How Often Should You Blog in 2018? (Answer Lies in These 4 Questions)

How Often Should You Blog in 2018? (Answer Lies in These 4 Questions)

How often should I blog?

What is the ideal blog post frequency?

I found these questions in many top blogs and blogging communities asked by the newbie bloggers.

There are various answers to these questions, which are always debatable. Let me share my point of view on updating a blog from my blogging journey so far.

So, how often should you blog for SEO? Does a consistent update frequency help in increasing your blog traffic?

how often should you blog

How Often Do You Need to Post a Blog?

If you are blogging for money or to boost your online business, then you must take this seriously.

Updating frequency of a blog can be of 4 types:

  • Posting daily
  • Posting multiple times a day
  • Posting on regular intervals
  • Posting as and when you like

The last one is actually irregular posting schedule, which can not help you much.

Whether you post once a day or once a week, just be consistent on your blogging schedule. Set a content schedule for your blog and stick to it.

The ideal blog post frequency depends on various factors. Let us discuss them in detail through these questions below.

What is the Niche of Your Blog?

I found this is the most relevant question one should ask first.

The blogging niche plays a very significant role in deciding the frequency of blog posts.

If you run a multi-niche or a news related website then you have to write articles almost daily. If possible even more than 1 article a day.

Because there are various readers who are expecting articles from you on different news and trending topics.

Can you write multiple articles daily? If not then you must have a team of content writers to write more articles.

Are you Starting a New Blog?

If your blog is recently started, then you have to follow the simple thumb rule. Forget about which niche your blog is in, just write and write more content to make your blog readable.

In the early days of your blog, you have to write quality articles as per your convenience to build your audience and blog presence.

Gradually when you grow some traffic and readership via email newsletter then you may decide your update frequency as per the expectation of your readers.

Are You a Full Time Blogger?

If you are a full time blogger then you have enough time to write more than one article a day. In such a scenario blogging niche doesn’t matter.

In-fact you can maintain multiple blogs on different niches to cover a wide range of topics.

Do You Run a Micro-niche Blog?

If you run or plan to start a micro-niche blog then you need not to think about the ideal blog post frequency.

Generally a micro-niche blog contains in-depth explanation on a specific topic. That means you will not get regular stuffs to write on that blog.

In that case frequency of blog posts will be different from the previous point. May be once a week or even a month, you have to post fresh articles related to that topic.

Or else you may rewrite the old published contents with added value and re-post them weekly or monthly basis.

Publishing New vs Republishing Old Content

Hubspot did an analysis and found that, 75% their blog views and 90% of their blog leads came from old posts.

If you are blogging for sometime now, you might have few blog posts which are not bringing much traffic to your site, despite of having great potentials.

Consider rewriting them with new information, visuals and related posts. Also work with the titles and optimize with keywords.

Also, remember to keep some time aside to extend the reach of your post as well.

Does Higher Update Frequency Help to Grow your Blog Faster?

Not necessarily.

Sometimes, increasing your blog post frequency may lead to drop in engagement levels.

CoSchedule had seen a drop in comments and social shares when they went from 2 posts/ week to 3 posts/ week. They did see an increase in pageviews though, however, it is not worth at the cost of those less shares.

publish more blog traffic

Understand your reader base and give them the time to absorb your content.

Blog Update Frequency of Pro-Bloggers

Most probloggers love to update their blog/ blogs almost daily or even multiple times a day.

However, many of them run other online marketing businesses besides blogging. So they may get less time to concentrate fully on blog updating.

You must understand that, they also have followed all the best practices in the early days and now their blogs have reached on top.

Decide a manageable blog post update frequency that works for you and make time for it.

Best Days to Post on Your Blog

This study by Noah Kagan found that blog posts that are published on Tuesdays get the largest number of social shares and hence maximum pageviews.

best publishing days maximum pageviews

However, LinkedIn and Pinterest show a different trend, where people like to share more on Mondays.

But, how to make sure you always post on those days?

Keeping an editorial calendar makes it easy to keep a track of all your blogging chores.

What is an Editorial Calendar for Blogging?

A blog editorial calendar is a sort of content calendar which helps to manage your blogging schedule in a more effective way.

Print publications have been using editorial calendar from centuries. It’s an effective way to visualize and plan your content publishing schedule.

When is the Best Time to Publish a Blog Post?

Many people read blogs throughout the day, however, morning is the time when highest percentage of people likes to read. According to Kissmetrics, 11 AM sees the highest blog traffic in a day.

highest traffic time for blogs

So, Ideally How Often Should You Blog in 2018?

Publishing twice a week have worked best for many bloggers.

However, what worked for somebody may not work for you.

There’s actually no best frequency to publish a blog post.

It always depends on the person.

Ask few questions to yourself like:

  • How frequently you love to write an article?
  • How much information you have learned that can be shared?
  • Do you prefer to prepare an in-depth article?
  • How long is the average blog post, you generally write?
  • How much time can you allot for blogging?

Answering these questions will help you to know the ideal blog post frequency that you should maintain.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on how often should you blog to get success in 2018 and beyond.

How Often Should You Blog in 2018? (Answer Lies in These 4 Questions)
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15 thoughts on “How Often Should You Blog in 2018? (Answer Lies in These 4 Questions)

  1. Hello, Manidipa!

    Well, I do not have the definite schedule for the blog posting.

    But in 2018, I am utilizing some methods to set a firm schedule.

    And by far it is working the way I had expected it to work.

    So far I have a good number of articles already published on my blog.

    And that I am working on getting the articles coming in about every second day.

    Along with the blogging, I do have a full day job which is also online and right from my home but it is something two different from the blogging.

    So still it is a time allocation item for me to invest in the blogging.

    But as I said I am utilizing some methods, it is becoming easy to handle the blogging.

    So what I am shooting is to go with the schedule of at least two articles per week.

    And I am super confident that this schedule will work for me.

    And if I answer, I generally write for 300 to 500 words long articles.

    I think only one hour would be enough now to allocate for the blogging every day.

    With employing the new methods that one hour would be enough to manage the blogging chores.

    So, thank you so much for the awesome trips and the reminders! 🙂

    See me often! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel,

      Happy to see you after a long time 🙂

      Having a consistent blogging schedule is of utmost importance but is one of the toughest jobs for many. It’s great to hear that you are able to manage your schedule properly.

      True it is, shorter articles takes less time and are practical in your situation, where you are managing a full time job along with blogging.

      Thank you for taking time to share your comment. Hope to read more of your thoughts soon.

  2. Hello Manidipa,

    Good shout over here 🙂

    This is the very question that bothers almost all the bloggers, that how often they should blog and what would be the interval in between their previous and new blogs.

    There are lot of things which one or even I am taking it down, as when we can post or what should be our update frequency.
    Yeah there are people who update their site, multiple times a day and twice or thrice a week and also there are some who update their sites one in a week. They all have their own ways and strategies to update their blog post.

    As for the newbies, they need to be smart when it comes for getting niche on which we can write about, so that the ideas are never running out and they can come up with blogs post on a regular intervals.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips among us.


    • Hey Shantanu,

      Always great to read you comment.

      You have pointed out an interesting thing here. As a newbie, one must be in a niche where the ideas never run out. But then, if they choose the right niche to blog on (which is again another topic 🙂 ), they will always be able to get some good topics to write on, isn’t it?

      Thank you so much for taking time to read through. Hope to read more of your thoughts 🙂

  3. Hi Manidipa,

    A wonderful and informative article you wrote. Having a regular blog update frequency is very helpful for beginners, thanks for sharing the tips with us. Keep writing such good stuffs.

  4. Hi Manidipa,

    What an insightful informative content you have provided. Your article is epic and we will benefit both new and probloggers.

    Having an editorial calendar is a great way to go, because it will help you maintain consistency. My site is relatively new, but I try to publish 2 per week. What I believe important is to have and maintain a publishing frequency.

    This will help yo retain your readership because they now know when to expect your articles.

    It’s also essential to know the best times to publish your blog post which you right mentioned here. And as you pointed out, there has been contradiction as to the best times to publish.

    I have in my calendar: 11 am Mondays as best time to publish for maximum traffic

    9am Saturdays for more comments,

    9am Saturdays and Sundays for more social media shares,

    And 7am Mondays~Thursdays for more inbound links.

    The point is, utilize the strategies available to identify what works best for you.

    Thanks so much Manidipa for sharing this amazing article.

    • Hey Moss,

      Welcome to my blog.

      You said it right, having an editorial calendar does help a lot to maintain your blog posting schedule. And a consistent posting frequency is very important for the readers and as well as the spiders 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading through and sharing your detailed comment.

  5. Hi Manidipa,

    You have presented a nice and working posting plan for bloggers. Right time posting is very important for being successful in blogging. I will try to maintain a regular posting time. Thank you for this helpful post.

  6. Hi Manidipa,

    I am very grateful that you did share your knowledge on the topic. Publishing on the right time is very essential.

    Thank you so much for providing such a useful content.

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