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4 Brilliant BuddyPress Themes to Build an Interactive Community Site in 2017

Best BuddyPress themes to create a dating, community or social networking site.

Thinking to build an interactive online community or a social networking platform of your own?

No, it’s not that complex anymore!

BuddyBoss allows you to create a stunning community website within minutes with the help of BuddyPress.

Now if you are wondering what is BuddyPress, then let me share that, it’s a WordPress plugin, that comes with a whole lot of components that are similar to a social network.

It allows various addon features to turn your website into a community.

In this article, I have listed some of the best BuddyPress themes from BuddyBoss, that will help you to build a fully functional community website in no time.

best buddypress themes buddyboss

What Does BuddyPress Do?

BuddyPress focuses on ease of use, extensibility and ease of integration. It provides powerful tools right at the user’s disposal through an unbelievably simple software.

With BuddyPress, you can easily enhance your site’s community and attract more people towards your site.

BuddyPress plugin also have the features like private conversation, create & interact within groups, make connections, enable registered members to create profiles and much more.

BuddyPress works in great conjunction with number of free as well as premium themes. The components particularly look good in responsive WordPress themes

Let’s take a look on some of the best BuddyPress themes for WordPress.

Best BuddyPress Themes for WordPress

Boss Theme

boss theme buddyboss

demo download

The Boss theme can truly unleash the power of BuddyPress, and take your community to a whole new different level. 

This theme offers a fluid design style for users, but that does not mean you have to stay confined to it. For more traditional users, the standard layout can be opted by just the click of a button.

The theme also offers a visual customizer to customize the theme, without having to code anything. It allows you to make amazing modifications to the theme and lets you give the theme a personal touch.

You can either choose from a great selection of pre-made color schemes or manually control the colors yourself. Checkout the complete features and demo. 


onesocial buddyboss theme demo download

OneSocial is a beautiful WordPress theme that is perfect for all sorts of community.

It focuses on its design simplicity and easy to use features. It is responsive to make the interactions between individuals healthy.

The theme embraces simplicity and lets the user focus on the content. The design is made to not get into the user’s way, but instead improve user experience.

It looks both intuitive and simple, while emanating off a customizable and modern feel. 

The design of this theme goes well with both simple as well as heavy customization, making it the best for your community. Checkout the complete features and demo.

BuddyBoss Theme

buddyboss themedemo download

The BuddyBoss theme offers a simple and clean layout to the users. The theme is specifically designed to offer maximum functionality with BuddyPress.

It has been highly customized to offer an incredible experience, to the extent that it feels like a social app on smartphones.

BuddyBoss theme boasts of an easy to understand and straightforward layout. It provides a great canvas for customization and the layout is amazingly responsive. 

The panels can be opened from the left and right side to reveal WordPress menus and BuddyPress profile links. Checkout the complete features and demo.

Mobile Only Theme

buddyboss mobile only themedemo download

If you are already using any of the above BuddyPress themes, you may not need this, as all of them are mobile ready.

However many a times it happens that, you have already invested in a theme but it doesn’t display BuddyPress well on the mobile devices.

This is a Mobile Only Theme, which can be used with a 3rd party theme. This BuddyPress theme can also run well on your desktop. Checkout the complete features and demo.

Which is the Best BuddyPress Theme from BuddyBoss

Here I have listed some of the popular and easy to use BuddyPress themes for WordPress. All these themes have built-in social networking features and can be fully widgetized.

If you already know the importance of installing a premium theme and is ready to invest some money for your business, then Boss is the one, you can check out. It’s the one and all BuddyPress theme, that you will ever need.

Have you ever built a community website? Which BuddyPress theme did you use? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

4 Brilliant BuddyPress Themes to Build an Interactive Community Site in 2017
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