Blogger of the Week: Nirmala Santhakumar of MyMagicFundas

Blogger of the Week: Nirmala Santhakumar of MyMagicFundas

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.

Hello Friends, we are back again with another awesome she-blogger in our Interview Blog Post Series. Nirmala Santhakumar of is one of the top Indian female bloggers and is a well known name in the blogging world.

Nirmala is an optimistic & dedicated blogger who is managing both Blogging and Household with the same intensity & care. No negative opinion could stop her & actually acted as stimulant to chase her dreams. She is an inspiration to many who wants make their marks in the online world while managing their family with efficiently. Nirmala is a brilliant writer who loves to share her knowledge with the newbies.

In this interview with WPB360, she has discussed about how to blog efficiently, her new ventures and effective social media promotional techniques. She has also shared some tips about how to overcome the challenges for a woman in India to continue her passion and make it a career. We are very much thankful to Nirmala for taking time to answer all the questions. So let’s dive into discussion now.

Interview of Nirmala Santhakumar

Manidipa: Hi Nirmala, welcome to WPB360. Could you please let our readers know a bit about yourself?

Nirmala: First of all, I would like to thank you, Manidipa, for providing me a good opportunity to convey to your readers about my blogging journey.

Hello, everyone!

This is Nirmala, a dedicated blogger from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. I blog through and have recently started a new blog for the WordPress users,

Writing has been my craze and helping others is one of my best qualities. I’m an Engineering graduate and a responsible homemaker as well. I have been blogging since 2009 and now for the past 3 years, it has evolved into my passion. Previously, I performed blogging on Blogspot CMS.

However, many tech bloggers inspired me and I got a great opportunity to learn SEO, WordPress, and social media marketing. Then I set my self-hosted WordPress blog, mymagicfundas in the year 2013. It is a multi-niche blog where I write about online money earning opportunities, social media, blogging, and technology.

It’s a great pleasure for me to share my experience and fascinating thoughts with the newbies. I love the way I live online and offline and yes, I’m making a comfortable life out of my blogging and writing career.

Manidipa: What was the reason and objective behind starting MyMagicFundas? How did you decide on the domain name?

Nirmala Santhakumar Interview of MyMagicFundasNirmala: I wanted to make use of my academics in a good way and take care of my family well. Thus, I have chosen the option to work from home and looked for some genuine work that can be done from home and also provide the monetary benefit.

As I love to write, I have joined in few freelance writing platforms and earned a decent income from I am also determined to create my own blogs on various niches like beauty, health and make money.

Atish Ranjan from encouraged me to blog in a tech niche and he was the one who named by blog, Mymagicfundas. It was a random name chosen by him since I had the interest to reveal legitimate job opportunities on the web (Fundas – concepts)

Manidipa: Recently you have started a new blog with a couple of other web enthusiasts. What do you think are the pros and cons of managing a blog in collaboration with others?

Nirmala: Yes, I started blogging with Atish (active blogger & SEO expert) and Sakthi (Theme & Plugin Designer) as I felt that I could do better on the content part than handling the technical stuff like theme customization, blog tweaks and so on.

Litabi – It’s a tech blog, a joint venture with Atish Ranjan.

WPGlossy – it’s a WordPress niche blog where I’m working with a professional Genesis/Thesis theme designer, Sakthi Kumaran. He has some nice ideas but needs help from someone to implement such plans through writing. So, I have decided to blog with him and make his ideas live through my scripting skills.

Pros – Both the biggies handle the technical part of the blog and I’m managing the content & post publishing part. Thus, the work gets shared and it is the biggest advantage in the collaboration project. Moreover, we get to discuss many ideas and execute the best ones.

Until now, I have not encountered any difficulties with both the partnerships.

We understand each other and share the profits equally.

Manidipa: There are many challenges for a woman in India to continue her passion. Did you face any difficulty in continuing your blogging journey? What is your suggestion to balance all the aspects of life?

Nirmala: Yes, that’s a precise point! Even though our culture is opening up to Westernization, I have been brought up in a family that follows certain procedures and l was expected to follow them as well.

Even though the expectations are huge, it was not a big difficulty as far as I was concerned and my main focus and wish were to take care of my family in a good manner by managing all the things in a smooth manner.

Having a great passion for what we do and a huge level of confidence are the best ways to balance everything in our life.

Manidipa: Nirmala, could you please let us know about some of your strengths that have helped you in blogging?

Nirmala: I consider that my optimistic mentality and unique writing style are my greatest strengths that let me move towards the blogging success.

When I started blogging initially, I got many discouraging and hopeless opinions both offline and online.

Offline – You could not make money online by managing all the tasks.

Online – It is tough to make even one single penny with a blog, you need to have a KW in the domain name to rank, Multi-niche blog won’t perform well, hard to get sponsored posts opportunities and suggestions that were much more negative.

I didn’t take about any such fruitless viewpoints to my heart; I just focused and moved towards my passion. Now, the things have changed and my work has been recognized and acknowledged everywhere.

Manidipa: Would you like to adopt or nourish any other skills that you think might benefit your blogging?

Nirmala: Yes, I do! I want to learn coding (PHP, CSS, etc) to tweak my blog on my own. In addition, I would like to still learn some best strategies to create the awesome piece of content in a friendly tone and get loyal readers for my blogs. I would like to gain knowledge on some advanced link building techniques to drive a massive organic traffic.

Manidipa: Blogging has a whole lot of tasks associated with it. How do you motivate yourself to keep your spirit to run the blog?

Nirmala: As you said, we need to act upon several tasks like brainstorming ideas, crafting the blog posts, active on social media, connect with influencers, guest blogging, link & list building and so on.

I’m regular to some active blogs and keep a keen eye on the a

ctiveness of those bloggers. Anil, Harsh, Brent, Atish, Nagi, Pradeep, Jane are some active bloggers and I really get inspiration from them to blog regularly.

Manidipa: As a reader yourself, how would you like to describe the blogging style of Nirmala Santhakumar?

Nirmala: Haha. Nice question! Every blogger should have a right answer for this question.

According to me, Nirmala is an active blogger who would like to write only helpful/interesting matters for her readers. I love her precise writing approach and the technique with which she engages her audience and social followers. She always respects her readers and would be there to help them, if they need.

Manidipa: Many people start their blog and discontinue after some time. What do you think is the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Nirmala: Yes, it is true! They just believe that they could build Rome overnight. It is a wrong faith! People with such ideologies would never get any returns from the blog even after a year and would eventually quit.

There is no shortcut for blogging success. Still some bloggers do spam and get ranking for their event blogs, but I would say that they would just be short-term winners and will not last long.

Following black hat techniques is one of the most annoying aspects of blogging.

Manidipa: Would you like to share your major income sources? According to you, what is the best monetizing technique for a new blogger?

Nirmala: Yes, Sure! Adsense and Paid posts are my main sources of income. I have also started earning from Affiliate marketing.

The newbie bloggers can try all the three monetization methods to earn from their blog. However, they should be aware that they need to get good search engine traffic and build reliable backlinks to make huge profits.

We all are aware of the importance of social media promotions.

Manidipa: Nirmala, what are the best techniques for effective promotions in the social networking sites to drive traffic?

Nirmala: Yes, social media offers several benefits for bloggers. They not only could improve our search engine ranking but also let us get a remarkable brand name for our blog.

First, we need to add our target audience as our social followers. Then we should promote our content as they would like to read/share the matters that we post.

We should distribute our blog information with a compelling headline that would nudge them to visit our site. Moreover, the image and the time (it is good to find out the time that the aimed visitors stay active in social media) we post would make the conversion.

Networking with influencers on social media would be an added advantage. Last but not the least, we should not do over promotion as it would irritate the followers.

Here I crafted the blog post “How To Share Content on Social Media?” hope it helps!

Manidipa: What is your best blogging moment so far?

Nirmala: I took part in the ShoutMeet conducted by the great blogging personality, Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLound and he appreciated me well for my blogging enthusiasm. In addition, I was the only Women blogger who attended the meet along with the lively blogging guys and I felt proud of myself that moment.

Not only that incident, whenever I get mentioned/featured by fellow/expert bloggers, I have considered that instance as the best of my blogging career.

Manidipa: What do you love to do when you are not blogging and managing the household?

Nirmala: I would like to hear my most wanted songs when I want to take a break from online & offline tasks and take a power nap to boost my productivity. If someone needs any help that I could do, I do at my spare time.

Manidipa: Thanks to technology. Nowadays, more or less everyone who is aware of the internet wants to become a blogger and make money online. What suggestion would you give to someone who is going to start a new blog and planning to make it a career?

Nirmala: If anyone wants to blog and makes money with it, then he/she needs to begin the career in their familiar niche to maintain the consistency. It is essential to have the 3Ps – Passion, Patience, and Persistence.

Creative writing skills, positive mindset to learn the advanced link & list building techniques, marketing talents are the additional qualities that would lead them towards success in making income with the blog.

Also, it is good to connect with the niche influencers and form a community (a group of supporting people) to take blogging to next level.

No one can make money with a blog in a short period. Pleasing the search engines and readers would let us move in the success path of blogging.

The more efforts invested in earlier days of blogging, the more benefits will be reaped later in terms of earning money.

Thanks again Nirmala for sharing your inspirational tips with the readers of WPB360. In case you have any question about her blogging journey or want to know any other blogging tips, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Blogger of the Week: Nirmala Santhakumar of MyMagicFundas
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