows you to easily switch between multiple blogs.

  1. Evernote

Ideas come to our mind anytime and anywhere. Evernote is a very useful mobile app that helps you to capture them when you are out. It is a multi-tasking app with which you can make a to-do list, write text, capture an image, record audio clips, make sketches using Skitch – the list is vast. All your work will be synchronized across your phone, desktop and browser to be accessed from anywhere.

  1. Plagiarism Checker

We all know the importance of unique content in the success of any blog. Quality content that is useful for your readers can give a strong boost to your blog. Plagiarism checker scans through your content article and search for similarities with the 5 major search engines Google, Babylon, Yahoo, Google Books and Google Scholar. This is a handy mobile app for bloggers who accept guest posts. This tells you whether the submitted article is a research work or plagiarised content.

  1. Writer

It is really challenging to concentrate on writing when you get many incoming notifications in your phone. Writer is a minimalist word processor that offers you a distraction free screen so that you can focus fully on writing. Writer is one of the best Android apps for bloggers that allows you to create text content, stories, write notes quickly without any interruption.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics, the mobile version of the official Google tool is one of the the best blogging apps for Android. Just install this app to track the real time traffic statistics of your blog. You can monitor the important matrix of your site like total impressions, page views, unique visitors, demographic stats, bounce rate etc.  from your android device. This is a very useful app for bloggers who want to monetize their blog and keep a track of their site traffic.

  1. Flipboard

Blogging is mainly about sharing what you know on the Internet. For that, it is very much important that you remain up to date with the happenings around the world. Flipboard is a free android app for bloggers that helps us to keep in touch with new stories, news, videos etc. You can connect your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. and see what your friends talking about and also share posts with them.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best android apps for webmasters. You can store your important files such as MS office documents, images, audios, videos etc. to your account. Upto 15GB date is allowed to be uploaded for one Google account. All these materials will then be synchronized with your devices so that you can easily access them from wherever you want. You can also share your uploaded files publicly anywhere else over the internet.

  1. Hootsuite

Sharing on the different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. every time you publish a new post is a time consuming process. HootSuite is a free android app that makes this job easy and allows you to share your blog posts through Facebook and Twitter. This social marketing tool helps you to schedule your posts and manage your social campaigns. You can also view click-through rates of your shares.

  1. SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard is the most downloaded keyboard app. It replaces your stock keyboard with small keyboard buttons with the all new SwiftKey keyboard that has many advanced features like  Auto-Correction, Auto-Capitalization, next-word-prediction and 800 emotions. It also offers personalized word predictions based on your past typing activities. SwiftKey supports 60 languages with 30 colorful layouts. Writing was never this easy.


These are some of the best android apps for bloggers which can be your best friends next time you are travelling. With such handy apps available in the Google Play Store, you don’t need to wait until you are infront of your laptop or computer. You can now blog directly right from your Android phone or tablet.

Are you using any of these free blogging apps? Or there are others which are making your life easy on a day to day basis. Please feel free to share your experience with these top android apps for bloggers.

10 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers & Webmasters
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