Does Interlinking Blog Posts Helps to give Better SEO Results?

Hope you are successful to start a blog on your own & also aware about how to get your blog noticed. That means you are blogging for sometimes now & have explored many other important factors of blogging. Then you might be aware about the importance of interlinking blog posts for better SEO results & less bounce rate. Not only that, interlinking blog articles will also give a great user experience with quality content for further reading.

In case you are not much aware about the full potential of interlinking blog posts, then this article will help you to understand & utilize interlinking for your readers as well as the search engine. Interlinking is also one of the most important factors of your checklist of things to do before publishing blog posts.

Interlinking Blog Posts SEO Benefits

The ready references will help the readers to stick to your blog for longer time period. Interlinking also has lots of SEO benefits that we must exploit as much as possible. 

Why Interlinking Blog Articles is Important?

Interlinking blog articles with your older posts will help the search engine to crawl through & index your pages easily.  If you have a huge list of articles in your archive, then you may not get enough page views for your previous articles.

By means of interlinking your previous posts, you can increase the chances that your older posts will get more page views. Interlinking blog articles enhances the SEO results of your blog post. The top benefits include:

  • More Page Views: Interlinking helps to increase page views provided the interlinked content is relevant.
  • Lesser Bounce rate: Interlinking blog articles with related worthy content reduces the bounce rate to a great extent.
  • Better Indexing: Linking your blog posts with other related contents within your blog helps search engine bots to crawl and index your articles in a better way.
  • On page SEO benefit: It also helps in on page SEO. The search engines like Google love contents with related interlinked articles. If you provide related & valuable links, chances are more that your content will get better ranking for the given search query.
  • Passes Link Juice: Internal linking passes link juice from your one page to another.

Google loves content with in depth insights in any particular matter. So if you provide your posts with interlinked relevant older write-ups, the search engine as well as your readers will love the great content while generating increased page view & better ranking.

How to Interlink Blog posts?

If you interlink your article to relevant keyword/search query, it can help to build the relevancy of your page for that particular search query. As discussed earlier, it also helps in increased page views.

But do not expect a huge boom in page-views & top page ranking as soon as you start interlinking. It may take some time to reflect the results. By the time, you need to interlink your interlinked articles with similar related content. So that a chain is created & the visitor who moves to your interlinked articles are served with more to read.

You can interlink your blog post either manually or with some Related Post Plugin.

  1. Related post plugin will save a lot of your time by automatically generating some relevant posts that are related to your latest post.
  2. You can also manually interlink other important posts and pages with your latest blog post.

Suppose, you have written a blog post about How often should you update your blog, then if you have already written posts related to Blog Post or Blog Update, then you can easily place the links within the content. (Like I did in this one J )

You can also try to interlink your main blog pages or posts wherever possible for better SEO results.

Want to know more about how to interlink blog posts then you can use some of this WordPress interlinking plugins to make the process easier.

What not to do while Linking Blog Posts

Blog link building is a sensible process. Though interlinking helps in better SEO, but remember not to link every post of your blog to your latest post. This will simply irritate the visitor.

Do not overload your post with lots of links which may not be related to the main content.

You can provide your readers with 4-5 related internal links & 3-4 external links in a 1000 word article. Try to link atleast one older post in the first paragraph & one link to the last paragraph of your post.

The relevant & great content within the internal links help your visitors to explore your site from a single page. This will also make the readers stay on your site for a longer period of time.

Readers always like to refer relevant contents for comprehensive knowledge on any given matter. You will have repeated visitors to your blog who will gradually turn as your loyal followers.

Hope these article will help you to understand the SEO & other benefits of interlink blog post links to your latest article & make your blog successful. So are you interlinking blog posts to the relevant content? If so, share your comments below, if you are following any other strategy while interlinking blog articles for better SEO results.

Does Interlinking Blog Posts Helps to give Better SEO Results?
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  • Hi Manidipa,

    I want to begin by saying a big thank you for finding time to write and share this post. Yes, interlinking blog posts helps to give your blog a better seo results. It also help keep readers more longer on your blog.

    • Hi Emebu,

      Thank you so much for such nice words 🙂

      To keep a reader for a longer period of time to your blog needs greater challenge. Great content is the key, but serving them with some related good reads definitely is an effective option.

      Thanks again for your time. Take care 🙂

  • Hi Manidipa,
    Yet another wonderful information to pick from this newly found page.
    I am not aware about the benefit of interlinking can do.
    I have a good number of posts in the archives and I am sure no one is
    visiting those pages, an interlinking of related post will do the trick of
    making them live.
    Thanks for telling this wonderful truth.
    In fact many of my posts are the migrated one from my Knol pages
    and while doing the migration many links within the page are broken
    and this interlinking process will surely help in check the link strenght,
    i mean its working or not!
    Thanks for this informative post
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

    • Hi Philip,

      Thank you so much for putting your thoughts about interlinking. It does help your older posts to get the exposure they might be missing currently. And you are right that, it’s also a good way of checking the link strength. Migration is a real painful task & it’s great to hear that you have successfully done that. Hope you will recover from the broken links soon.

      Thanks again for your comment as I got to know the term ‘knol pages’, I was unaware about 🙂

      Hope to see more of your views here. Take care 🙂

  • Hey Manidipa,

    Thanks for this post. I have started to interlink a little more now. And I try and have relevant links for every 300 words. I read that somewhere. Sometimes I think I hit the mark really well get the best links and other times I am not 100% sure. But I will continue and attempt to understand this area a bit more.


    • Hey Rachel,

      Great to see you here again 🙂

      You seem to have a very good structure of interlinking. It’s true that every-time we can not get the best matched articles. But as the time passes, gradually we have a large archive which makes it easier to get something relevant. So wait until you publish more and more articles across various areas in your niche.

      Thanks a lot for your time. Will love to see more of your views here 🙂

  • Hi Manidipa,
    Great post indeed 🙂
    You have picked a Hot Topic.
    I would like to say that Interlinking of post is like adding dry fruits in your glass of fruit shake. Interlinking helps to boost your page views as well as your SEO.
    It also helps to decrease the bounce rate of any website.
    Thanks for sharing this article with us.
    Have a great day.


    • Hi Naveen,

      Thanks a lot for taking time to read this.

      You are true that interlinking has strong SEO benefits while decreasing the site’s bounce rate. Linking your article with your awesome old content also puts light on your older ones. And the “dry fruits in your glass of fruit shake” sounds really interesting 🙂

      Hope to see more of your thoughts. Take care 🙂

  • Hello Manidipa,

    This is my first time here. Came across your post via AhaNow.

    This post is timely for me. I haven’t given much importance to link building. After reading your post I can understand the essence of doing so. I often look for ways to promote my earlier posts.

    You certainly have reminded me of and interesting and easy way to do it.

    I would love for my readers to remain for longer periods on my blog.

    Thank you so much.
    Will start working on it:)

    Wish you a wonderful Sunday and great week ahead.

    • Hey Hema,

      Welcome to my space 🙂

      It sounds great that this post will come handy for your needs. Like you said we all want our readers to stay longer in our blog. And interlinking is definitely one of the best way to do this. It’s also great way to promote your awesome older articles.

      Thank you so much for reading this. Hope to see more of your thoughts. Take care 🙂

  • Hi Manidipa,

    Bounce rate is important seo factor that should be considered seriously. Google is the preferred search engine for a very simple reason – committed to shows result relevant to user’s search. Even if you succeed to rank high for a keyword but not improve Bounce rank you will lose it for sure.

    I personally think it’s always better to manually create your own links.

    That said, I am curious what your take is on something like the WP plugin SEO Smart Links that automatically will create links to other posts in your site.

    Worth using? Or would you recommend either going back and manually creating links in older posts, or just leave them alone.


    • Hi Taposh,

      Welcome to this page 🙂

      SEO Smart link plugin does auto interlinking of your blog post along with tags and categories. It helps in quick & easy interlinking. Manual linking is definitely most time consuming but also the most effective one.

      Thank you so much for reading through this post & sharing your views here. Have a great day 🙂


  • Hi Manidipa

    I love your concept and this post is a great resource.

    You are so right that interlinking a post helps in increasing page views. Like you brilliantly highlighted, interlinking should be done with so much moderation as not to annoy readers. I have a used Shareholic related posts and Disqus too.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    • Hey Ikechi,

      It’s true that interlinking definitely benefits your article, but over-doing it can annoy your customers. So we need to place them in moderation. Would like to know your experience with Disqus.

      Thanks for reading the post. Would like to see more of your views. Take care 🙂

  • Great article and thanks for these valuable tips


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