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Blogger of the Week: Erik Emanuelli of NoPassiveIncome.com

“Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them – a desire, a dream, a vision.” 

Hey friends, it’s time to Meet the Blogger again! Our today’s guest needs no introduction to the world of bloggers. Erik Emanuelli is a very popular name in the blogging industry who believes that “blogging is a serious and real way to become wealthy” and not a game based on luck. NoPassiveIncome.com is his major blog, where he shares about some practical ways to build steady passive income sources.

Erik is an expert pro blogger who is running numerous blogs across various niches. He has a vast experience of working with micro niche sites while building his main blog a resource for learning various topics on internet marketing. Erik is an avid traveller too, who has visited 40 countries till now (and still counting)!

In this interview with WPB360, he has discussed about the ways to work on niche blogs, benefits of buying an old domain and the proven techniques of link building & generating traffic. He has also discussed about how to cope up with the monetary uncertainties of blogging and be able to earn passive income. We are very much thankful to Erik for taking time to answer all the questions. So without much ado, let’s jump into the discussion now.

Erik Emanuelli interview blogger

Manidipa: Hi Erik, welcome to WPB360. Just to get started, could you please let the readers know a bit more about you like your personal interest and background? 

Erik: Hi Manidipa, thanks for giving me the chance to share my experience with your readers. I’m Erik Emanuelli and I’m a professional blogger since 2010. I run several websites, based on different monetization strategies. My main blog is NoPassiveIncome, while one of my latest addition is Reviewz’n’Tips.

I have many interests, including travelling (I’ve visited 40 countries, so far) and extreme sports (I did free-climbing, snowboarding, canyoning, rafting, kick-boxing and bungee jumping in past). I’m a certified skydiver since a couple of years. So yes, when I’m not working online, I like to jump out of planes at 13,000 ft (add me to Facebook, to check some of my pictures).

Manidipa: You have purchased NoPassiveIncome from a friend of yours and have taken it to a new level. What are the pros and cons of continuing an old domain (provided you are not familiar with the previous owner)?

Erik: I remember like if it was yesterday when Chris offered me his NoPassiveIncome blog, and it has been already 3 years (time flies). He did a wonderful SEO job, when I installed Google Analytics code I found out that the site was receiving 1000 visits daily, just from search engines.

I can say the pros are finding a great domain name with good backlinks and clean reputation. The cons may be the work of building your name around your newly acquired blog (but I guess this is just at the beginning).

Manidipa: You have been running multiple blogs in different niches. How do you distribute time in your blogs? 

Erik: I’ve a simple strategy. First, I complete the paid assignments, and then I invest my free time on my new projects.

Remember, if you create new websites, you must invest time and resources to create content on a constant basis, otherwise it’s not worth it.

Manidipa: What do you enjoy the most – working for your main blogs or niche blogs?

Erik: The income I generate from my main blog is bigger than the one I earn from my niche sites. Sponsored reviews, selling ads and other paid deals come most from NoPassiveIncome.

But working on micro niche sites is more fun. If you can find a profitable keyword, you can generate a great amount of traffic from search engines over time.

Manidipa: Which strengths of yours have helped you the most in blogging? Anything new you wish to learn which might help you further?

Erik: I think persistence is my key with blogging. I have found myself without motivation many times during the past, and I simply faced it by taking small or big breaks from working online. Every time I come back with renewed energies.

Erik Emanuelli NoPassiveIncome.com

Manidipa: Erik, you have made Klinkk a great platform to share and get exposure. According to you what is the importance of the blogging communities for a new blogger?

Erik: The main characteristic of Klinkk is being a simple sharing platform, that you can join right away. I believe that building connections is far more important than just sharing your content. Many of my new contacts came from Klinkk. It has today a lot of daily active users. Join today!

Manidipa: Would you like to talk about the beginner’s blogging mistakes, in case you faced any? 

Erik: One of my biggest mistakes in blogging was not showing my identity since the beginning of my blogging journey.

I spent three months hiding my face behind an avatar and it was such a shame to have lost that time. I believe building your reputation and your name is really important when working online. Internet may seem a vast world, but the marketing and blogging niche is quite small. If you think about it, everyone knows who are the most popular bloggers in our market, right?

Manidipa: What are some of the proven traffic generation techniques for your blog/blogs? Please provide some suggestions how one can drive traffic to their newly started blog?

Erik: Social media is my favorite way to build traffic and backlinks. It’s easy to create accounts under your name or business pages for your sites, sharing quality content and engaging with your audience. Twitter is my number one social media channel. I use Triberr, JustRetweet and ViralContentBuzz.

Blog commenting is another simple, but effective strategy to build connections, while creating links for your site and get traffic to your content.

Guest posting is an advanced technique, which still works a lot. I think mostly for establishing relationships with bloggers, other than get visits or backlinks to your site.

Manidipa: Many bloggers enter this sphere with the wish to earn passive money, but quit blogging after being not able generate enough income. What according to you are the common reasons of failure?

Erik: Not having a plan.

As you mentioned, a lot of people quit their job before to start earning something. It took me three years of part-time blogging to generate a decent monthly income.

If I could go back in time, I would hire a professional blogger to teach me the right path.

Manidipa: Blogging has a whole lot of tasks associated and sometimes we feel like stuck in a rut. What are your ways to continue the spirit? 

Erik: Reading a lot. Visit the websites of successful bloggers and learn from them. Check the income reports and try to replicate their strategies.

When I feel stuck, I start a new project with a renewed hope and energy.

Manidipa: It is not easy to cope up with the uncertainties of the monetary aspect of blogging. What is your suggestion to deal with that?

Erik: I’ve many ways to make money. If you are able to diversify, you won’t be afraid to lose one of your sources of income.

Be sure to have both active and passive methods to earn. Again, do not put all your eggs into one basket.

Other than my websites, I also offer services (freelance writing and social media marketing).

Manidipa: What is/are your current offline engagements?

Erik: Travel, spend time with my family and practice sports (included skydiving on weekends).

Manidipa: Erik, you have been travelling to several countries. Would you like to share some of your travel memories?

Erik: I used to work as an Export Manager and this made me travel a lot. One of my favorite moments is when I went to Las Vegas for a business fair and I gambled at MGM casino. We also visited Grand Canyon with the clients, it was fantastic. Another interesting trip was to Teheran, in Iran. Again, I attended a business fair and it was fascinating to get in touch with a very different culture.

My most important travel was in Venezuela, when I was just 17. I spent one whole year hosted by a Venezuelan family (which I’m still in contact with – they moved to Miami now) and I attended school. This experience has positively influenced my life.

Manidipa: What is your best blogging moment so far?

Erik: The time I realized I could quit my job to become my own boss. I really love the freedom of working online and the endless possibilities to grow!

Manidipa: Could you please share some tips for the newbies who want to take blogging as a serious affair and generate passive income?

Erik: You need to be prepared to work hard, most of all at the beginning.

You have to keep your job, until you are able to generate, at least, the same amount of money of your salary.

Treat blogging like a business. It’s not based on luck and it’s not a game. It’s a serious and real way to become wealthy.

Thanks again Erik for sharing your insights with the readers of WPB360. In case you want to know any other passive income tips from him, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Blogger of the Week: Erik Emanuelli of NoPassiveIncome.com
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