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How to Change Footer Credits in Genesis Child Theme

You might have purchased Genesis Framework with a child theme or without a child theme recently and want to change or remove the default Genesis theme footer credit area. But surprisingly there is no easy to access place or simple code in genesis framework files so that one can change them easily.

In this article I will share you how to change the genesis footer credit area and also provide something your own to utilize this area to the maximum with an awesome free WordPress plugin named Genesis Simple Edits.

Why Customizing is Necessary for Footer Credit Area of any WordPress Theme

Now this is not a tough question to answer for many bloggers. You might be thinking that footer credit area is only necessary for showing the copyright notice and some credits to web designer or the website owner.

This is the typical use of any WordPress theme footer area. But when you are blogging for money you should utilize this space to monetize as well. Mostly people try to look at the footer area to find which theme the blog is having and which hosting provider is supporting the website or who has customized the template.

That means there is a huge opportunity to provide some affiliate links within the footer area and make it most. Let’s find out how I have customized my NewsPro Genesis Child Theme footer and make it as per my need.

How to use Genesis Simple Edit Plugin

Genesis Simple Edit plugin is a free WordPress plugin. You can easily find it by visiting your WordPress admin area and then clicking on Add new plugin section.

Genesis Simple edit plugin


After installing this plugin, you have to go to the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area and the click on genesis icon. You will find Simple Edits section and the click on that.

Here you can easily edit your post meta section and also footer credit area. Check out the way I have changed my post meta section area as well as changed the footer credit area. Simply check the post meta in home page and the footer area of this page, you will understand what I am trying to say.

I have provided affiliate links to the WordPress theme names. Make sure you have provided the links as rel=”nofollow”. Don’t put too much stuffs, make it simple and clean so that things look perfect.

Want to customize your Genesis Child Theme as per your need without touching the code? Then check out the Genesis Design Pallet Pro plugin and customize your theme as per your need.

So, what information you want to provide in your genesis child theme footer credit area and how you are customizing them? If you find this small tutorial useful, then share this with your friends as well.

How to Change Footer Credits in Genesis Child Theme
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