5 Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers (Royalty Free Images)

Best Site to get Free stock images for your Blog: Being a blogger, you might always in need of best Free Stock Photo Sites for your WordPress blog.

Visual media is very powerful where we can convey a hundred word message with a single image!

A good quality image also helps you to promote your blog and drive eyeballs to your blog post. Also, images are an integral part of onpage optimization.

If you are a blogger or web marketer, you may probably end up with copyright issue due to the images added from other sites. This is the point where you will search for royalty free images for website use.

But what is the best free stock photo website?

Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers

There are number of sites which provide copyright free stock images in many Categories. These images are either donated by some photographers or images that are uploaded in sites like social media or some sort of website where the owner have full rights to sell those images. These are generally mentioned in their user condition and terms.

In this article, I will share the 5 best sites for Free Stock Photos for blogs/ websites.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers (Royalty Free Stock Images)

Let’s checkout the best places to get free stock photos for blog posts and social media sites.

  1. FreeRange Stock Photos

Free Range is an old and trustable source for bloggers to get copy right free images. They have been providing images for people from around 4 years.

When you sign up to their free plan, you will gain access to thousands of full high quality images in almost every category.

The most important thing to note here is that this service is absolutely free! Their major source of income from the free plan is the ads revenue by adsense ads placed in different parts of their site.

They are also doing a great favor to the images owners by sharing their revenue earned by the adsense ads.

  1. StockVault Images

Stock Vault provides over 15,000 free stock images for commercial use in different categories to everyone who signs up with them. All their photos are copy right free and it is absolutely legal to use it in any of your projects or anything, any other type use.

  1. Free Digital Photos

Free digital photos is another site that provides high quality royalty free stock photos, which are properly organized into various sections, categories and sub categories.

All their images are of high resolution and it is available in different sizes with the same quality, however they charge only five or ten dollars for their premium version plan, whereas other above mentioned networks charge a lot more.

  1. Stock xchng Photo

Stock xchng is a global photo sharing medium which provides all types of photos. They never had a topic which they left, you can find images for all your needs here.

They allow you to choose over five hundred thousand images added by over fifty thousand photographers. The best part of this site is that, it provides all its images for free, but you should agree their image license agreement which adds a logo watermark of them.

  1. Flickr Free Images

Flickr is a famous website that provides free photos for WordPress blogs. Many of you may already know about them, because they are pre-installed in some of the content management system.

It has over a million of free royalty free images. But do not forget to check each image license and whether it’s free or paid or licensed by some means.

Best Sites for Royalty Free Stock Photos 

So, these are some of the top sites for free stock photos for blogs and websites.

But before uploading your image, make sure that you optimize it with some image optimizer. This also helps you in reducing bandwidth and increasing page load speed.

Please feel free to share any other best sites for free stock images. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends who might be looking for copyright free images for commercial use.

5 Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers (Royalty Free Images)
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  • Hey Manidipa,

    Visualization has great impact to develop a healthy relationship with audience as well as customers because it has high potential to provide clear messages with single image. Flickr is an amazing website to choose free images for our website. It has vast range of photos regarding any subject. These are absolutely fantastic websites to dig potential images.

    Stock images are very beneficial for our business. It is good place to collect appropriate images for advertisement or any needs. With the help of picture you have tried to make us understand about subject, it is really genius. Eventually, thanks for sharing your ideology regarding this subject.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Hi Amar,

      True it is, visualization can leave a strong impact on the visitors minds. Thank you for reading through and sharing your valuable input. Take care and have a great day 🙂

  • Hi Manidipa,

    Thanks for this amazing information. I have just started my career in blogging. I was really worried about the featured images of my articles, and had to spend much time on photoshop to create images. Now my problem is solved. Thanks for your content.

  • Hello Manidipa,

    Well, these days using copyright free images has gone to another level, but when i started blogging, it was not the case.

    Anyways, these free stock images sites can certainly do the job, although i only use Pixabay, but still these will help many.

    Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  • Nice article & I agree that these sites are good to download images but I do see there are watermark on image of these sites. This always puts presser to give image credit to the image website.

  • Hello Manidipa,

    Appreciate this list, a few on there I haven’t heard of before.

    I’ve got a free photo sharing site for graphic pictures with well over 30,000 until now. All presented for totally free download @ BlogPiks.com

  • Hey Manidipa,

    Indeed a Great list.

    It’s important to use free stock images these days & avoid any copyright infringement, although I believe in using images by giving credit, because I do not generally find the type of images i want for my blogs, which are mostly review blogs.

    But I will suggest you to add pexels to this list as it is one of my favorite places to get free stock images.

    ~ Jenny

    • Hey Jenny,

      True it is, sometimes the needed image may not be available for free. So using images by giving due credit is surely recommended in such cases. Great to know that you found the article useful. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience here.

  • Thanks Manidipa.
    I was looking for free image sites… Finally found a valuable article.. keep sharing this type of information.


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