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7 Best Review Sites to Make Money Online

Writing reviews is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can earn some handsome money for reviewing different products like movies, books, software, websites and many others.

If you like to write online reviews while making some extra income out of that, then please go through this article. Below I have mentioned 7 top websites where you can get paid to write reviews for different products and services online.

get paid for writing reviews online

Best Sites to Get Paid for Writing Reviews

  1. Ciao

Ciao.co.uk with a Google page rank of 2, is one of the biggest websites where you can write product reviews for money. You can simply sign up to Ciao and access their thousands of available products to write reviews on. They pay you $0.25 for writing a single review. You can earn from $0.01 to $0.03 every time a customer rates your review as helpful. Also you will get $0.01 for each customer view on your review.

  1. SponsoredReviews

SponsoredReviews is another best place for writing reviews. This is a site for bloggers who are looking for publishing sponsored posts on their blogs. The advertisers look for bloggers to write about their products and services. After your account gets activated on SponsoredReviews, advertisers will visit your blog and will contact you in case they want to write about their products. You can even directly approach the advertisers suitable to your blogging niche. Here the Advertisers specify the requirements for what they want you to write.

  1. Dooyoo

DooYoo is a very popular website for reviews of different products. They pay you to write reviews that can help others to make their buying decisions. You can share your experience of any product you have used. You will earn some “DooYooMiles” everytime you write a review on any product or service. Also they give some additional points whenever your review is read by other people. Every month you can get some exciting prizes in case your review is selected as the best product review of the month.

  1. ReviewMe

Reviewme is one of the best review sites to make money if you have a blog. Here the advertisers choose the blogs who will review their product, service, website etc. First of all you need to submit your blog and get approved. Once your profile is available to the advertisers, you can expect some offers from them to write reviews of their products on your blog. The payout can be done in multiple ways like – Check with a minimum of $25, ReviewMe Prepaid MasterCard with a minimum of $20 or PayPal with no minimum.

  1. SharedReviews

SharedReviews is an awesome website where you can get paid to write reviews in more than 400 categories. Simply sign up on this site and start earning money by posting your reviews. You can get 50% of its revenue generated by ads displayed along with your reviews. You also have an option to earn money by voting for other people’s reviews. Whenever you vote on other members’ reviews, you automatically get a share of their revenue as well – pretty cool right!

  1. Shvoong

Shvoong.com is another well-known review sites, which is famous for its brief summary type reviews. You can make money by writing short synopses on written publications such as books, magazines, e-books, websites etc. You will get 10% of the total revenue earned from ads displayed next to your reviews. You may request for a payout when you have $10 in your account. The amount is paid on the 5th day of every month.

  1. Reviewstream

Reviewstream.com is a kind of get paid to review site which is very famous among the writers. You have a wide variety of topics like fashion, electronics, hotels and restaurants, toys, books etc. to write reviews on. You can earn $2, for each hot topic requested by the Review Stream team. For any other reviews, members are paid $0.25 per review. Every time a member votes for your review, you will earn an additional $0.1 along with that. You can request for a payment, once you have $50 in your account. The amount will be paid to you via PayPal.

There are many other ways to earn cash online like selling stock photography and completing online surveys. It is upto you which one you are more comfortable with. If writing reviews is your interest then it can serve as a good source of income. Also try to do your own research before joining any site as different people may have different experiences with the same company. Please write your reviews based on your own experiences because that is what these websites and the advertisers are looking for.

7 Best Review Sites to Make Money Online
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