11 Point Blog Post Checklist before Publishing: Beginners Guide

Hope you are already aware about how to start a blog & have successfully started yours. I know you might be very excited to write your first post & publish it to the world.

But do you need to follow any blog post checklist before publishing? Or after writing some great content, you’ll just hit the publish button so that your readers can read your article as soon as it’s done?

I will say, just think about the readers.

Your readers are not eagerly waiting to read some dump as the name of a Blog Post.

So what are those fundamental things that you must consider before you hit the publish button?

This article provides you a complete list of things to do before publishing a blog post. This is a very powerful habit to make your blog SEO friendly & give it a strong boost.

Checklist before Publishing Your Blog Posts

Blog Post Checklist before Publishing

1. Blog Post Title

The headline or title or the name of your post is the foundation pillar of any blog post. Whenever you write a post, the title is one of the first things that a reader observes.

A blog post title gives an overview to the reader of what the article is all about. It indicates exactly what will be discussed in the article.

An attractive blog post title will help to bring in more readers to your blog post. So always try to make the title eye-catchy. But at the same time avoid the blogging mistake of compromising SEO for attention grabbing headings.

2. Adjust Permalink

After writing your Blog Post, adjust the Permalink/ URL structure. The permalink for each blog post plays an important role.

Permalinks should be of very few words (preferably 3-5) that will describe your blog post. Try to put only the keyword you are writing for. It will help to target the search engine traffic in the permalink.

3. Interesting Introduction

“My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people do not know.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle

The introduction is the next thing which your reader will see when they open your post. The first few lines decide whether they will read on or leave the page. So you need to make it more interesting for the traffic & the search engine.

Write it first while drafting your post. This will help you to put the words what you will discuss in your article. After you are done with drafting, revisit your introduction part & try to make it amazing.

4. Writing Blog Post in short Paragraphs

Do not put every sentence relevant in a single paragraph. It will make your post look messy.

Writing your article in short paragraphs will make it much easier to read. If the article is prepared with lots of white space in that, it becomes eye-friendly & will attract those readers also who will otherwise run away after seeing some cluttered paragraphs.

5. Usage of LSI Keywords

LSI or Latent semantic indexing keywords are the SEO terms for related keywords. The impact of these is very powerful.

Search engines like Google always looks for the most relevant content for any particular search query. Using LSI keywords for SEO benefits is a good practice. It helps you to increases the ranking in search engine.

One of the best and free tools to find LSI keyword is the Google search itself. When you write any keyword in search query field, it automatically fetches and shows the keywords related to the particular query.

And also check for proper keyword density in the whole post.

6. Interlinking your Older Posts

Interlinking blog posts is another very important step which most people forget.

There are different arguments on how many interlinking is best suited for your posts. Normally it is recommended that for a short article of around 500 words you can interlink for 3-4 times. It can be more depending upon the article size.

Go through your drafted post thoroughly and try to find few opportunities to naturally link back to relevant posts on your blog.

7. SEO Benefits of Subheadings

Subheadings have their own SEO benefits. They will break up the content and make article more readable.

Sub-headings if used with short paragraphs will bring out the main points in your blog post.

Headline or title tag is the first thing; a search engine robot will read when it hits any page. Then it goes for H2, H3, and H4 tags. So try to put all the tags in your article for better SEO benefits.

8. Insert Images

Before publishing your blog post, do you consider putting images inside your article & as featured image?

Similar to subheadings, images also break up the whole content & enhence the visual appearance of your blog post.

Having some related images to your blog post can help to bring in more readers and it as well helps to bring life to your blog post.

Usage of some eye-catchy images will help you to get some first time visitors & also turning them into a repeat visitor. You can either put some related pictures to your blog post or even consider putting something very eye catchy but not relevant if you consider the straight meaning.

9. Meta Description

Meta description is the one which often shows up as the little recommendation under the blue link. While writing your meta description for Google remember below points:

  • Always include your keywords because Google will bold them in search results.
  • Google will display upto 155 characters so try to put the description keeping this in mind.
  • While including your keywords, put the description in a way so that it creates interest in the reader’s mind.

It is a debatable topic whether Google still considers keywords in the Meta description or not, but definitely it is still in used.

10. Logical Flow & Conclusion

Before hitting the publish button, make sure that your article flows in a logical way. The introduction & solution of the problem you are discussing should be inline. So should be the call to action function.

Read it 2-3 times to get the flaws in the logic & flow of the article.

While writing conclusions, we tend to just rush the readers to get to the call to action. The conclusion part should resolve the problem & summarize the points you discussed in the article. Also wherever applicable try to suggest an action that the reader can take.

Take some time on the conclusion part to prompt a response from your reader.

11. Proof Read & Preview Your Blog Post

Read, read, read & again read over your article so that no mistakes are there 🙂

Spell check & proof read for grammatical errors. This may sound very basic, but an article with grammatical error makes the article very irritating to read.

In a hurry to publish the post as soon as it is written, most beginners make a mistake of not reading the article before publishing.

Roll over the post to check if everything is in place. Whether it’s the image or sub heading or proper paragraphing, the 2nd or 3rd check will help you to make it a perfect one.

Bonus Point: Call to Action

At the end of the post, you can also encourage people to comment by putting a thought-provoking question or simply asking them to let you know what they think about that topic. You can also ask them to share your post if they liked it.

But while doing this, remember not to appear very desperate for comments and shares, it may kill your blog integrity.  Ask gently for feedbacks, if the post deserves it then people will willingly comment or share.

Publishing your Blog Post: Conclusion

If you are still wondering how to write blog posts effectively & want to know only the highlights, below are few points:

  • Make your headline interesting.
  • Check your permalink
  • Begin your blog posts with short sentences and paragraphs
  • Write attractive introduction
  • Use LSI keywords with proper keyword density.
  • Interlink your older posts
  • Divide the article with Subheadings for SEO benefits
  • Put relevant & eye-catchy images
  • Write your Meta description with proper keywords.
  • Check the logical flow & conclusion part
  • Proof read thoroughly before publishing your blog post
  • Offer proper call to action

Also be sure that you have enough white space to make the reading comfortable.

Now that you are done with all the steps it’s Time to Publish Your Blog Post to the World!

Also remember to set a target about the best blog post update frequency as per your blogging plan.

Let us know what you think about these basic tips & also share if you have implemented few other guides before publishing your blog posts.

11 Point Blog Post Checklist before Publishing: Beginners Guide
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  • Hi,

    Very nice tips to write a blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Manidipa,

    What a wonderful outline you have made before we push that publish button on our blog posts. Titles are so important and must reflect the content. Sometimes it takes me more time to choose a title than writing the post itself!

    You also mention images and it is very important that it is congruent to our article. Sometimes people search for images, and if it is labeled and linked to our post, they will find their way to it.

    Of course we need to make sure our SEO is intact. Writing those meta descriptions is a must. When we interlink our older posts it also gives tons of value.

    Most importantly the Call to Action is a MUST! We may not realize it but many readers need this in order to comment.

    Great job!


    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks that you found this article useful.

      You said it very nicely that “Sometimes it takes more time to choose a title than writing the post itself” 🙂 Title is the first thing the readers finds for their search term. So as per me, it is worth the effort.

      Sometimes the images get indexed, whether the main article comes in search results or not. So it is always better to check all the things before hitting the publish button.

      Thanks & Keep Visiting!

  • Hey Manidipa, Thanks for sharing your views…Here my question is, Using LSI Keywords is still valid?? I mean, I read somewhere saying no more LSI Keywords.

    • Hi Surya,

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Yes, LSI are still valid & are highly effective. The tools with which you find them may always not provide updated LSI keywords. Try to use natural ways to find Latent Semantic Keywords.

  • Hi Manidipa,

    Today is my first visit on your blog, I am so impressed from your writing skill, by the way all factors which you show here all are truly effected, Many time I can done these things on my blogs, which is necessory before publishing process. but these days I always focus on these points.. good article..

    Mohd Arif

    • Hi Arif,

      Thank you so much for liking our efforts.

      Yes, normally we may not always remember to check all the points after we write an article. But it is very important to maintain your checklist for better SEO results.

  • Hi Manidipa,

    Thanks for the excellent check-list. One thing I keep forgetting is making sure I have a featured image so it is number one on my check-list. Two things that I like the most on your check-list are LSI Keywords and a call to action. All in all excellent post.


    • Hi Cent,

      Yes, featured image is one of the very important factor in your blogging checklist. It is sometimes the first thing in your homepage that a reader notices after the title. Thank you that you found this article helpful.

  • Thanks Manidipa for this. It is really very helpful.

  • This was such a sperb article for everyone..new user or pro this will helpful for all 🙂

  • i have got Youtube customized url but whenever i click on my channel or if anyone searches my channel it still shows messy url plzz help me

    • Hi Nancy, can you please be more clear about what you are looking for? I think you should get the code from Youtube embedded code section.

  • Superb collection of check points .

    All needs to be OK before anyone hits publish button .

  • Thanks Manidipa, for sharing this post its really amazing. keep it up….

  • Very Use full article about how to write a good blog post.

  • I really thank you for sharing this checklist here. I am one of the fan on this blog. All the posts are very useful for learners. This is one of the good blogs I came across.

  • Hello Manidipa
    Great post ! It was very insightful and informative. I am a daily visitor of your blog. All your check points were very relevant especially having a call for action. Again thanks for this value-packed and extremely useful post.


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