Genesis Theme Framework Review: Why Genesis Framework?

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On November 9, 2015
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Genesis is the best rated and highly customizable WordPress theme framework created ever. Get Genesis now and give your website the desired look!

Do you know how many themes I have switched before landing to Genesis Framework? I am sure you are also going through such situation as a beginner in blogging arena and looking for the best WordPress theme for your newly created blog.

I hope you have realized the power of a premium WordPress theme and looking for genesis theme framework review and thus landed in this article. In that case, I will not disappoint you as in this article I will try to share my experience with Studiopress Genesis Framework and why I have switched to Genesis Theme after tyring many free WordPress themes.

Although I will not tell again why a premium WordPress theme is better that a free WordPress theme. I hope you have already gained that knowledge. Rather let’s discuss further, whether Genesis Framework is the best WordPress theme for your first blog or not.

Genesis Framework Review

Things you should know before considering Genesis for your website

Genesis Theme Framework Review Why Genesis FrameworkMost of the time people consider the front look & feel while choosing the theme for their website. But this is not the only factor to decide. There are plenty of factors you must consider while choosing your WordPress theme and I am sharing here 20 such factors, I found awesome when it comes to Genesis Framework.

1. The basic design & theme structure

The best part of genesis framework is its simplicity in design. A very solid and simple minimalist design with best navigation structure is the major strength of this theme. One can easily set up the theme by following simple instructions.

2. The theme installation complexity

Generally most of the themes available in market have many features enabled and you have to follow some steps to enable such features and also able to maintain them regularly. E.g. setting up home page slider, right side ad, logo settings, home page category wise listings etc. But with genesis settings option, you can easily set up everything in few clicks only.

3. Theme customization

Want to customize your default genesis theme? Nothing to worry, genesis provide 2 awesome plugins that will make your life easy. You can use them and change your complete website design as you like with many features. If not, then there are many genesis developers who can help you to change the design with a very minimal expense.

4. Theme Functionality

Almost all the basic & essential functionalities are included in genesis framework. You can check out free genesis plugins and enable every feature you are looking for. E.g. sharing widget, related articles, mail sign up box, social media profile widget etc.

5. The SEO factors to set up

SEO is the biggest thing when you buy a WordPress theme. With Genesis Framework, you don’t have to worry much due to its inbuilt SEO compatibility feature. Set up your title & meta, robots meta tag, canonical urls and few more basic on-site SEO factors.

6. Plugins to customize further

As I have already mentioned that, there are many free genesis plugins with which you can achieve almost every feature you are looking for your wordpress theme. Not only that, there are couple of premium genesis framework plugin to customize you WordPress theme.

7. Well coded

If you are well adversed with coding, then you will find it very easy to access and understand the genesis coding and changing the CSS styles. The basic theme design has been structured in a very well & easy to understand manner.

8. Price of Genesis Theme

The best part of this theme is the cost. You just have to pay $59 to get this awesome WordPress theme. If you are looking for a feature packed theme, you might have to spend more money with some recurring expense for yearly support. But in case of genesis framework, you just have to pay only $59 for life time.

9. Low cost Child Themes

When it comes to various designs, genesis premium child themes are the best. You can simply buy a child theme as per your blog niche by spending very few bucks. Not only that, there are many genesis free child themes with which also you can change your website design & look.

10. Child Themes specific to blogging niche

The best part of genesis child themes are, they are design based on certain niche. Almost every studiopress child themes are design in such a manner. E.g. Studiopress author pro theme is best for a personal website of an author.

11. Active Support and Members

Support and an active forum is one of the best thing happened to StudioPress. They are actually run by famous bloggers of copyblogger.com. Whatever is your query, you will find the answer by logging your query in StudioPress forum. Not only that, a wide percentage of bloggers are using Genesis framework which means there are people who can help you if you need any.

12. No activation Key, install in unlimited websites

If you are running multiple blogs, then it’s a treat for you as genesis theme installation doesn’t need any key or license. You can install the same theme in many websites by just spending $59.

13. Best for developers

Genesis framework is coded with the best standards prescribed by the W3 and other authoritarian bodies. Don’t worry if you have not previously worked on this framework, it hardly takes few days before you get started with this framework.With some great Genesis tutorials shared you are just ready to fly!

14. Free Theme Customization & set up tutorials

As soon as you buy Genesis theme, you will get access to mystudiopress members area. There you will find a very useful beginners guide to Studiopress theme pdf.

15. Discount for returning users

If you have already purchased any theme before, you will always get some additional discount on all your future purchases from StudioPress. E.g. The price of StudioPress News Pro theme is 99.95 (Genesis Framework + Theme), but if you have already purchased any theme before you can buy this theme for just $33.71 instead of $44.95.

16. Great business opportunity for developers, Pro Plus all theme pack

If you want to provide some theme related service through your blog, then Genesis Pro Plus All theme package from StudioPress is best for you. There you will get the access to all their themes (existing & upcoming) with many free plugins & lifetime support.

17. Life time membership, no recurring expense

Whatever theme purchase you made at StudioPress, they are all for life time. You don’t have to pay any renewal fee or any maintenance cost for any of their child themes or genesis framework so far.

18. Join their Affiliate program, highest commission rate

Studiopress affiliate program is one of the best affiliate program among all as they provide very high commission rate. You can check out how I made my first affiliate income with StudioPress affiliate program.

19. Recommended by top bloggers

As I have already shared, almost all top bloggers are using Genesis framework with StudioPress child themes. On top of that they might have customized the theme as per choice. You might have noticed that we have used OFP genesis child theme and then customized it as per our need.

20. Active Forum

Want to gain more knowledge about studiopress themes or want to ask your query? Then log in to Studiopress forum and sign up their newsletter to get regular updates and discussion by many top bloggers.

So, do you think there are some other reason to express your love towards genesis framework? Why don’t you share your experience and feedback by writing a comment below? And if you are a beginner and looking to buy your first theme, then don’t waste much time and start exploring genesis theme.

Check out Genesis Framework Demo & Price Details @ StudioPress

Genesis Theme Framework Review: Why Genesis Framework?
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