BuzzBundle Discount 2018 – 60% Off Social Media Automation Tool [Review]

BuzzBundle Discount 2018 – 60% Off Social Media Automation Tool [Review]

You need to generate a good amount of traffic to sustain in this highly competitive online market of today. And when you wish to monetize the blog, it becomes much more essential to attract the right kind of audience.

To find the right audience, you have to be active all over the internet – be it in social media, forums or Q&A sites. However, in order to find the right people at the right place, you must have your brand name and be active at all the right places.

But, whether you are a single person running a blog or an SMM company, it is almost impossible to be in all the places over the internet.

A social media automation tool can make this job easier and help you to create your brand identity in a lot effective way. There is nothing which we can’t automate, and BuzzBundle does exactly that for you.

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If you are wondering what is BuzzBundle and what it does, then let me tell you that, it is a powerful social media marketing tool that lets you automate your social media tasks with ease.

It is a kind of desktop software (available for both Windows and Mac) which helps you to bring in targeted traffic to your blog with the help of various tools on the internet.

Why BuzzBundle?

To keep up with the current trends, we would do anything to generate traffic for our blogs. And with BuzzBundle, you are doing it just the right way.

Since working with the forums, social media, and various other tools on the internet is a hefty task, this social media marketing tool ensures that all of it happen in an organised manner.

So, how BuzzBundle works?

It actually collects content from various social media depending upon the keyword and helps you to bring conversions for your website directly by targeting the right audience. So basically, BuzzBundle is a ‘know it all’ kind of a platform for your brand building.

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Features of This Social Media Automation Tool

buzzbundle review 2018

BuzzBundle has all your social media needs sorted and gathered at a single place. Let’s discuss the list of features in this detailed BuzzBundle review.

As Many Personas As You Like

One persona, ‘n’ number of accounts. It is your own decision as to how many profiles you add on to a persona and join discussions just like you wish.

Long List of Social Media Sites

Be it about YouTube or Facebook or Q&A sites, BuzzBundle has a super broad range of social media websites working for you all at once. Your campaign couldn’t go larger than this!


BuzzBundle Proxies

If you wish to hide the actual location, the proxies can be set on rotation and while the checking happens, a proxy location shall be used.


How to Use BuzzBundle?

It is indeed easy to use the BuzzBundle software. This social media automation tool allows you to add existing profiles to it and continue with the already going social media campaign. You need not leave the tool for any purpose. Creating new profiles on social media can be done from your workplace within a matter of few seconds.


Shuffle Between Profiles

Similar to the first function above, you need not to keep logging in and out or shuffle between tabs for using different profiles. You can shuffle between multiple profiles from within the software and post from whichever account you wish to. Isn’t it cool?

Publish Messages on Social Media

BuzzBundle is a compact but complex social media tool. It allows you to not just post, comment or tweet, but also lets you send messages privately without having to leave the software.

Work Optimizations

Similar to what can be done on Facebook, BuzzBundle allows you to schedule your posts and/or announcements so that you can create the needed impact at the right time and place.

You can as well schedule tasks that will bring you information just about on time. You can as well add on posts to your favourite list in order to give them special attention. It allows you to have an organized working space, edit streams, add filters and a lot more.

BuzzBundle Discount 2018 – Big 60% Sale

There are two versions of this social media automation tool – BuzzBundle Professional & BuzzBundle Enterprise, priced at $249 & $599. But if you buy with the big BuzzBundle discount 2018, you can buy them at just $79 and $159 respectively!

Below is the comparison between both the versions, you can choose the one, that best suits your need.

buzzbundle sale 2018

Once the sale is over you can get a hefty discount of $50 & $200 respectively.

Also, if you want to checkout the trial version first, you can do that too. Just go for BuzzBundle Free Trial.

BuzzBundle Review 2018: Final Words

You don’t need the whole day to manage the different social platforms. If these features are used in an effective manner for may be a couple of hours every day, you can surely attract the right audience and generate targeted traffic to your website.

Hope you will find this BuzzBundle review helpful. Your basic task is to get engaged with the right set of audience, and this software does that job perfectly.

Have you started building your brand yet?  Which social media automation tool are you using? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

BuzzBundle Discount 2018 – 60% Off Social Media Automation Tool [Review]
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