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Blogger of the Week: Kishor Kumar of ZigVerve.com

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. 

Hey Friends, it’s time to Meet the Blogger again. Kishor Kumar is an enthusiast from India who loves to learn new skills and gather knowledge on various topics. He runs a multi niche blog ZigVerve.com, where he shares useful information on different points ranging from Health & Fitness to Beauty & Fashion, Living & Spirituality to Home Décor, Food & Drinks, Relationships, Travel and what not!

Kishor has a fulltime clothing business in Ghaziabad. And, ZigVerve is the outcome of his passion towards writing and learning. He also runs a forum about books & writers called Zigreads.

In this interview with WPB360, he has discussed about the challenges of managing a multi niche blog, how Indiblogger has helped him in generating traffic and how to maintain patience and motivation for continuing blogging. He has also shared some useful tips for the newbies who want to start a blog in near future. We are very much thankful to Kishor for taking time to answer the questions. So let’s start the discussion now.

Kishor kumar interview Zigverve

Manidipa: Hi Kishor, welcome to WPB360. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Kishor: Hello Manidipa, thanks a ton for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It’s great to reach out to your readers and share my blogging experience.

I am Kishor Kumar from Ghaziabad. Apart from being a blogger, I run a clothing showroom of my own for a living. I love to learn new skills and gather as much knowledge as I can. What’s a better way to do so than spending some quality time over internet?

Manidipa: When and how have you started blogging?

Kishor: I had been reading other blogs for a long time. I had also been a regular participant at many forum and chatrooms.

However, actual blogging started last year—February 2015. I had some idea about setting up WordPress, Joomla and other PHP scripts. Because of that, Saurabh Singhal, one of my best friends, contacted me regarding an opportunity about setting up blogs for a few of his friends.

It was then I got the idea that why establish blogs for them separately, when I can make one blog where all of them could post their own posts, since each of them were related to medicine. Saurabh loved the idea. So I began working on the technical front and him on the editorial front. And, in about a month or so, Zigverve was born.

Manidipa: What your blog Zigverve is all about? What the readers can expect to read here?

Kishor: Although Zigverve began as a Health Blog, I realized that we were already encroaching into other domains. I thought, why limit us?

At present, Zigverve covers Health, fitness and other lifestyle domains. Ranging from absolute medical information on a disease to picking up a lipstick colour, we have articles of all sorts on Zigverve.

Currently, we cover Health & Disease, Fitness and Beauty & Fashion as major topics while Living & Spirituality, Home Décor, Food & Drinks, Relationships, and Travel as minor ones.

Apart from that we also have a blog section where our authors share their thoughts on current affairs and various social issues in India and world.
We try to bring unique and fresh content to the readers. Sometimes we also create content on readers’ demands. I am sure when someone really begin to explore Zigverve there is a lot of unique information to be discovered!

Manidipa: What motivated you to choose this niche of blogging?

Kishor: As I mentioned before, the idea of Health as the blogging Niche arrived when my friend, Saurabh, contacted me for blogs.

The thing is since I have my graduation in the health sector, blogging into health and making use of my knowledge seemed like a reasonable idea to share what little information I had to the readers.

Kishor kumar health blogger India

Manidipa: You also run Zigreads – a forum about books & writers. What was the concept behind starting this?

Kishor: Zigreads is a result of my passion in writing, not blogs but fiction, and reading books. There are of course other similar websites too, but those are on a global level. There are not many places where Indian readers or writers could hang out and meet like-minded people.

If we really compare the books & writing industry, Indian reading population and the reading population of other countries differ a lot. Even for aspiring writers, things are different and the tips they receive on other international websites don’t usually work among Indian readers. So, I thought, why not start something for my Indian friends. Though Zigreads is basically handled by my wife, Archana, I share what I can and when I can.

Manidipa: Being into your own business, it’s not easy to manage time for blogging. Would you like to share your daily blogging routine?

Kishor: I get up at around 6:30, and after taking care of morning chores, I switch on mylaptop and begin with content promotion. Then sometime in the afternoon, I get down to checking the e-mails Zigverve has received.

There are usually a few guest post requests and after scanning the ones that seem fit for publishing, I send them over to other editors. Then I sit down to post those articles which have passed the review filter. Though, not every day but more often than not, I pen down an article or two myself as well.

Manidipa: Kishor, what are the challenges you have faced during your blogging journey?

Kishor: The most crucial challenge in blogging was to maintain patience and motivate myself for continuing blogging. In the beginning the traffic was fine as all those writers Saurabh had brought on the team were actively providing new content and also promoting their content. But soon their enthusiasm dwindled, and I was nearly on my own. The number of content inflow declined, and traffic reached to like 5-10 visitors a day. It was up to me to begin anew.

Success in blogging requires time and patience, besides accumulating skills as you dive deeper into it.

In the initial months, there wasn’t much of traffic, and that is the phase where most bloggers give up before even reaping the benefits of their hard work. In our case initial months were alright, but months after that were comparable to those initial low traffic months.

The truth is hard work alone is not sufficient. You create a good content but there isn’t anyone to read, what is the use of that? Building a name, a network, and finally a successful blog requires time and your own growth as a blogger. Once that hurdle of early drought has passed on, it gets easier from there.

Manidipa: You have been an active member in Indiblogger for quite a sometime. How Indiblogger has helped in your blogging business?

Kishor: Indiblogger is a great initiative I must say. It unites Indian bloggers from all over the world, helps them to learn from each other, share their experience and evolve. Apart from that, Indiblogger also helps in overcoming that traffic draught I was talking about.

If you correctly spend about half an hour on Indiblogger, you’ll definitely get some traffic. There are other things too on it, various campaigns and all, though, I haven’t really made much use of those due to lack of time.

Manidipa: You are managing a multi niche blog. How difficult or convenient it is to manage one such?

Kishor: People have different views about maintaining multi-niches. I don’t think it really changes anything in managing the blog. In fact, it becomes easier to find new ideas for generating content when you have many more niches to choose from.

In case of full-time bloggers it may be more beneficial to create multiple blogs in different niches keeping each blog exclusive, but for part time bloggers like me, I suppose multi-niche blog is a good option to keep their creativity at the best.

Manidipa: Are you generating income from your blog? Would you like to share about your income sources?

Kishor: Generating money was never my intention, thus I haven’t really cared about that much. But, yes, there is some income still. It mostly comes from reviews, affiliate marketing and a little from advertisements.

Manidipa: What do you like to do Kishor when you are not blogging/ working?

Kishor: I would either be sleeping, or watching a movie or TV series. Considering I spend 11 hours in the showroom or showroom-related work and 1-2 hours in the morning on blog, there is little to no time for other things on working days.

Thankfully, there are Tuesdays that I have for my own and my family, when I can go out and enjoy. I also spend a lot of time during the free showroom hours in writing fiction. In fact, I am planning a new blog where I would be sharing fictional works on a weekly basis. I also love to play guitar whenever I can. Currently, I am learning to digital paint.

Manidipa: What are your next blogging plans?

Kishor: In about a month, I may start this blog where I would be sharing short stories, poems, and a weekly series based on a futuristic city and a crime-fighting team.

Manidipa: Would you like to share some tips for the beginners who want to start a health and lifestyle blog?

Kishor: The most important thing that I would like to tell all my beginner blogger friends is – Start small, keep patience and be persistent! Hard work, patience and perseverance is the key!

Your content is your strength. You must always write fresh, unique, well-researched content which is free of errors. Accompany it with relevant images (and videos if you can).

Spend as much time you spend on writing or even double that time in promoting the content through social media, newsletters and other means. Connect with other bloggers. Also, make sure you read a little on in-content SEO and follow it. If possible write guest posts on other people’s blog to generate exposure to both yourself and your blog. That could fetch you some serious traffic. All the best & happy blogging!

Thanks again, Manidipa, for giving such an excellent opportunity. I hope this could be useful for others who are starting now, or still learning. I am still learning myself and have a long way to go, though.

Thanks again Kishor for sharing your blogging journey with the readers of WPB360. In case you want to know any other tips on blogging, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Blogger of the Week: Kishor Kumar of ZigVerve.com
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