5 Best Cloud Hosting Provider Companies in India in 2018 (Fast & Affordable)

5 Best Cloud Hosting Provider Companies in India in 2018 (Fast & Affordable)

Are you concerned about the traffic spikes during certain times of the year? Do you have a website for which you cannot forecast the traffic growth or the level of resource usage?

In such a case, a shared hosting plan cannot save you and not always it is beneficial to buy a dedicated server.

Then, what’s the solution?

A cloud hosting plan, off course!

A study by Business 2 Community found that, around 40% of small and medium businesses are currently using some form of cloud solution. And this industry is growing at a rapid speed of nearly 20%, to $246.8 billion in total worldwide revenue.

With this massive demand from the industry, more and more web hosting companies are now providing cloud hosting services. Here in this article, I will discuss about the most popular and best cloud hosting companies in India in terms of features, reliability, scalability, support and pricing.

best cloud hosting providers india

Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress in 2018

Web HostFeaturesPriceDetails
1. Siteground2 CPU Cores
4GB Memory
40GB SSD Space
5TB Data Transfer
Free CDN
Fully Managed Servers
$80/moMore Details
2. Bluehost 2 GB RAM
100 GB Storage
2 CPUs
Unmetered Bandwidth
$6.95/moMore Details
3. Hosting Raja2 GB RAM
50 GB Disk Space
3 TB Bandwidth
2 Cores
1425/moMore Details
4. A2Hosting512 MB RAM
10 GB HDD Storage
Unlimited Transfer
2 Cores
600 MHz CPU Speed
976.61/moMore Details
5. HostGator2 Cores
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
$4.95/moMore Details

So these are the top 5 cloud hosting providers of 2018. Now let’s check them in detail.

Most Popular Cloud Hosting Companies in India

Siteground Cloud Server Hosting 

If you are looking for a fast, scalable & fully managed hosting then Siteground cloud hosting is the best to go for. Although the price looks high compared to others, but Siteground is a very reputed name in the world of managed WordPress hosting.

These days you might have noticed that many top bloggers are migrating their website to Siteground managed hosting plans to handle high traffic. In fact they are one of the top most recommended hosting providers as well.

siteground cloud hosting

They use the latest innovative technology which gives ultra-fast hosting that is auto scalable and allows you to customize your plan as per your website’s usage. It comes with 24/7 VIP support. Whether you are starting a small development project or need to host a high-traffic enterprise site, your best managed cloud hosting option is here.

Siteground offers 4 types of cloud hosting plans and they are:

  • Entry: 2 CPU Cores, 4GB Memory, 40GB SSD Space, 5TB Data transfer
  • Business: 3 CPU Cores, 6GB Memory, 60GB SSD Space, 5TB Data transfer
  • Business Plus: 4 CPU Cores, 8GB Memory, 80GB SSD Space, 5TB Data transfer
  • Super Power: 8 CPU Cores, 10GB Memory, 1200GB SSD Space, 5TB Data transfer

You can also create your own customised plan as per your usage and website traffic, if you find these plans are not suitable.

Why Siteground Cloud Hosting?

  • Ultra-Fast Platform: Speed up your website with the Siteground lightweight Linux containers with SSD disks for unmatched resource efficiency and site speed.
  • Auto-Scalable Resources: In case you need to upgrade your plan, you can use the auto-scale feature and accordingly upgrade or downgrade your usage without the help of others.
  • 24/7 VIP Support: Sitegorund service team is very popular for their fast response and is the instant solution provider for their customers. They are backed up by the industry expert developers to answer any of your queries without wasting any time.
  • Fully Managed Servers: These days most bloggers want to migrate to cloud hosting to enjoy the managed services without any hassle. And Siteground is expert in this area by making sure all the configuration & infrastructure, server software’s work as expected all the time.
  • Daily Backups: Taking regular backup is the key to keep your online business secure in today’s world. And with Siteground cloud hosting, you can easily keep 7 offsite backups of your account from 7 consecutive days to guarantee no data will ever be lost.
  • Free CDN & Multiple Locations: With the help of CDN, one can make sure that a websites loads fast across any region in the world. Siteground cloud hosting plans includes the Free CDN which is a great to have feature. You can choose among 5 data centers and add free CDN for better geographical accessibility and local speed.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Plan 

If you are looking for a reliable  and cheap cloud hosting provider, then Bluehost cloud hosting is the solution for you. With the very basic plan, you will get storage space up to 100GB, unmetered bandwidth, RAM up to 2 GB, 2 CPU availability, 1 website hosting and a free domain name. If you need a multi-host plan, then you have to go for Performance / Business pro plan.

bluehost cloud hosting

Why Bluehost Cloud Hosting?

  • Keep your website data safe and well backed up. With Bluehost cloud hosting, your data will be stored in 3 separate places and in case of any failure, system will automatically fetch the website from other areas.
  • A cloud hosting is faster compared to shared hosting. Thus with Bluehost cloud server, you can load your website 50% faster compared Bluehost shared hosting plan.
  • Use the inbuilt reports and dashboard to identify various stats of your website like usage trends, page download speed, uptime, global reach, and more
  • You can easily migrate your website from Bluehost shared hosting to cloud hosting without any hassle.
  • Enjoy the monthly billing plan option and as per your usage you can upgrade services also.
  • Bluehost is always preferred for their customer support and the back up by the experts. You can reach to them anytime through live chat or by calling +1(888)401-4678.

Hosting Raja Cloud Hosting 

HostingRaja is a very popular cloud hosting company in India. In fact HostingRaja has claimed the number #1 spot as best India based web hosting company in 2018.

hosting raja cloud hosting

They offer 6 types of cloud hosting plans as per the usage of resources.

With their basic plan NANO CLOUD you will get 2core CPU, 2 GB RAM, up to 50GB disk space, Optimized for Speed, Choose Apache Or Nginx, Varnish Cache-10x Faster, Multiple PHP Support, Control Panel – FREE Rs. 7200 etc at a price of Rs 2680/mo.

Why HostingRaja Cloud Hosting?

As mentioned above, they are one of the old players in the country and already have earned good name by providing good service over the period of time. When you buy any of their cloud hosting plans, following Unique Cloud hosting features comes FREE .

  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • Realtime PHP/Mysql Injection Scan
  • Option to choose Apache / Ngnix
  • Varnish Cache server to speed up to 10X
  • SPAM protection, Isolating spammers
  • MySql Query optimization, MySql cache optimization
  • FREE Software load balancer (On request)

A2 Hosting Cloud Hosting Solution

A2 hosting provides the most cost effective cloud hosting plans compared to others. In case you have budget constraint, but want to try how cloud hosting plans works for your website then you can sure give a try to A2 hosting cloud hosting plans.

a2hosting cloud hosting

Their cloud hosting plans are powered by cloud flare CDN hosting solution. Basic plans offer website hosted on A2 hosting high-performance SwiftServer platform. You can choose Turbo Servers to load your website pages up to 20X faster than standard hosting.

They offer 3 different Cloud hosting plans:

  • LITE: 1 Site, 5 databases, Unlimited Storage, Free SSD & SSL, Unlimited Transfer
  • SWITF: Unlimited Site, Unlimited databases, Unlimited Storage, Free SSD & SSL, Unlimited Transfer
  • TURBO: Unlimited Site, Unlimited databases, Unlimited Storage, Free SSD & SSL, Unlimited Transfer, Turbo (up to 20X faster)

All these plans are coming with anytime money back guarantee.

Why A2Hosting Cloud Server?

  • Their easy to use configurator tool allows you to choose your resources like RAM, cores, CPU speed, space and operating system template.
  • You can get the fastest page load time with the 300% faster solid state drives (SSDs), redundant network and our modern hardware.
  • Get backed by their 99.9% Uptime guarantee along with the Cloud Disaster Recovery and High Availability Failover for free.

Hostgator Cloud Hosting Plan

Well, Hostgator is one of the traditional web hosting providers from long time. As per the server location you can either go for Hostgator India cloud hosting plan or Hostgator Global cloud hosting plan. The pricing is almost similar though and feature wise they provide same features.

hostgator cloud hosting

  • Hostgator Global Cloud Hosting @ $4.95/mo
  • Hostgator India Cloud Hosting @ Rs 475/mo

Why Hostgator Cloud Hosting?

  • Hostgator Cloud hosting plans use low-density servers, premium hardware, and multiple caching layers. This will load your website 2X faster compared to shared hosting.
  • Your website content will be managed in more efficient way to load faster.
  • Assess your resources time to time using various scalable tools and accordingly upgrade. In case of high traffic rise due to events like Black Friday sale or any other seasonal traffic hikes, pay only for the extra resource usage, without upgrading the plans permanently.
  • Your website will be hosted on multiple servers, so that in case of failing of one server your website can be loaded from the other without any downtime.

Benefits of Cloud Computing over Other Hosting

Cloud server hosting has numerous benefits compared to shared, VPS or dedicated hosting.

Disk Space

Cloud hosting has a wonderful feature to add disk space and remove it according to the needs. Whereas in other servers we need to delete the whole server and re-host again to upgrade your storage or decrease it.


When you have excessive traffic, the cloud hosting technology has the ability to stretch its RAM, bandwidth, etc. So, you will never face any issues at this type of hosting services. Cloud server hosting is very helpful for event bloggers, social networks etc.


Cloud hosting claims to have zero downtime, as the servers are virtual and the databases are stored in cloud storages. As everything is hosted virtually, any issue with the hardware components can only have the server down, otherwise, the server is always live.

However, whenever a problem arises with the server, then the databases are completely shifted to a backup server or a new server which operates like your old server. So, practically there is no downtime.

Operating System

Cloud hosting provides a very large range of setup options. You can install any operating system to your cloud host. New technologies have introduced methods to mount any operating system to a cloud server with an image file with you remotely. This is a great thing for many bloggers.

Virtual private server uses cloud hosting technology to run, which means you can buy a cloud hosting service, and install any operating system in it like windows, Mac etc. and use a computer remotely. You can upgrade your RAM with a few clicks along with many more customizable features.

Why Use Cloud Hosting Solution?

There are many reasons to choose cloud computing services.

Faster Websites

Site loading speed is considered to be an important ranking factor in Google. And this is where cloud server hosting has an edge over other hosting types. Cloud solution distributes the workload between several interconnected servers in a cluster.

Cloud servers have fully integrated content caching solution that gives your sites better speed thus increasing the user experience.


Cloud hosting solution offers flexible options for different business requirements. You can scale up your cloud capacity as and when your website is seeing a traffic spike and again scale it down at times of moderate traffic. It is a great choice for those with a fluctuating bandwidth needs.


Data security is a huge concern in the online world. And cloud computing system gives you highest level of security to your sensitive data. As your data is stored in the cloud, so you can access your data anytime from anywhere. And it is secure even in case of system theft. 

Best Cloud Hosting Provider Companies in India: Conclusion

Cloud hosting is more powerful and flexible compared to any other type of hosting. It is one of the most practical hosting solution for new bloggers and as well as the seasoned ones.

Above I have discussed about the most popular and best cloud hosting companies in India. You can choose the one as per your budget and need. However, if you are confused to choose then:

  • Go for Siteground, if you want the best managed cloud hosting with ultra fast speed and security
  • Go for Hosting Raja or A2Hosting, if you are looking for a reliable yet cheap cloud hosting solution 

Are you thinking to shift your hosting plan to cloud server hosting? Or are already using a managed cloud hosting plan? Please share your experiences of using a cloud server hosting for your WordPress site.

5 Best Cloud Hosting Provider Companies in India in 2018 (Fast & Affordable)
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