10 Irresistible Tips to Drive Free Traffic to a Newly Started Blog

You just have started a new blog.

The very first question after starting your online journey is, “how do I get more readers for my blog?”

You watch with eager attention wondering how many people have visited your newly created site.

The analytics don’t reflect much of a difference and your hopes simply start to fall.

You think of ways to increase traffic to your website.

Frantically searching through the internet, you come across many possible solutions to your problem. Sadly, every single one of them has a catch which simply doesn’t seem to make sense to you.

Advertising can be a saviour, however, it is not always practical for a beginner blogger.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, don’t worry. This article will help you to increase your website traffic without spending a single penny.

Come, let’s discuss the most effective ways to drive free traffic to a newly started blog.

drive free traffic to new blog

Write Compelling Headlines

Headlines are the first most important things while crafting a blog post.

Whether people are finding your blog post on the social networking sites or in the search engine result pages, the title or headline decides the click through rate of that article.

Not only that, it is also seen that, many a times people tend to share an article by seeing the title itself, without even reading the post.

So, it is very much essential that, you spend a little time on finalizing your blog post title. Try 4 – 5 versions of your headline, before hitting the publish button.

Target Long Tail Keywords

By the time, you must have understood the importance of long tail keywords.

In the beginning, it may not be possible for a blog to rank for high competition primary keywords. So it makes sense to target the longer versions of them. Long tail keywords also comprises of most of the online searches.

You can use tools like Long Tail Pro to find a wide range of profitable long tail keywords.

Publish Exceptional Content

Content quality is of prime importance.

You can either take time to write quality content or consult some content writing services to help you out with quality content that will aid in further popularity of your website.

Onpage Optimization

You need to design your website content in such a way that it includes your primary as well as the long tail keywords. Make sure the density of these keywords is maintained at an optimum level for your website to rank amongst the top searches.

Writing unique quality content for your target keyword is the basic criteria towards SEO optimization. There is more depth to this particular topic. You can read this onpage SEO optimization guide and  optimize your website content according to the the search engine requirements.

Create Your Images

If you are unaware of the power of graphic illustrations, you might now reconsider the usage of images in your blog posts.

Most images are copyrighted on the internet. The very reason is obvious.

Many people do not want to invest time in creating images. So they tend to use others’ images, while linking to the specific website. So creating nice images also helps you to earn links and hence some referral traffic to your website.

Including images in your website would also help to increase your traffic in the form of image searches that Google has introduced. So, never forget to include the alt tags for the same.

Internal Linking

Interlinking plays a pivotal role in your overall link structure. The more you link from a blog post to other relevant web pages of your website, more strong that post becomes in the eyes of the search engines.

Your blog becomes the complete source of information, as the readers will find every information needed within the website. It goes without saying that, you need to have those relevant web pages in your site 🙂

Start Guest Blogging

Guest blog on your niche specific blogs. It is a great way of getting a broader exposure in the blogosphere.

At the beginning, you may not get a chance to get featured in the top level blogs. So, start with new to mid level blogs in your niche, as after sometime they might also turn to be authority sites.

And while doing so, you will learn the techniques of guest blogging and will be able to produce high quality content.

Also invite others to guest post on your site. It will help you to get quality content on some trending topics in your niche. The guest bloggers will also promote the articles among their audiences while helping you to drive free traffic to your blog.

Conduct Interviews

As I have discussed earlier too, interviews are a great way of getting traffic to a newly started blog.

Try to take interviews of the influencing bloggers in your niche. Most of the time they will share it with their own audiences, while driving a share of their traffic to your blog.

Indulge in Social Media Platforms

The basic essential towards increasing website traffic is to reach out to people and convince them about your brand. Since you cannot go knocking on their doors, it would be an wise move to knock on their social media accounts.

Consider the top social media platforms you have out there. Pick the most popular ones and start promoting your website. Learn the basics of social media promotion and you will get the most out of your efforts.

Utilize the Question & Answer Sites

Q&A sites are another great source of free traffic.

Find questions related to your blogging niche on the top question & answer sites like Quora, Answers.com or Yahoo Answers.

Understand and provide the best possible answers to those and include links back to the relevant blog post of yours.

Tips to Drive Free Traffic to a Blog: Conclusion

More website traffic is what every blogger or internet marketer crave for.

However, it is indeed a bit painful to drive traffic to a newly started blog.

Hope these above tips will help you to drive some quality traffic and help you get going.

Are you struggling to drive traffic to your blog? Which traffic generating ways have worked best for you? I would love to know about your free traffic generation techniques here.

10 Irresistible Tips to Drive Free Traffic to a Newly Started Blog
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  • Beautiful post Ms. My blog is quite new so perhaps you can help me with regards to guest posting I’ve read couple of your posts and they are quite on point.

  • Hey Manidipa,

    Your post is again so timely for me. Though I know these tips being in Blogging world for some time now but with my new Blog https://comebackminimalist.blogspot.com/ I would gain need to recollect everything.
    Its on Blogger and it would be great if you can share the SEO techniques for blogger platform.

  • Hello, Manidippa.

    Great Tips. Thanks for mentioning Q & A sites.

    I never thought that building an authority on these sites (other than Quora) will help to channelize a considerable amount of traffic to our websites.

  • Hello Manidipa,

    Awesome piece of tip here by your side 🙂

    Indeed attracting more and more traffic to our blogs are our main motive, we are busy in writing good quality
    content so that we can make our sites rank well in the SEO.

    Long tail key words do help us to rank our sites well in the eyes of Google, but also blogging needs time things can not go in our favor in just couple of months, it can take a year or more than that to be a success full blogger and to make good money out of your blogs.

    Guest blogging and commenting too helps us to build good relationship with the blogging community.

    Thanks for sharing this among us.

  • I am currently doing guest posting and I will tell you the truth, its working great for me.

  • Hello Manidipa,
    Such a helpful information.
    I will try all these traffic driving tips for my new blog.
    Thanks again.

  • Such a good post to understand how to get traffic on a new post. Usually people share & do link building for a new post to get traffic, but these are some great tips to increase website traffic.


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