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10 Best Online ProofReading Tools – Be a Better Writer!

Whether you are writing for your new eBook or preparing a perfect blog post, proofreading is one very important step in that. I will not say it is fun to do so, but definitely it is one such job, that you should not skip. To your delight, now a days there are many online proofreading tools available which successfully spot as well as correct the mistakes. Proofreading has never been easier. These tools automatically detects the spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice and style related mistakes.

Here I have listed out top 10 Online Proofreading Softwares which will help you to make your job easier. You can use one or more of them to scan through your text for many aspects of writing – be it a spell check or any grammatical mistake.

Best Online ProofReading Tools

Best Online ProofReading Softwares

  1. LanguageTool

If you are looking for a proofreading tool online which can help you in any language, then LanguageTool could fit your requirement. This tool supports English, Polish, French, German and over 20 other languages. Use this tool for free and check your article, blog post or any other content you have just prepared before clicking on the publish button.

  1. Polishmywriting

Find out your writing errors in different colors using the Polishmywriting tool. A red one for the spelling error, Blue one for style suggestions and Green for grammatical errors. This is one of the most preferred Online Proofreading Tools For Error-Free Writing.

  1. GrammarBase

GrammarBase is a paid tool which will suggest you various writing errors like Complex Expression, Redundant Expression, Passive voice and spelling mistakes.

  1. Ginger 

Ginger is another Online Proofreading Tool which you have to download first and then install your mobile or desktop. Then you have to paste the content on that and check for grammer, sentence and other mistakes.

  1. Slick Write

If you want little more than spell check then Slick Writer could be the best for you. You can get writing ideas, alternative phrases ideas and many more useful help while preparing a content or writing a blog post.

  1. PaperRater

PaperRater is another online spelling check tool that you can try for free. There is nothing special in this tool compared to others. Just you don’t have to download & install anything online.

  1. SpellChecker

If you have a small blog and want to check spelling and regular writing errors then SpellChecker could be handy tool for you. Simply copy paste the content and hit he spell check button.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best paid proofreading tool available online. If you have a plan to invest for writing error free content then this is the best Online Proofreading Tools For Error-Free Writing.

  1. After the Deadline 

If you are looking for a Firefox or Chrome browsers extension proofreading tool, then you can check out the After the Deadline software. There is a WordPress plugin available as well. Although this may not be the best one, but it will also help you to identify the common grammatical errors in your article or blog post.

  1. 1Checker 

Now check out the best free online grammar and spelling checker tool available online among all of the mentioned above tools, that is 1Checker.com. But you have to register first to use this tool online.

Writing can earn you $100+ for a single article. So you have to make sure that you build some quality content without any grammatical or language error. Hope these softwares will help you to be a better writer & as well as, will be a source to make money online. Did you use any of these online proofreading tools? How was your experience? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

10 Best Online ProofReading Tools – Be a Better Writer!
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