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8 Best Sites that Pay You to Blog

It is very easy to start your own blog, but to be a successful blogger, you need to diversify your revenue sources. Affiliate marketing & ad placements are some great ways to monetize your blog. Along with that, wouldn’t it be great if can get paid to write blog posts?

Here I have listed 8 best sites that pay you to blog and the best part is you don’t have to manage a blog of your own to make money out of them.

Best Sites to Make Money Blogging

best blog sites that pay writers to blog

  1. Blogging.org

Blogging.org is a website where you can write articles to be sold. You can register for free and start writing. To earn money from Blogging.org, you need to contribute quality articles on specific topics. Once it is available, people can browse and purchase your content. Certain amount will be paid to you if your article is picked by the purchaser. You can earn from $1.50 to $20 per article whereas it is stated that the Premium writers may earn $30/hour. The payments are done on a weekly basis.

  1. HubPages

You can write articles about an original and useful topic in HubPages, which are termed as ‘hubs’. Here you can earn from the related ads placed beside your article. The ads are generated from different streams like Google AdSense, HubPages Ad Program, Amazon and eBay affiliate programs etc. They pay via PayPal. To get a cash out your articles should earn the minimum amount on Google AdSense ($100) or HubPages Ad Program ($50).

  1. PayPerPost

PayPerPost is another best sites to make money blogging. It is also very easy to use. Just add your blog after entering your profile info. Then wait for some offers from the advertisers. You will get paid after you write the asked sponsored post on your blog. Payment is made after 30 days through PayPal.

  1. Blogsvertise

Blogsvertise is a good means to earn though your blog. With Blogsvertise you can expect to earn a steady income. The administrator will allot the assignments to the bloggers. You need to prepare your blog post as per the instructions.

  1. Squidoo

Squidoo is a one of the best free blogging sites to make money.  You can share your write-ups through this publishing platform and get paid for that. Like HubPages, articles on Squidoo are called ‘lenses’ or pages. Ads of similar or recommended products according to the posted lens is placed around that.

The ads are of their affiliate programs such as Amazon, eBay etc. Squidoo pays you 50% of whatever they make off your article. The amount is payable via PayPal or donated to a charity of your choice.

  1. About.com

About is one of the most popular paid to blog website where you can write multi-niche articles. This site mainly depends on great freelance writers. You need to be an expert in some field to be a writer on about.com. Here the writers are termed as ‘guides’ who are the experts of some specified unit. Also you need to go strong a selection process to be selected as a Guide.

  1. Digital Journal

Digital Journal is a unique publishing community. You can create blog posts and discuss and debate about the latest news and important topics with the groups. You need to apply by submitting a sample of your writing to be a Digital Journalist. If you want to earn more from this site, you need to bring more attention to your written post. Here payments are done via PayPal.

  1. Pay U2 Blog

Pay U2 Blog is a good source of make money through your blog. It is a third party company which connects the businesses to the bloggers. To earn from this site, you can write sponsored blog posts, host sponsored banner ads, videos or podcasts. The payouts may vary depending on the project, previous work history, the number of bloggers enrolled etc. They pay you every two weeks through PayPal.

Whether you are a housewife or a student looking for some earning opportunities over the web, these are some of the good sites to make money in your free time. I have previously shared about the other ways to make money over the internet like writing online reviews, selling stock photography or doing online surveys. And paid blogging is a great addition to this list. Please share your thoughts about how to make money blogging from home.

8 Best Sites that Pay You to Blog
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