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Blogger of the Week: Adeel Sami of AdeelSami.com

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

Hello Friends, hope you have enjoyed the Mother’s Day Special article on Top Indian Female Food Bloggers this morning. And now I am back again with a ‘Not So Regular’ blogger (and very well know blog commentor) in our Blogger’s Interview series.

Adeel Sami of AdeelSami.com is a very humble person who is always in a quest of learning new things about blogging. Adeel is a school drop-out (I know it’s hard to believe) and from a place where Internet connectivity is a big challenge. But nothing could actually stop his journey of learning. Adeel is a fulltime professional who enjoys his time in blogging, outings and playing with his cute toddler – Affan.

In this interview with WPB360, he has discussed about his blog, importance of one’s own name as the domain for personal branding, his takes from the recent WordPress SEO meet in Karachi, Pakistan and views about SEO vs Content. He has also shared some tips for the beginner bloggers about how to do it in the right way.

We are very much thankful to Adeel for taking time to answer all the questions. So without much wait, let’s go through the interesting discussion.

Adeel Sami Pakistani Blogger Interview AdeelSami.com

Manidipa: Hi Adeel, welcome to WPB360. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Adeel: Hello Manidipa and the great readers of WPB360!

Well, I am Adeel Sami from Chenab Nagar, Punjab, Pakistan. It is a small village on the banks of River Chenab.

I am a dropout from the school when I was into Matric. (10th class) back in 2003 and so grateful of GOD that he did it for me! 🙂

Manidipa: When and How have you entered the field of blogging?

Adeel Sami of AdeelSami.com interviewAdeel: Actually I came to know of the word “blog” in 2003 but did not pursue to learn more about it. I am an active internet user since 1998 and kept going with just random things until 2008 when I started a random blog on Blogger.com but still had not kept it continued exploring the blogging until 2013.

In 2011, I did register a domain name and that was again went into all vain as I couldn’t work on it more and let it to expire after a year. 🙂

Then in 2013, I registered a domain name in my own name and it is still up and doing great! With it I am learning and exploring and will keep it continued. 🙂

Manidipa: Do you think a domain name with one’s own name can help in better branding? What was your reason of registering AdeelSami.com?

Adeel: Actually, I picked my own name randomly. When I found a spark in myself learning more about blogging, I got to be in touch with some great bloggers who are Enstine Muki, Adrienne Smith, Tim Bonner, and many more that they chose their own names and kicking the success in blogging world.

It was the best move that GOD helped me with choosing my own name.

My reason which I developed later after knowing some good names in the blogging world, is that it is best to keep your name as a brand.

You gotta have your own name and only just one topic you want to develop your personality around and be on the path to success with it. That topic should flow in your veins all the time! You should even dream of that topic! The topic that you love! 🙂

Manidipa: Please tell us the idea behind your blog.

Adeel: From now, it is all about “blogging” and to become an authority in this field and with my own name.

What I am working towards is making my name famous that, whenever people read my name, they get to recognize instantly that “Adeel Sami? Oh yes! The blogger!”

Adeel Sami = The blogger! 🙂

In start I was the all-niche guy, means I was writing on several topic all at once and that did not help me.

After reading Ryan Biddulph’s eBook about sticking to just one core topic you love, I deleted all of the posts and shifted myself towards the core topic of “blogging” and that’s helping me a lot in getting heard in the blogging world. 🙂

Manidipa: Did you face any challenges or any beginners blogging mistakes during your early days?

Adeel: Yes, networking and getting to know the fellow bloggers. And still the PayPal’s issue. I have not been into the commercial blogging as of yet (I meant I have not earned anything yet out of my blog) but still PayPal is something stopping me to explore the monetary side of the blogging.

Manidipa: Being a full time professional how do you manage a blog? Could you please tell us about your blogging routine?

Adeel: I often call myself a not-so-regular blogger. 🙂

The reason is I am not consistent with my blog (which I really want to) due to some issues on my side play their part to stop. Managing the time is not a so hard task, it can be done so easily if you have a will to grow yourself into something.

For that, you have to have a clear and refreshed mind, taking good rest and spending the time with real humans (family, friends and outings) to live up your brain.

That’s where I am getting hit so hard due to some limitations, some restrictions, some boundaries and these days I am trying to clear up one by one at a time to become a consistent blogger to follow the schedule.

Manidipa: Adeel, you are a very active blog commenter. According to you, what are the benefits of blog commenting and how one can excel the skill?

Adeel: Thank you for that, Manidipa!! 🙂

Well, the benefits of blog commenting are:

  • Networking with the bloggers through blog commenting.
  • Getting noticed in the blogosphere.
  • And finding relevant bloggers like your own topic.

The blog commenting is the only weapon that helped me getting noticed. 🙂

Blog commenting is not a skill but an art. You have to find your own understanding of how you want to make it to work for yourself.

The few tips which I would want to share:

  • Comment.
  • Keep commenting.
  • Add some value to the post by going in some details.
  • Must share the post after you’re done commenting and must mention the person on every social platform.

Manidipa: What is the importance of a strong online presence in current days? How one can boost their presence in different social networking sites?

Adeel: That’s too important to have your voice heard in your industry.

The only method is sharing and interacting with the people from your industry. Keep commenting on their blog posts, keep sharing them, keep mentioning them, keep interacting with them on their social updates.

The key is in giving importance to those people first and they will start giving you importance sooner or later. And the real key is consistency. You might get distracted with no results in start but I bet you the results will start building up real soon.

Manidipa: You have recently attended a workshop on WordPress SEO using Yoast. What was your take from the same? What do you think are the best practices for a beginner in SEO?

Adeel: SEO is nothing but an art. It is based on individual’s understanding and he who has a good perception and working methodologies to take actions on, he is the one will do good with the SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization  is something that can be learnt to its extreme end. It is the ever-developing topic where one cannot become a master at.

My take from that workshop was to keep studying what’s in and even if you have no knowledge of practical SEO methods, take advantage of the relevant plugins to get the optimum results.

Manidipa: Do you think SEO can beat quality content? What are your ways of writing an engaging content?

Adeel: My personal answer: NO!

Content is the only thing which will beat anything. It is 2016 and the content is the only source which will help the brands more than ever.

How I write engaging content; it starts with storytelling.

The more personal you become with the content, higher are the chances your reader will stick to the end and share their views in comment.

If you’re not earning a currency out of your blog, your ROI should be based on sharing and commenting.

Manidipa: What do you prefer to do when you are not blogging?

Adeel: I preferred to stay “worried.” 🙂

Literally, that’s true. I am worried by so many years that I hardly know when I laughed the last time.

Apart from staying “worried”, I play with my 2-years old son and go out for some outing in case if scorching heat permits. 🙂

Manidipa: Would you like to share some tips for the newbies in blogging?

Adeel: Guys, take it so serious what I am going to say.

The online work is just like any other work. You cannot take it as a job/work like anybody who has no knowledge of the internet can take the job so easily.

Like I said it is like any other work, you have to give in your time and learn the skills you love to.

And for bloggers, being consistent, having a learning mode on all the time and staying down to earth are the key elements of being on the surface of blogosphere.

There’s nothing meant for the word “Expert.” Expert is something like you are done/ended with every inch of the knowledge but in blogging world, the learning is endless. There are things being introduced in the blogging world day by day.

Just strike towards being noticed in the world. Do great work with smart minds.

Learn, learn, learn, apply, evaluate, learn, measure, learn, apply, understand, apply, measure, learn, apply, evaluate, learn and keep learning 🙂

Thanks again Adeel for sharing your valuable tips with the readers of WPB360. In case you have any question about his blogging journey or want to know any other blogging tips, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Blogger of the Week: Adeel Sami of AdeelSami.com
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Comments (14)

  • Hi Adeel and Manidipa,
    An awesome interview 😉
    Adeel is a good friend of me and I like his passion for blogging. There is a lot to learn from him.
    Thanks for interviewing my bestie 🙂
    ~ Ahmad

  • Hello Manidipa,

    I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity! Truly so privileged! 🙂

    Well, it all starts with the passion. If one has a passion developed inside the mind, he/she can obtaining the greatest heights of the success with his/her passion.

    And my passion is blogging. 🙂

    Once again, I am so delightful and thank you so much!! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  • Manidipa ma’am, Let me start by saying you do all the right things to make a blog fairly popular. You cover all the major blogging topics, you write about trendy topics, featuring and helping fellow bloggers, etc. No doubt you’re reaching rare-air of blogging success at a lightening speed. 🙂

    Thanks for interview Adeel sir. It has been more than a year we know each other and have collaborated on various posts as well as communities. We have witnessed each other’s growth. 🙂

    I like his answer to your domain name question. Further, if someone aspires to create a personal brand then domain name containing our own name is the way to go!

    Yes, I see him commenting at blogs. If done right, blog commenting alone is enough for networking with bloggers.

    Thanks for having Adeel for an interview at your blog. Wishing you both massive success with your blog and life. 🙂

    Rohan Chaubey.

    • Hey Rohan,

      What a joy to read your comment. Thank you so much for the boost 🙂

      True it is. Blog commenting is the most effective way of making some great connections. It’s also the way to let the writer’s thank you for sharing some useful content.

      Adeel is an amazing blogger & a great human being too. Thanks for all your wishes. Take care 🙂

    • Hey, Rohan brother!

      2015 was the best year for me because I met and got connected with so awesome bloggers and you’re one of the precious ones! 🙂

      I always admire your insights and the way you connect with the people. You’re really best at interaction that hardly anyone tries to ignore but so want to interact back to it!

      Keep doing it and impacting the lives! 🙂

      ~ Adeel

  • Hi Manidipa,

    So inspired to know more about Adeel bro. I know him well as a very good blogger and as a friend. I like his storytelling posts. This interview inspird me a lot. It also increased respect for Adeel bro.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Hi Shivansh,

    Great to know that you enjoyed reading Adeel’s interview. He is an inspiration to many. Thanks for taking time to share your comment.

  • Hi Manidipa and Adeel, it is only through twitter that I got to know all about you. Of course, your blogs revealed more about yourselves.
    Manidipa, you have done an excellent job by conducting this interview of Adeel and publishing it. His perspective on blogging is vital for newbies in the field of blogging. I also like his way of writing blogs. Thanks a ton, again, Manidipa.


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