Convert Pro Review: Should You Go For This List Building Plugin for WordPress?

Convert Pro Review: Should You Go For This List Building Plugin for WordPress?

Many internet marketrs actually don’t understand the significance of a robust email list and thus pay minimum attention to it.

But in reality, a solid email subscription list is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools that a marketer can have to attain the desired goals in today’s world.

An email list comprises of all the people who’ve willingly chosen to become a part of your different promotional campaigns.

Emails provide multitude of benefits that you can use to develop one-on-one and personal relationships as they let you target your audience with specific products or services which in turn will compel them to purchase from you.

When it comes to creating a robust email list, the importance of an advanced list building plugin just can’t be understated. And when it comes to list building plugins for WordPress, OptinMonster and SumoMe are the market leaders. Both of them are excellent lead generation plugins with some amazing features.

I have earlier shared a detailed review of OptinMonster, one of the best lead generation plugins of current times, in terms of features and affordability (3 times more affordable than SumoMe).

Recently I came across Convert Pro – a new list building plugin for WordPress sites. In this article I will discuss what this plugin is all about, its features and the pros and cons.

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What is Convert Pro?

Convert Pro is a simple WordPress popup plugin for anyone looking to develop their email lists and in turn, increase their conversion rates. It can be used by online marketers, bloggers, developers and businesses, regardless of their sizes.

It has an easy to use interface which enables one to use this plugin without any coding knowledge.

This is the advanced version of Convert Plus, a similar product from team Brainstorm Force. They have developed this lead generation plugin after reviewing the suggestions and additional requirements of Convert Plus users.

Team Behind the Product

The team of Brainstorm Force that developed Convert Pro are in the market for last 8 years and have developed some handy WordPress related products such as ConvertPlug, Astra WordPress theme, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer and Beaver Builder.

And Convert Pro is the latest product from the team. According to them, this is an easier, affordable and fast list building plugin for WordPress. Now let’s explore the features of Convert Pro and see if it is able to match these words.

Convert Pro Features

Basic Features of Convert Pro

This list building plugin offers a comprehensive package of features to help you develop an email list.

  1. Easy to use drag & drop editor

Beautiful designs are something that make websites stand out of the crowd. With the simple drag and drop editor of Convert Pro, you can easily pick your preferred elements and place them where needed.

It allows you make your WordPress site an eye-grabbing one that attracts visitors and significantly helps to add up to the bottom line. Every element is customizable without any coding knowledge.

  1. Ready to use templates

Convert Pro comes with a wide array of ready to use, professionally designed templates. This together with the drag and drop editor makes the creation and designing part of your site easier. All you need to do is pick your preferred template, tweak it in accordance with your requirements and you’re done.

convert pro templates

  1. A/B Testing

Comparison of multiple opt-in forms and designs is necessary to identify the one that works best for you and can engage your target audience at the highest possible level.

With this feature, you can test two slightly different versions of the same opt-in form or design, and see which one provides the best results. You can also test multiple versions of an opt-in form and place the most profitable one on your site.

  1. Advanced Triggers

Timing plays a crucial role when it comes to increasing conversions. Timely display of an opt-in form or converting message to the visitors gives you a great opportunity to create a robust email list and ultimately improve your conversion rates.

Convert Pro helps you to attain your goal by offering triggers such as exit intent trigger, welcome trigger, user inactivity trigger and after content trigger, amongst others.

convert pro triggers

  1. Various filters for high conversion

Personalized messages greatly help to increase conversion rates. Convert Pro offers advanced filters to send out personalized messages to your target audience based on their source website, their device and other crucial factors. This feature helps you to pinpoint the target audience with page level targeting, cookie control, logged-in users and many more.

  1. Integration with leading email-marketing service providers

This plugin can be readily integrated with all major email marketing service providers like MailChimp, GetResponse and many others being used across the world. The integration process is simple and comprises of few easy steps. You can do the integration within minutes and start capturing leads.

Checkout Convert Pro Plans

Apart from all the basic features, this WordPress plugin offers some unique ones that aren’t offered by many others in the market. Let’s have a look at them.

Unique Features of Convert Pro

  1. Multi-step popups

Multi-step opt-ins or popups consist of multiple steps that help you keep your audience engaged for a longer time.

Apart from this, the popups can be used to sort visitors according to their preferences, exhibit quizzes etc. Convert Pro also allows you to design all the steps according to your preferences.

  1. Real-time Google Analytics

Google analytics has become the key tool for most of the site owners when it comes to tracking their site’s performance. It provides you with a clear idea about your website traffic, the originating point of the traffic, its behavior and finally, conversions.

Convert Pro comes equipped with real-time Google analytics to track these conversions thoroughly and identify what works the best, in addition to the areas that require improvement. Just activate the Analytics Addon that comes with the plugin.

  1. 100% Mobile view editing

All the CTAs (call to action) designed with Convert Pro are completely responsive and you can view them on any device. The unique feature which makes this plugin stand out of the pack is that you can edit the CTAs in a mobile view as well. You can do this through just 2 simple steps. You can also roll back the changes at any time, if you wish to.

  1. High-performance plugin

Team Convert Pro claims that, it has a quick load time of 1.877 seconds with a page speed of 95% and YSlow grade B (88%) to improve the conversion rates significantly.

  1. User inactivity trigger

This trigger helps you to display a popup to idle visitors on your website. When activated, the plugin triggers a popup when it identifies an inactive visitor for a certain period of time. You just need to launch and enable the trigger to make all these happen. Though the default inactivity time is set at 60 seconds, you can change it any time with a couple of simple steps.

  1. After post trigger

How many times have the visitors finished reading one of your blog posts and simply abandoned your site without subscribing? The answer in most cases is perhaps this – a lot of times. With the help of After Blog post trigger of Convert Pro, you can now engage the visitors a bit more when they’ve finished reading a post. Similar to the last feature, you just need to launch and enable the trigger.

Convert Pro Support 

They claim to have a quick and dedicated support team who uses various channels to help the existing users fast. For any issue or a query, users can expect fast and effective solution.

To empower Convert Pro users into handling some common issues and questions on their own, the support team has created over 110+ knowledge base articles, organized into various categories that cover the product’s day to day aspects.

In case these articles don’t answer your query, you can use the online support form to request support. Those who prefer to take the social media route too can get support from the team who has a Facebook group to get user feedbacks and suggestions and solve their queries.

Convert Pro Coupon 2018 with Pricing Details

Pricing is one of the biggest advantages of Convert Pro. For a single site, it is available at $49/year (full featured with 1 year support) and the Annual Plan for unlimited sites costs just $99/year. It also offers a lifetime plan at a one-time cost of $399 (which comes with lifetime support and updates) for unlimited sites.

Also there is a special discount going on. Use Convert Pro coupon CP10 and get 10% on your purchase.

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Keep a track of this page for any other active Convert Pro promo code as I will update update the post whenever there is one.

Convert Pro Review: Should You Go For It?

There is no better alternative to OptinMonster yet. They have a proven record of increasing your email list by 600%. However Convert Pro’s strength lies in its much affordable price tag along with the handy features.

I have discussed all its features in detail so that you can get a clear idea about this new lead generation plugin. Now it’s your turn to think and decide if you want to try Convert Pro for your WordPress website.

Convert Pro Review: Should You Go For This List Building Plugin for WordPress?
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