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10 Must Have Plugins for Genesis Framework – take your site to the next level!

If your site is on Genesis, then you already know why it is the most recommended theme Framework by many professionals. But do you know that it is also crucial to use the must have plugins for Genesis framework to take your site to the next level?

Genesis Framework is the most SEO friendly WordPress theme builder in recent times. You may find that many pro-bloggers are personally using and recommending it to the newbie bloggers to give their WordPress blog a pro look.

But the default Genesis Framework is like a open source and not much attractive. If you are a WordPress developer, then you can easily customize the Genesis theme and then change the design as you like.

But if you are a non-coder like me and don’t know how to change the Genesis framework files to change the website’s design then there are many helpful WordPress plugins for Genesis with which you can easily get your work done.

Genesis Plugins to Customize WordPress Theme

In this article, I will share 10 such useful and best plugins for Genesis with which you can change your complete blog design and give a professional look without touching a single line of code.

Essential Genesis Plugins to customize a WordPress theme

1) Genesis Simple Edits

This is one of my favorite WordPress plugins for Genesis, as with the help of this plugin I have changed the footer credit area of this website itself. A Blog’s footer area is a crucial space where one can provide useful information about the blog design and other useful articles or links. It also plays a key role in the SEO settings.

One can also change the post meta segment and post info with this plugin. Edit these areas using shortcodes, HTML or simple text without having to write a single line of code.

2) Genesis Simple Hooks

Every blog needs flexibility to put widgets in the desired places of a website. E.g. placing an adsense unit below the post title or below header area etc. In such a case the default Genesis theme will not help you in anyway. Use this awesome plugin to create hooks in places as per your requirement.

Hook system is an interface with  which you can modify your Genesis powered theme very easily. This plugin allows you to insert HTML, PHP or any other code to any of the 50+ action hooks by creating another Genesis Settings page.

3) Genesis Dambuster Plugin

Genesis Dambuster is a Genesis only WordPress plugin that makes it easy to set up your pages for edge to edge content. Ideal for full width Beaver Builder. You can remove the header, primary and secondary navigation menus to allow the page content to be full width.

Usually this plugin is used for creating landing pages, portfolio pages etc where you want to remove any distractions from the page so that the users can focus on what you have to say through that page.

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4) Genesis Responsive Slider

This is also a must have plugins for Genesis framework for those who want to display a responsive slider for any popular or featured post. This lets you easily create a simple responsive slider that displays the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from article with some beautiful look and feel.

5) Genesis Columns Advanced

This essential Genesis plugin generates shortcodes for every column configuration available with the column classes provided by the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. You can easily add shortcodes using a custom button in your WordPress editor.

Total 35 different responsive column configurations are available with two utility shortcodes to assist with layout. Though this plugin was developed for Genesis Framework users but it can be actually used by all.

6) Genesis Simple Sidebars

Now create multiple, dynamic widget areas, and assign those widget areas to sidebar locations within the Genesis Framework without touching the code and putting any conditions. This top Genesis plugin allows you to assign different and relevant sidebar widgets to individual post and pages. Show the sidebar widgets specific to home page or any other pages by controlling the provided options.

7) Genesis eNews Extended Plugin

Email subscription box is one of the most important widget to capture your visitors email ids. In such a case you can easily get a beautiful email sign up box using Genesis eNews Extended plugin. We have already shared an article on how to create a mailchimp sign up box using eNews plugin. This Genesis WordPress plugin works great with all the top email newsletter services like MailChimp, AWeber, FeedBurner, FeedBlitz, GetResponse and others.

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8) Genesis Grid Plugin

The Genesis Grid plugin is designed to allow the users of Genesis theme to easily display their posts in a grid format. Many people love to show the articles on home page as grid layout and this plugin is the best solution to make your job easy.

You can set the number of Features and Teasers for your homepage and inner pages (Features are full-width posts at the top of the listing and Teasers are the posts broken into columns). Also you can specify where the grid loop will be used by checking Home, Category Archives, Tag Archives, Taxonomy Archives, Author Archives, and/or Search Results.

9) Genesis Simple Share

Genesis Simple Share is one of the best WordPress plugins for genesis for social sharing. Now a days, sharing widgets are mandatory in any web page design. Use Genesis simple share plugin from StudioPress and provide some beautiful sharing options either below post title area or at the end of the article. We are also using the same plugin to provide sharing options to our readers. You can check out the end of this article to know how it looks like.

10) Genesis 404 Page Plugin

A 404 page is a must to provide your website reader the alternative in case they found any page which doesn’t exists. However, customizing a 404 page is little bit tricky. In normal case you will find a simple message which may frustrate your visitors and you may lose a potential reader. Use this awesome plugin and create a custom 404 page not found page with custom titles and content easily.

Hope this list of must have Genesis plugins will help you to customize your website’s design and give it your desired look. Have you used any of these Genesis WordPress plugins to alter your blog design. Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

10 Must Have Plugins for Genesis Framework – take your site to the next level!
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