How to Edit your Website using Bluehost File Manager

Did you ever try to edit your WordPress website files by yourself? Do you think it is very risky to edit website files? This is another topic of our Bluehost Tutorials series.

You are not wrong though. Sometimes if you edit any of your wordpress files E.g. style.css or function.php via WordPress admin area and if something goes wrong, your entire website will go in error.

I faced such issues many times in my early days of blogging and you know how horrible that moment was. But the solution for this problem is even quite easy. Simply edit your website files via Bluehost cPanel file manager and restore your website back to normal.

BlueHost cPanel  is one of the most widely used control panel for web hosting. This has a built in File Manager within it. This File Manager is an awesome option mainly for editing website files & uploading website files to Blue Host.

What is Bluehost cPanel File Manager?

BlueHost cPanel File Manager is a very spontaneous and user friendly system.  You can easily edit your website on wordpress or upload files to Bluehost with File Manager. Other than editing & uploading, Bluehost cPanel File Manager can also be used for downloading or renaming the files that are already uploaded.

You can easily access your Bluehost File Manager after you log into your cPanel using your login ID & password. With BlueHost File Manager you can see all the hidden files or change the ‘public_HTML’ as per your requirement. The tree-type structure in the server helps you to browse all your files in a very structured way.

In this tutorial we will see how to edit website via Bluehost File Manager. Also I will discuss the steps to upload files using file manager. While doing so, you can also upload multiple files with cpanel file manager at the same time. You need to zip the files first that you want to be uploaded. After that select the Upload option in the File Manager.

Steps to Edit Website using Bluehost File Manager

First of all, login to your Bluhost cpanel with your login ID & password and scroll down to “Files” section. You will find the File Manager icon.

how to edit your website using bluehost filemanager1

Click on the same. It will open a pop up window asking to choose the website you are going to edit. Select the website from the drop down. If you have not added any addon domain in your Bluehost hosting so far, then by default your main website will be selected. Now click on the GO button.

how to edit your website using bluehost filemanager2

Your entire website’s files will open in front of you. You can see your website domain name under public_html folder. In the right side you can see all the files under this domain. Double click on the domain name.

how to edit your website using bluehost filemanager3

Now you can find all the files under your domain name so far. The number of files are showing less, as the tutorial has been prepared before launching this website.

how to edit your website using bluehost filemanager4

Now simply choose a file and click on the edit option in the top menu bar. I have selected my index.html page and tried to edit the same. In your case, if you have edited functions.php file and that is the root behind the error, then you can edit the same file.

how to edit your website using bluehost filemanager5

In the popup window, click on EDIT button.

You can see that the code editor will open showing the entire code of your page. Now you can fix the bug in your code and restore your website. You can even change the code editor as well.

how to edit your website using bluehost filemanager6

Be careful while editing your website files using Bluehost file manager, as a small mistake may destroy your entire website. So it is always adviced to have proper backups of each of your website files and then proceed with any experiment. If you find it difficult, then do not touch anything, you can contact any professional who can help you to fix your website issue.

How to upload website files to Bluehost using File Manager?

Beginners might have another very common question that “How to upload website files to Bluehost through File Manager”. You can follow the step by step process below to upload files using file manager.

Step 1: First Login to cPanel with your login credential and open the File Manager.

Step 2: Scroll down below & click on File Manager under the section Files.

Step 3: Then choose to open Web Root and Show hidden files.

Step 4: Navigate to the folder where you want the upload to be located & click on Public_html.

Step 5: Click on the Upload icon from the top menu bar of Blue Host cPanel.

Step 6: A pop up will appear. Click the Choose File box .

Step 7: Locate the file on your system which you want  to upload.

Step 8: After selecting, the file will automatically upload. You can see the dialogue box, after upload is completed.

You can even select to upload multiple files to Bluehost. Hope this guidelines will help you to edit your website files & you will also be able to use file manager for uploading files.

As mentioned earlier, you can do many things like renaming, changing file location etc. through your Bluehost File Manager. If required, you can access your website files through your WordPress dashboard directly.

Have you tried to upload files using file manager? Or, upload website files to Bluehost using File Manager? If you did anyone of these, please share your experience below.

How to Edit your Website using Bluehost File Manager
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