Digital Pro Theme from StudioPress – Your Digital Products got a New Stage!

Digital Pro Theme from StudioPress is the best WordPress theme for people who want to market their digital goods. This theme will help you to showcase your digital products by building a strong online market-place. Whether you are a blogger, a service provider or a corporate company, this theme is the perfect choice for you.

This Genesis child theme is developed by Brian Gardner and it is available to purchase at StudioPress. The Digital Pro WordPress Theme is built with advanced technologies to make it an HTML5 compliant and mobile responsive theme with a widgetized home page.

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Digital Pro is an attractive 2 column theme with 3 layout options and a minimalistic design. To make content creation easier, 3 of the six standard Genesis layout options are removed. Its subtle yet modern design provides you a clean layout so that your content is easily accessible and the readers can enjoy the content without any distraction.

What Does StudioPress Digital Pro Theme Offer?

The Genesis Digital Pro theme gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to create a separate blog or a landing page. You may have a separate blog if you wish, but make sure that is linked through the menu bar so that your visitors can access it easily.

This new WordPress theme supports a mobile specific menu, custom menus, custom headers and threaded comments.

digital pro theme homepage 3 widgetized area studiopress

The home page is divided into three widgetized areas with a blog-style list of posts.

  1. The first widget offers your readers the opportunity to enter your site, while telling them what your website is all about through image.
  2. The second widget is split into two parts. This widget area is meant to capture your readers email ids so that you can share your newsletter and updates.
  3. The third widget helps to showcase the services you may want to offer.

This elegant theme is very easy to set up like other StudioPres Genesis themes. But in case you are facing any issue, you may access the tutorials on the StudioPress website.

Digital Pro Genesis Theme Features

Below are few awesome features of this Genesis child theme.

1. Responsiveness: The coding of this theme supports screen resolution of any device like desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone very easily.

2. Theme Customizer: You can customize the theme settings, colors & content with the live customizer settings option. Also at the same time, it allows you to preview those changes.

3. Multiple Widget Areas: It has three widgetized areas with several widgets.

4. Custom Page Templates: You can choose from pre-built page templates namely Default, Archives, Blog and Landing Page to build your site.

5. Page Layouts: The default layout comes with single column or fullwidth option so you will get no sidebar. But you can offcourse overwrite the default style by selecting left or right sidebar position for any particular post or page.

6. Menu system: Usually the menu system is displayed in horizontal style when you use bigger screens but on smaller ones, you can see the mobile menu list.

7. Social Features: Footer widgets area and social widgets help you to display social icons or links so that your content can be easily shared.

Many other features of Digital Pro theme includes, but are not limited to:

  • Floating header for Logo and Custom navigation menu
  • Journal page for sharing articles or creating blog section
  • Background Image option
  • Typography options and custom CSS class
  • Custom text widget and Font Icons to display services
  • Custom Menu​ and Custom header for using image or text logo
  • Mobile optimized and Translation Ready​
  • Lots of free space around contents
  • ​​Threaded Comments, Sticky Menu, ​​Google Fonts​​

Pricing Details of Digital Pro WordPress Theme

Genesis Framework is needed to run this theme. You can buy Digital Pro Theme for $99.95 along with the Genesis Framework. But if you already have purchased the Genesis Framework, then you can avail this theme at just $33.71 with StudioPress returning customer discount. Buy Digital Pro Theme Now.

Like all other Genesis themes, you may customize this theme as you wish. The code is designed in such a way, that it makes it easy for customization. You can just follow the StudioPress support guidelines and add extra widgets and code snippets whenever and wherever needed.

In case you are looking for more than one theme for may be multiple blogs of yours, or simply to experiment with the look & design, then you can checkout the StudioPress Pro Plus package at a very minimal price. With this Pro-Plus package from StudioPress, you will not only get the Digital pro theme, but also all the released and upcoming themes from them, along with the Genesis Framework.

All the StudioPress themes are built to serve a specific purpose of a theme, which makes it easier for the website developers who want to create a website in a particular niche. So is Digital Pro. The StudioPress Digital Pro theme gives you the flexibility to create a business website of your choice. Everyone who are looking for an advanced and multi-purpose WordPress theme, must check this out!

Digital Pro Theme from StudioPress – Your Digital Products got a New Stage!
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  • Hi Manidipa,
    Digital Pro seems to be an awesome theme.
    I’ll surely try this once I installed Genesis framework 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Ahmad

    • Hey Ahmad,

      It’s great that you are going to install Genesis. It’s indeed one of the best framework of current time. Thanks for sharing your comment. Take care and have a great day ahead 🙂


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