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Why Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is best to start a WordPress blog

godaddy managed wordpress hosting reviewWhen we talk about WordPress blogging, hosting plays the vital role. It is always better to start a new blog with a custom domain on self hosted WordPress platform, if you are serious about blogging. And if you don’t want to bear any hosting hassle then Managed WordPress Hosting is the best option for you.

What is managed wordpress hosting?

Managed hosting is a hosting plan designed such a way by expert professional team of any hosting company, that a blogger don’t have to worry about website maintenance and hosting settings. The hosting package itself will include site optimization, automatic backups, performance enhancing and some in-build useful tools to make blogging easy etc.

Generally as a beginner people often get afraid of handling these hosting issues. In that case a managed hosting package could be best suitable. In that case one can concentrate more on writing articles without worrying about site hosting and performance issues.

But managed web hosting services has few disadvantages also. E.g. one can’t have any control over the hosting, no cpanel access, limitations of use of plug-ins and more importantly you have to pay more money compare to regular  shared hosting plans. Anyway, I will share a complete article about managed WordPress hosting in a different article, here let’s concentrate on Godaddy.

Why Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting could be the best?

I have tried couple of hosting services so far like Hostgator, Blue host, Bigrock etc. Lastly I tried Godaddy hosting service. I was completely amazed to find that Godaddy was offering hosting package @ Rs 99/month. I bought a domain and tried one of my niche based website. Anyway this offer has been changed now and Godaddy has increased the price up to Rs 259/ month.

But from a beginner point of view, starting a website with a managed hosting plan of Rs 259 / month is really cost effective. Even you can buy a per month billing hosting plan. I found that feature in Hostgator as well and I know the importance of this feature.

Most of the hosting companies provide minimum of 1 year hosting plan. If you ask me which option to choose, then the answer will be like this:

  • If you are clear about your blogging plans, then go for a maximum year (more than 2-3 years) plan. This way you will be able to save huge money on hosting.
  • If you think you are going to give a try to build a micro niche site, then it is better to go with the monthly hosting plans. Many times we start a blog, but fail to continue due to less knowledge or not able to continue the same passion on that topic or realizing that this is not possible to beat the competition etc.

Things to know before buying Godaddy Managed Hosting plan

The pricing of managed hosting plans area decided based on website’s traffic volume. As I have shared my experience, when I have started my niche website I bought the plan with Rs 99/ month only. But after few weeks later my website traffic has increased and overtake the basic plan I bought. Accordingly the new price applied is around Rs 450/ month. You can check out the details below.

godaddy managed wordpress hosting review

Godaddy is awesome when we talk about domain name purchase. Their interface is really superb to manage all domain and hosting accounts. Although their web hosting service is not recommend by professional bloggers, I would say that I really enjoyed the first 2 months of their managed WordPress hosting service.

godaddy managed wordpress hosting review

I have shifted to another hosting as my other websites are already hosted there and I could continue this niche site now without paying extra hosting cost. Just for the sake of giving a try to a new website and how the experience of a managed hosting service I opt for Godaddy.

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If you are beginner and want to start your first blog on WordPress the you can give a try to Godaddy managed hosting plans. Another good thing about their hosting plan is they also provide per month billing facility similar to Hostgator shared hosting plans.

Why Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is best to start a WordPress blog
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