Bloggers Income Report Round-Up & Earning Secrets

Do you know how much top bloggers of the world earn from their blogs every month? The figures will simply blow you out and force you to think how come one can make such amount of money from a blog. In this page I will share bloggers income reports of top bloggers who are regularly publishing their monthly income report with income sources as well.

This is simply amazing, as one can know what are the major sources from where these bloggers are making millions of dollars every month and as a newbie you will get these information without any effort. And that’s why these top bloggers are regularly updating their websites with their earning report and online money making sources to motivate people.

Personally, I have spend couple of years after researching for blogging and how to make a blog which will actually help me to generate passive income online. I am not a full-time blogger, but a Software professional earning a good 6 figure income form my 9 to 5 job. But still I found the passion, power and hunger for blogging after following these bloggers success stories.

Making money is not a big deal, I believe. But are we really satisfied with the way we are making money? I am sure that many people enjoy their work or job and live a happier life. But if you are dreaming to do something but making money from your other skills which you don’t actually love, then it’s a problem.

Anyway, let’s back to the topic of “Bloggers Income Report“. Find some interesting updates and facts and over everything the huge income figures of many bloggers at one place. I will try to keep this page updated on monthly basis so that you can get the updates here only, without visiting all these blogs. In fact if you want you can also visit the respective bloggers page itself as I will provide the actual income report page of every blogger.

My Favorite Bloggers & Their Latest Income Report & Earning Sources

1. Pat Flynn of

Pat Flynn Income Sources RevealedName:- Pat Flynn


Alexa Traffic [GL/IN] :- 15,525/6120

Net income: $106,492.27 (Approx 71 Lakh INR) For more details visit SmartPassiveIncome Income Report page.

Blogger-Bio:- Pat Flynn is a real inspirational 32 year old pro-blogger from Southern California. He considers himself as the luckiest person on Earth. He runs couple of niche specific blogs and share his indepth blogging knowledge, how to business and many more topics.

Affiliate Marketing Income

  • $61,800
  • LeadPages: $15,587.87
  • Market Samurai: $1,566.11
  • Thesis Theme for WordPress: $945.50
  • Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool: $3,866.69
  • AWeber: $2,136.70
  • 99Designs: $260.00
  • SumoMe: $3,890.00
  • Create Awesome Online Courses: $7,645.10
  • Zero to Launch Course: $38,895.20
  • Zippy Courses: $1,294.00
  • ConvertKit: $3,542.83
  • referrals from SPI (books and equipment referrals): $451.36

eBook Sales for Let Go: $341.98

Ask Pat Podcast Sponsorship: $4,107.08

SPI Podcast Sponsorship:$10,406.00 Product Sales: $2,344.03 

  • Adsense: $1,913.80
  • Job Board: $140.99 

  • Adsense: $89.56
  • How to Start a Food Truck eBook: $975.00 $769.23

iPhone Applications:

Paid Apps: $893.12
Free Apps: $321.03

  • Dropbox: $9.99
  • (podcast file hosting): $30.00
  • (video podcast hosting): $18.00
  • Podcast and Video Transcriptions: $388.15
  • Hosting Payments and Domain Renewals: $155.03
  • E-Junkie Shopping Cart Fee: $5.00
  • Paypal Website Payments Pro: $30.00
  • Certified Public Accountant / Bookkeeping: $260.00
  • Legal: $250.00
  • Skype: $2.99
  • Developers and Assistants (includes all help, from podcast editing, website & software development): $29,871.50
  • Slack (for team communication): $88.00
  • Helpscout Support System: $70.00
  • Email Service Provider: $479.00
  • Book Coaching / Accountability: $2,300.00
  • Copy Editing for Book: $2,000.00
  • Video Filming and Editing: $3,500.00
  • Website Redesign and Conversion Optimization Fee: $30,700.00

2. Harsh Agarwal of

harsh agarwal income report shoutmeloudName:- Harsh Agarwal


Alexa Traffic [GL/IN] :- 1,959/229

Net income: $16963.67 (Approx 11.5 Lakh INR) [Total Income: $21472.05 - Expense of $4508.38] For more details visit Shoutmeloud Income Report page.

Blogger-Bio:- Harsh Agarwal is one of Top Pro-bloggers from India. He is running couple of blogs among which is his major blog. He is blogging mainly on how to blog, affiliate marketing tips, WordPress blogging tips, Social-media, SEO and Making Money online related topics.

  • Affiliate marketing eBook: $489.09
  • Affiliate marketing Income: $15350.17
  • Google AdSense: $525.67
  • Leadpages email marketing tool: $496.72
  • ImpactRadius Affiliate program:$829.90
  • ClickbankAffiliate Program: $331.71
  • ShareASale Affiliate Program: $593.46
  • ElegantThemesAffiliate Program: $441.48
  • ThirstyAffilaites WordPress Plugin: $96.33
  • MyThemeShop WordPress themes: $74.20
  • PostPlanner Facebook tool: $25.20
  • Sendy self hosted email tool: $12
  • Ahrefs SEM tool: $32.96
  • Infolinks ad program: $55.82
  • Direct ads: $1911.70
  • Domain business: $205.64

  • Kinsta Hosting: $157
  • Broadband: $80
  • Home office rent: $550
  • Aweber: $169
  • ShoutMeLoud Forum: $100
  • Expense: $587.5
  • Bluehost: $89.88
  • ShoutMeLoud promotion: $2775

Next Blogger's Income Report Publishing Soon !!

Next Blogger's Income Report Publishing Soon !!

Next Blogger's Income Report Publishing Soon !!

Takeaways from these Bloggers Income reports

The best part I like is the source from where these bloggers are making money. You will easily find that majority of the bloggers are generating huge amount of money from web hosting affiliate programs, various blogging tools and selling eBooks of their success story & experience.

I tried to provide necessary links against every affiliate products they are using, so that you can explore about them and write review of those products in your blog with affiliate link provided.

Besides that, every blogger is sharing the strategy they have used in last month or the various activities they have done to take their blogging income to next target or increase the website’s traffic in social media and gain good reputation.

I hope you have liked this bloggers income report round-up article and find it very useful. Don’t get frustrated after reading their success story, rather try hard as you will also can, as they are able to do it.

In case you want to share your income report in this round-up article, then feel free to contact us. We would love to know your blogging success and publish the same in this article. Have a great blogging journey ahead !!

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