Hide My IP Review – Protect your Identity Online

In the modern age of Digital Marketing and new technologies, privacy of the internet users are always in a threat. In your day to day life, you exchange and give out a lot of information about yourself on the internet. And many people are trying to steal these personal information online.

Hackers try to steal your credit card information or your phone numbers or your location and many other such things. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you conceal your identity online and save your private and confidential information.

Hide My IP helps you to surf anonymously, prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, send anonymous emails, and encrypt your internet connection. This software lets you change your IP address to stay anonymous on the internet.


Why should I use Hide My IP?

Every time you log on to the internet, your computer is assigned a particular IP address. All the communication that needs to be done between your system and other websites is done using this IP address. This IP address is a combination of numbers which uniquely identifies you on the internet making it easy to share data with other users on the internet.

But, this IP address reveals a lot of data about you. Your IP address reveals your location and the ISP that you use. If a hacker gains access to your IP address, they can do port scanning attacks on your IP address and gain access to your machine through open ports. They can then steal your personal information such as your Credit/ Debit card information or your phone number or even your passwords!


To safeguard you from such threats, Hide my IP provides you with a VPN and a fake IP address which allows you to become anonymous on the web. Hide my IP provides you with a temporary IP address which acts as a relay between your machine and the intended website.

Hackers or other third-party websites which are trying to track you online will no longer be able to track you, as your IP address has been masked with a fake one. With just a single click of a button, you can become anonymous in a few seconds.


Access Blocked Websites

Besides having anonymity, you will also be able to access websites which are blocked in certain locations. Websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Facebook and many others are blocked by the government or the website owner in various locations.

For people living in those locations, Hide my IP provides you an option to change your location to a preferred location so that you can access those sites.

Change your Location

Using Hide my IP, you can change your location to virtually any place in the world. You can select a country or location from a list of 100+ locations provided by Hide my IP. For example, if you are in London and your country does not let you access some sites, you can chose to surf the internet from Turkey or Afghanistan or whatever your heart desires.

Hide my IP Review with Features

Anonymous Web Surfing

You can prevent others from seeing your IP address. You can change your IP address at regular intervals with a single click of a button. Hence, giving you complete anonymity on the internet.

Easy to use – Windows and Mac Compatible

Get a fake IP address on any system and on any browser. Hide my IP is perfectly compatible with windows, android as well as Mac devices. Just download, install and you are ready to go.

Encrypt your Internet Connection

It offers secure WiFi hotspot encryption, creating a secure connection between your computer and the rest of the internet. This helps to prevent hackers from spying on your internet traffic.

Send anonymous eMails

Using emails normally as you do, your IP address is exposed to the world. It allows the recipient to see your IP address and extract more information about you. Hide My IP can cloak your email headers, allowing for anonymous emails.

Unblock websites and bypass Geo-location blocks

Some websites block access depending on your IP address. Change your IP address to access websites such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Pandora and other sites which may have been restricted in your country.


Hide My IP Price Details

Now if you are thinking how to hide your IP address for free, then you will be happy to know about Hide My IP free trial option. This software for hiding IP address online comes with a free 14 day trial for Windows and Mac, which most of the VPN providers do not have.

You can use the free services but if you need the advanced services, you can go for the premium version. The high speed IP subscription contains features such as unlimited protected bandwidth, IP support for most third party software, the ability to bypass firewall, changing IP address frequently.

The actual software costs just $29.95. And the best part is, this is a one-time fee for lifetime of service and no other monthly or yearly fee.


Hide My IP is available in most of the international languages – the Windows version is available in over 24 languages and the Android version is available in 70 languages. Along with proxy and VPN, you will also get a DNS Proxy service, included in your Hide My IP license.

Hide My IP is surely a great buy to protect your identity online and surf anonymously. Get it now and shield your internet privacy!

Hide My IP Review – Protect your Identity Online
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  • Thanks for sharing such an excellent tutorial about protecting internet identity. I enjoyed reading each and every line. Very informative article.
    Thanks again for wonderful sharing.

  • Hey Manidipa,

    Every computer on the Internet has a unique IP address allotted to it which makes it possible to trace it back to its exact location. Nowadays, though, Internet is available in each and every corner of the world, there are still certain websites that are blocked in many countries and region.

    By hiding the IP address, we can really browse anonymously, to access websites that are not available to the IP address of a particular Geo location and to stay safe from hackers by showing a fake IP to the outside world while keeping real IP concealed. Thanks for sharing your thought with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar


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