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How to Find the Right Affiliate Programs & Products to Earn Higher Profits

Affiliate marketing is about promoting affiliate products and earning percentage of the product’s price as a commission. But how to find affiliate products to promote and earn higher percentage?

You need to find the right affiliate products with high price that offer generous commissions; the average affiliate commissions in the market start at 4% and at a maximum of 75%.

I always believe that the quality of any affiliate program should not lie solely on how much money it offers for affiliate marketers.

Although it is an important factor, but it is not the only factor and not even the most important one.

How to Find Affiliate Products to Promote to earn money

When picking your affiliate product, you need to consider things like:

  1. The efficiency and quality of the product
  2. How well it is received among its current customers base
  3. The commitment of the supporting staff and their ability to address customers issues

After you successfully make sure that the above elements are covered, you then look at how much money you can make from the product.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is, to promote products that are highly relevant to your niche and preferably to your micro niche segment. Now what does that mean? How it can answer the question –

How to Find the Top Selling Affiliate Products & Programs for Big Profits?

Let’s discuss it through an example. If your niche is “weight gain” and your niche segment is “muscle building”, then you should only promote “muscle building” affiliate products.

Promoting “weight gain diets” will be less effective than promoting “protein bars” for example.

This is very important because you don’t want people visiting your affiliate website and then leaving it because they didn’t find what they are looking for, something which could limit your sales figures.

Before I start to show you the techniques of finding the top selling affiliate products, you need to understand that there are different types of affiliate programs.

  1. PPS affiliate programs (pay per sale)
  2. CPA affiliate programs (pay per action or acquisition)
  3. Reseller programs

Now let me show you how you can find affiliate products under each one of those categories.

Pay Per Sale Affiliate Programs

If you have been in the affiliate marketing game for some time, you are probably familiar with this affiliate compensation model.

Under this model, product vendors pay affiliate commissions only after a sale has been made.

Meaning that if the product costs $80 and your affiliate commission is 60% then when you make a sale, you will get paid $48 (60%).

You could browse through the marketplaces of top affiliate networks like:

And from their marketplaces find PPS affiliate products that meet your standards.

Another way to find profitable affiliate programs regardless of the affiliate network is to use Google to directly find affiliate programs in your niche.

Simply search for “YourNiche site:.com/affiliates”

how to choose affiliate products

And from the results you get to pick some great affiliate products to promote.

Cost Per Acquisition Affiliate Programs

This is known to be one of the top high paying affiliate programs and in some cases, the easiest to convert into affiliate commission.

Unlike PPS affiliate programs, CPA reward affiliate marketers for things other than making a sale.

Things like:

  • Form filling
  • Account signups
  • Downloads

1. Some affiliate programs will require affiliates to promote their web forms to be filled, like surveys.

Big cooperates that run market research campaigns; they require certain segment of the market to fill out surveys before they launch a product and enter the market.

However there are in most cases restrictions on the kind of traffic you generate to the survey form and not all of them will qualify you for earning an affiliate commission.

Restrictions like the country, traffic source, language of the person filling out the survey forms.

Those restrictions should not be a deterring element that puts you off those affiliates programs; you just need to devise a marketing strategy that is tailored to your affiliate program.

2. Accounts signups are a bit trickier.

While most of the accounts are free to create, in some niches they require a deposit to be made in order for you to get paid your affiliate commission.

For example, many payday loans and forex CPA offers will run affiliate programs that require users to singup for a free account and then make a deposit for your affiliate commission to come into effect.

3. Games and apps downloads are very lucrative, most of those apps are free to download and therefore could result in a quick affiliate commissions.

Even though those downloads are free, the companies still make their profits from in game add-ons and advertising.

Also apps will most likely have a premium paid versions, and that’s why they can afford paying their affiliates.

The best thing about CPA affiliate programs is that they offer high commissions that can easily reach $500 per download, form filling or signups.

Reseller Affiliate Programs

While they are not like the most commonly known affiliate programs with all its models, it is still an affiliate marketing model that involves selling products you don’t own and getting paid a commission for it.

The main difference between common affiliate programs and reseller programs are:

best affiliate products to promote

This makes reseller marketing is less attractive affiliate marketing model, but it is very much recommended for more advanced affiliates.

If your ultimate goal from affiliate marketing is to someday start your own business, then start with any of the above models first.

This way you get learn the basic techniques and skills required to run an online business, at least at a marketing level.

And after you master affiliate marketing and feel you are ready to go to the next level then you can switch your focus to reseller marketing.

The most common niches that have reseller programs are:

  • Web hosting
  • Some services like SEO
  • Physical products

To find reseller programs, you can also use Google and search for “site.com/reseller”

best reseller affiliate program

This will return you different reseller programs across all niches, browse through them and find the niche you can really commit to.

Conclusion on How to Find The Right Affiliate Programs

No matter which niche you are in, you will be able to find a profitable affiliate program that you can commit to and promote.

But always remember, as an affiliate marketer you are responsible for maintaining the brand image of the product you are promoting.

As long as the product maintains its reputation, you will be able to sell it and convert at high percentage.

Affiliate marketing has indeed evolved, and over the years many affiliate marketing training and courses had emerged (like this one), they can help you sharpen your affiliate marketing skills on other areas.

So how do you find affiliate products to promote? Please feel free to share your experience of choosing the right affiliate programs with high payouts.

Ibrahim DahyThis article is contributed by Ibrahim Dahy. He is an internet marketer and programmer who developed many top selling IM products. One of latest products is Affset as it helps beginner affiliate marketers start their affiliate marketing business from scratch. You can find more affiliate marketing tips in his Affset Blog

How to Find the Right Affiliate Programs & Products to Earn Higher Profits
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