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5 Improved SEO Tips to Increase Website Traffic in 2018

SEO is an ocean. It has a TON of factors including on page optimization, backlinks, content, off page SEO, domain authority, site age, trust flow etc.

Trying to master SEO is trying to hit every ball for a six. It’s impossible.

Here is a simple tip: find out few tried and tested SEO tips and techniques, master them and implement them to achieve the best search engine ranking possible.

But there’s a bad news. There are thousands of SEO strategies and techniques out there so picking just a few of them is really hard.

That’s why I came up with 5 really effective and improved SEO tips to help you boost your search results in 2018 and and hence your website traffic.

Are you ready to find them out? Let’s dive in.

Incredible SEO Techniques to Grow your Traffic in 2018

Let’s checkout the blogging best practices for SEO and website traffic.

seo tips techniques

Target Long Tail Keywords with 4 or More Words

Long tail keywords are very specific keyword phrases. Usually people uses these words when they search for any query in search engine. So, focusing on long tail keywords is highly recommended.

Targeting long tail keywords can greatly increase your monthly search visitors. Famous blogger, Neil Patel generated over 173,336 qualified visitors just from long-tail keyword phrases.

Never ignore keyword research. Successful on-page optimization requires 50 % of focus on long-tail keywords. The longer the keyword, better the pagerank. Usually, 4 or more keywords is good choice to use.

How to Research Long Tail Keywords

Here is a step by step process to do that easily.

  • Open Google keyword planner, enter your seed keyword to get variations of long tail keywords. Click on “Get Ideas”
  • Click on “keywords ideas” tab to get all the keywords. Select keywords and expand it for longer variations.
  • It displays more keywords related to your seed keyword.Take up one and plug in to search box for longer variations.

Also there are many online keyword suggestion tools available for free. These tools help you to find more long tail keywords in your niche.

  1. Use to mine long tail keywords. It’s a free tool which gives lot many suggestions based on Google suggest, Wikipedia and Amazon.
  2. Use “Quora” to get more ideas for topics as well as to get long tail keywords. Search for niche topics and observe questions.
  3. Want to know what questions users ask in your niche? Go to answer the public, give your seed keyword and click on “Get questions”.
  4. You can also find more profitable long tail keywords using wordtracker keyword tool.

Key point is, if you want to see consistent increase in search traffic, you must publish in-depth content using long tail keywords of your niche.

Importance of Link Building in SEO

When it comes to effective search engine optimization, link building plays a major role. Every new blogger struggles hard to get backlinks to their website from high authoritative sites.

The popularity of website depends on number of inbound links. It determines Google page rank. In the early stages of your blogging, focus more on getting more backlinks to your blog.

What are Your Benefits from Link Building

  • The visibility of blog increases in search results
  • Your blog receives traffic from high authoritative blogs so that it is admired as a valuable resource
  • It helps in getting your blog indexed in search engine results
  • Improves organic ranking

How to Get High Quality Links to Your Blog

  1. Start blog commenting: Leave thoughtful and lengthy comments on your top niche blogs. Although they are of nofollow but still useful for frequent crawling and building relationships so that it’s a win/win approach.
  2. Write unique and lengthy content: Long form of content always naturally attracts more links. Also make sure to do a bit research about the roundup posts in your industry and outreach those bloggers to link to your stuff!
  3. Guest blogging: Don’t keep interesting stuff only for your blog. Help others to grow with your content. In blogging world, you will grow by helping others. Start writing for small blogs first. Build relationships and keep on writing them until you hit the biggest sites in the industry with your guest posts.
  4. Create infographics: Use tools like Canva. They attract a TON of natural backlinks.
  5. Start threads in forums: Start a thread related to your niche and engage with others.
  6. Use Quora. Find questions related to your blog topic and answer it. Pick up the answer which has more followers. Write really useful answer and at the end give link to your blog.
  7. Submit your blog posts to blogging communities. You can start with Blogengage, Bizsugar.
  8. Implement broken link building technique.

Don’t Publish a Blog Post without On-page SEO

Writing a blog post is a great skill. Your content should help readers to grasp the essence of the post. If users feel discomfort while reading your post it creates bad image on your brand so it’s very important to follow the on-page SEO tactics before you publish a blog post.

Here are the on-page SEO tips that you should keep in mind before publishing a post.

  • Your blog post title is the one that attracts readers first. Include primary keyword in title while making it attractive.
  • Customize URLs. Write SEO friendly URLs while making it short and keyword rich. For example,
  • Add modifiers to the blog post title. For example, use words like “2018”, “ultimate guide”, “review”.
  • Use h1 tag for your title and h2 for main headings.
  • Make sure you leave your main keywords in the first 100 words.
  • Use internal links in every post you write.
  • Use LSI keywords in every post.
  • If your blog site doesn’t load within 4 seconds, users won’t be interested in visiting site again. So, boost your site speed.

Without following the above mentioned tips, don’t publish a blog post.

Write Long Form of Content to Boost Your Rank

Have you ever written a content of more than 2000+ words? Just write such long 3 to 4 posts and see the magic. Because, you will practically see the benefits.

I’ve been practicing writing long form of content for more than 3 years and the results are almost always great. Google loves long form of articles.

Long form of content gets you more social shares, increases proof of authority, brand and user engagement. When readers read the content, they should feel like promoting and sharing on social media.

Bragging and inserting boring stuff never helps even though you write very long content. It’s the skill of the blogger to write long content while making it really interesting.

Tips to Write Long Form of Content

  • Concentrate on solving readers problem. Check out the discussion forums related to your blog niche and you will know what problems users are facing.
  • Research very well before writing a topic.
  • Tell a very small interesting story related to topic.
  • Use statistics and facts while writing content.
  • Draft outline – title, introduction, point wise headings, subheadings and conclusion. Now start expanding each one.
  • While writing, write as if you are delivering a speech in front of public.

More you research about the topic, more ideas you will get to make your content interesting.

Recently, I have published an in-depth blog post on the topic GreenGeeks Vs InMotion and yes, it is ranking on the first page for the targeted KW.

Identify and Analyze Your Competition

If you are not spying at your competitors, you are probably losing a lot of sales and traffic in the blogging world. Your blog success depends on how well you analyze your competitors and how cleverly you use what you learn to grow your sites.

You need to know their keyword usage and investigate how they are acquiring customer attention. If you don’t know how to analyze, no worry there are so many tools to help you.

  • SEMrush: It is a versatile SEO tool and highly recommended. With this tool, you can do keyword research, competitor research, backlink analysis and many more. It also shows you the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and keywords updated in real time.
  • You can track what your competitors are doing. It is known to be the perfect backlink checker.
  • Open site explorer: It helps you to find and identify new link building opportunities.
  • Majestic SEO: You can check number of inbound links and domain authority of any website.
  • SE Ranking: With this SEO ranking software, you can monitor your competitors’ search ranking.

Start spying on your competitors and collect data to optimize your website to improve search engine ranking and build both domain and page authority.

Conclusion to Improved SEO Tips for 2018

Google is a smart search engine. It has the smartest algorithms to rank a page. But writing quality content, doing proper keyword research and building backlinks – these factors NEVER change.

So what are your thoughts on the SEO techniques mentioned here? Do you have any more stellar organic SEO tips one can use to grow their traffic in 2018 and beyond? Please feel free to leave your thoughts below.

This article is contributed by Nirmala Santhakumar. She is a blogging enthusiast who mostly writes the WordPress tips & tricks on her blog, Apart from writing, her favorite activity is doing Yoga and helping others is her best attitude. She would like to connect with active bloggers, reach her through Facebook & Google Plus.

5 Improved SEO Tips to Increase Website Traffic in 2018
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  • Hey Manidipa,

    We should be conscious of placing appropriate keywords throughout every aspect of our site – our titles, content, URLs, and image names. We need to think about our keywords as search terms, how would someone looking for information on this topic search for it. It’s important for every webmaster their website should be responsive for every browser and compatible with all devices because people can visit our website from anything maybe it can be mobile, tablet, desktop pc, or laptop so make sure of our website should be responsive with all browsers and compatible with all devices.

    People expect some unique stuff that is different from every blog if we will successful in providing unique content or unique product that is different from the others our blog or product will grow up automatically. There is probably no more basic strategy for SEO than the integration of internal links to our site it is an easy way to boost traffic to individual pages, we should make it standard to link back to our archives frequently when creating new content. Social media signals are too much important for SEO. We need to engage our audience on social media group or page as well be friendly with them. A CEO blog is just one element of social media distribution an important SEO strategy according to SEO consult. Eventually, thanks for your great support with your wealthy informative post.

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  • Following these tips will surely help many website owners to increase their website traffic. Guest blogging is truly a great way to increase website traffic. Through guest blogging, you can generate inbound links, build brand awareness, drive high-quality leads and website traffic. This strategy can be a very powerful tool to increase the traffic to your site. Whether you are blogging on another site or getting someone to guest blog on your own site it reaches out to a very captive audience that you have not reached before.

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    It was great to read your post, got much help from these tips on search engine optimization. Keep posting the good work.

  • Hello Manidipa,
    Long tale keywords are often search queries, where the intent of the user is to get accurate answer for what he/ she is looking for. Mostly these keywords fall in the decision stage of a buyers journey. Optimizing for keywords is not a good practice, instead look for phrases that people use as a search query.
    Also the tools you mentioned for identifying backlinks and analyze competition was really useful, mainly open site explorer.

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    Thanks for this awesome post. I am going to use long tail keywords on my website. I really like your all the points of increasing traffic. I am also completely agree with your point that site must be responsive for generating a traffic.

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  • Google ranking is important for every website. We are still working on increasing google ranking. This article will surely help us to improve our rank.

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    I think to take the traffic to the highest level, one needs good SEO with Keyword Research. Without these 2 things I don’t think any website can rank on Google.

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