8 Most Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

Are you overwhelmed by the thousands of probloggers who are enjoying their blogging journey & also making their living out of that?

You read a lot about the lucrative life blogging can offer. Now you have also decided to join the bloggers community & started your own blog.

Congratulations!  You have worked really hard to come upto here.

Now you are working harder to write some killer blog posts, optimizing them for the search engines and also doing occasional social media promotion.

But why you aren’t getting the desired traffic, comments, likes and shares?

It is the dream of every blogger to make their site popular among the readers & in the SERPs.

So for all the beginners who want to make a mark in the blogosphere, here are the 8 most common blogging mistakes which you must start avoiding from today.

Most Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

1. Lacking a Strong Blogging Niche

To decide your Blogging niche is one of the most important aspect which many beginners don’t consider much.

Either they think it is ok to blog in any topic or they choose to blog in 5 to 6 topics at a time. As a newbie it is not possible for anyone to master in almost everything, unless you are a genius 🙂

So after sometime, all or most of those blogs die an unnatural death.

Try to explore the different niche selection strategies & find out which is the most profitable blogging niche as per your interest.

If you can decide upon a strong blogging niche, you can blog about it with greater passion. Also you will be more focused in your blogging mission & take it as a fulltime career option if you wish so.

For example, if you are a nutrition expert, then you might get interest in writing all the heslth facts. But this itself is a vast category.

Instead try to write only about some specific micro niche, for instance Detox Diets. In this way, you can target a smaller group of people while providing more interesting & informative details.

2. You Think you Need to Publish Daily

This is one mistake which many newbies make.

So, how often should you publish?

During my early days, I used to post everyday.

And for some reason, if I was unable to write in a day, I used to feel guilty thinking, my readers will be waiting for my article.

But the truth is, until unless you build a strong reader base with some awesome blog posts, no one is actually waiting for them 🙂

It’s better to write once in a week, rather clogging your readers’ inbox with some craps!

Don’t write anything & everything which will not benefit your readers.

Instead, try to research as much as possible on your blog post, make it more engaging and also optimize it for the search engines to reach a greater audience.

3. Publishing as Soon as Writing is Done

Many beginners don’t consider to edit their blog posts.

It may not be readable just after you first pen it down. Even for the experienced person also it is not always possible to make it 100% correct at the first attempt.

Take some time to edit your blog post & shape up your article. Fix typos, grammatical mistakes, poor sentences & increase overall readability.

You can have your own checklist that you must perform everytime you write a blog post. You can also refer this article on checklist of things to do before you publish your blog post I have already shared.

4. Inconsistency

The biggest mistake any newbie blogger makes is inconsistency.

“It’s better to write once in a week, rather clogging your readers’ inbox with some craps!” This is definitely true, but you have to realize the underlying meaning. Otherwise it will gradually lead towards inconsistency in publishing blog posts.

Quality & consistency are two opposing force. Try to maintain a proper balance or else it will impact your long term blogging goals.

You have to set a routine for yourself either daily, by weekly or thrice in a week, to make blogging a regular habit.

But whatever your blogging routine is, try to work harder to create some awesome content. After all, two killer articles are better than four in a week 🙂

5. Compromising SEO for Attention Grabbers

Struggling with your ranking but don’t know how to rank higher on Google SERP?

Now a days many bloggers prefer attention-grabbing headlines over keyword rich titles for getting more social shares.

Definitely that may get you some instant social media hype, but in the meantime it may get overlooked by the Search Engine!

Making the article interesting, can surely grow the chances of increased social sharing, but also remember to maintain few basic SEO tips to get the best result.

  • Write a keyword-rich yet interesting headline. You can add some attention grabber including your keyword.
  • Include a keyword-rich permalink in natural language
  • Include a descriptive section header with specific keyword for that piece.

Attention grabbers can definitely give you some social benefits. So is SEO important for better ranking. You need to strike a balance between the two.

With a balance of interesting yet SEO friendly title & content, your post will rank better in the SERPs as well as get some good appreciation from your readers.

6. Not Engaging with the Readers

Comments are the place where your readers share their views about your blog post. Another big mistake bloggers make is not interacting with their readers in the comment section.

We all vouch for “Content is King”, so writing a killer content is definitely the key to get much desired social exposure with good search engine ranking.

But if you respond back & acknowledge your commentators, you will be able to build a stronger bonding with them.

After all, it’s the virtual world. Two way communication is the only way to remain connected. Publishing a blog post is always a one sided activity which demonstrates “I will share something to you”. But when you take time to respond back to your commentators it builds the relationship.

Your readers are not here to attend some lecture. Give them the space to question & answer by making it an active conversation. In the long run they will also feel good to reflect back your efforts.

It may not always be possible for larger blogs, but in that context you must follow the probloggers who have made this a ritual to always respond back to their commentators almost immediately.

It is highly recommendable how they take time to visit the commentator’s blog & also share their views on that

7. Underestimating the Power of Blog Community

Another largest mistake any newbie blogger makes, is not joining an active bloggers’ community.

As I always mention you can’t go all alone in any phase of your life, so is true for your blogging journey.

There are many brilliant bloggers out there who form a blog community with all the wonderful writers.

Try to find out some which suit your blogging niche. This will gradually speed up your blog’s growth with more promotions of your articles.

You can see the example of AHANow Blogger community by Harleena Singh.

It is not very late, I have been introduced to this awesome community. But off late it’s helping me in a greater way to get an wider social circle to for comments and sharing.

It is the combined effort of many wonderful bloggers from around the world which made it the powerhouse blog community of current time.

8. Not Promoting Your Blog Posts

Last, but definitely not the least, one of the biggest blogging mistakes the beginners make is not promoting their content on the social media platforms effectively.

You work too hard to write some awesome content, make them optimize for SEO, but then also they might not be getting the desired exposure they are eligible to.

Definitely there are some who does nothing but social promotion of their own content, which is also not the right way. You need to strike a right balance between the two, to give your content the maximum exposure instead of overdoing it.

Don’t shy away to promote your content. Until unless you let the world know about it, you will not get the desired traffic for your write-ups.

But, also don’t forget to share the amazing content of your friends & blogging colleagues. Your audience want to read the amazing content shared by you as well as the ones you share from others.

Becoming a successful blogger is a long term goal. It needs huge dedication, rectifying your own mistakes & continuous effort to make it better.

Hope this article will help you to fix the common blogging mistakes you must avoid. So what’s your common mistake during the early blogging days?

8 Most Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2018
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  • You expressed your points of action so well.. A Great Write-up, Manidipa!

    • Hi Sreedhar Sir,

      It’s great to here that you found the article useful. Thank you so much for spending time & sharing your views here. Have a great week 🙂

  • Hi Manidipa,

    I like the say you phrase point #2 using the word “think”, that best describe the situation. Beginners bloggers (like I do too some years back) think consistency mean publishing everyday on the blog.

    That’s a terrible way to get burned out quickly and thinking blogging is not for them because they can’t cope with publishing demands.

    Good you spell it out that unless you’re a household name in the industry with large community of readers, no one is waiting for your next blog post. Whenever you hit the publish button, go all out and tell your fans you’ve said something today and they will surely come so far you have useful information waiting for them.

    Thanks.Manidipa for sharing, nicd read.

    • Hey Shamsudeen,

      It’s great to see you here again 🙂

      You said it correctly that most of the times the beginners get burned out thinking they can not match up the expectation of publishing blog posts. We always need to draw a balance between writing, sharing & engaging with our readers.

      I really liked the way you have taken & pointed out the small things which I tried to convey through this article.

      Thanks a lot for spending time to read this. Take care 🙂

  • Hi Manidipa,

    You are right. Every blogegr will go through every phase that you have mentioned and will get to know the facts and fiction with time. Publishing daily was what I did too. I have posted around 800 blog posts in anyear of blogging unnoticedly. Later realized how imporant it was promote our blog posts properly.

    Will enlighten the beginners. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Hi Sasidhar,

      Welcome to my space. It’s great to hear that you found the article helpful. 🙂

      800 blog posts! Truly commendable! The number surely excites me to visit your blog soon 🙂

      But it’s nice that lately you have understood the importance of sharing too. Together these both can give the best result for our content.

      Thank you so much for spending time & share your comment. Take care 🙂

  • Hi Manidipa

    What a great reminder about the mistakes that should be avoided in blogging? You reminded me about the mistakes I made in the blogosphere. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Ikechi,

      It’s really great to know that this post reminded you of those small things. These are actually the stepping stones in our learning phase.

      Thanks for sharing your views. Take care 🙂

  • Very valid suggestions.
    Well documented.

  • You have very well explained how to avoid mistake and write SEO friendly post. Becoming a successful blogger is a long term goal. It needs huge dedication, rectifying your own mistakes & continuous effort to make it better. Hope this article will help you to fix the common blogging mistakes you must avoid. So what’s your common mistake during the early blogging days. Its very true . Thanks for sharing

  • Hey Manidipa

    The advice on posting once a week. A week before I started blogging I go this valuable piece of advice of a great blogger and the pressure was off. I could spend time and really put my all into one post a week and do other things. I found this was a blessing. That is what made me consistent. If only had to post once a week I could do it on time and with no excuses.

    You really do know what you are talking about. I am struggling with keywords – I must say. It probably the only area along with following trends that I find difficult. But if that is my only complaint in blogging then life is good. Thanks for a wonderful post.


    • Hey Rachel,

      It’s really great that you have already rectified one of the drawbacks 🙂

      You are true that, in that way you can give more attention to your post, making each one a master piece as per your topic. (I can see that 🙂 )

      The publication time actually depends on the blogging niche & the bloggers him/herself. Some niches like entertainment & news need continuous update whereas for some other, you may post weekly while maintaining other works.

      Keywords are definitely very important factor, but for some blogging niche it is not the most important. For some content, we actually create new keywords. I must say you are sharing some awesome content. Hope gradually you will find your set of keywords 🙂

      Thank you so much for your time. Take care 🙂

  • Hi, Manidipa!

    I have to admit that you’ve given some strong points. I totally agree with you as I learned the hard way. I started blogging back in 2010 and literally figured out a bit in 2012 that what to do exactly, then launched my first niche blog, later on sold it.

    I keep on analyzing my steps and decisions and it keeps me aware of what I’ve done wrong and what to avoid next time. You’ve given a list of mistakes that should be avoided. This article is worth a read.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Hassan,

      It’s really great to have you in my space. You have been a big inspiration of many newbies like me 🙂

      Many bloggers go through a long learning curve to figure things out as it should be. But I must say, these are the much needed stepping stones in this journey. You are very right that analysing our own steps can only take us to the level of perfection.

      Thank you so much for your time in reading this & sharing your inputs. Take care 🙂

  • Hi Manidipa, this is my first ever visit your blog.
    You did a great job. I love the blog design 🙂
    I agree with all your points. Happy to share with my twitter audience.
    ~ Ahmad


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