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Lindsay & Bjork’s Income Sources Revealed

pinchofyum.com, a recipe blog recently posted a monthly income of $24,946.00. Are you wondering how a recipe blog is making such amount of money? Is it really possible to live a life by running a recipe blog?

The answer is Yes. Lindsay & Bjork, a couple blogger from Minnesota turned things in their expected way by converting their recipe blog in to a money machine. Both blog together on the same platform, promote products and most importantly share their monthly income report regularly.

Lindsay & Bjork of Pinchofyum

Websites Running by Lindsay & Bjork

Reading bloggers monthly income report, success stories is my favorite pastime, as I know that this will motivate me to continue blogging aggressively.

Anyway Lindsay & Bjork together run few websites and all of them are related to food niche. Their 2 successful websites are:

Lindsay & Bjork’s Blogging Journey

Lindsay & Bjork started pinchofyum back in 2010. Actually initially Lindsay started this blog to share her recipes & baking experiments. Very soon they discovered the power of blogging and started monetizing their recipe blog.
They hit their first four figure income of $1000 soon and realized that they can take it further. Lindsay left her favorite job as an elementary school teacher and jumped into a full time blogger.

Very soon they started sharing amazing high quality pictures, yummy recipes, wrote couple of eBooks and finally started sharing their monthly traffic & income report.

These steps take their blog traffic & reputation high within very short period of time. Now they are able to make five figure income almost every month.

How Lindsay & Bjork Make Money from Blogging

Lindsay & Bjork has turned their recipe blog into a money machine by monetizing with various income sources. Generally everyone will think how come a recipe blog make a five figure income? But Lindsay & Bjork had made everyone stunned.

Recently they have shared their latest income report of May 2015. Majority of their income is coming from ad revenue, affiliate marketing and by direct eBook selling. Let’s check out their major income sources below

  • Bluehost – $5,635.00
  • Yellow Hammer Media – $5,241.19
  • sovrn – $5,342.22
  • Sponsored Posts/Speaking – $4,000
  • Tasty Food Photography – $3,198.70
  • Federated Media – $1,863.28
  • Swoop (via BlogHer) – $1,276.63
  • Gourmet Ads – $1,282.37
  • Food Innovation Group – $1,261.06
  • Amazon Associates – $726.76
  • Genesis Theme – $691.45
  • Elegant Themes – $273.50
  • Go Sugar Free Course – $249.25
  • How to Monetize Your Food Blog eBook – $245.00
  • Everyday Healthy eCookbook – $226.10
  • The Creamy Cauliflower Sauce eCookbook – $234.00
  • AWeber – $28.80

Total Income: $31,775.31 and after deducting expenditure, the net profit is $24,946.00.

So, are your running a recipe blog as a hobby? Do you think you can also turn your recipe blog into a money machine? Why don’t you check out Lindsay & Bjork’s blogging journey and learn how they made their dream success.

Lindsay & Bjork’s Income Sources Revealed
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  • It really motivations to read how some people just you and me turned the table around and started making money out of the things they really loved. Thanks for sharing.

    PS: Can you also post an article on how Amit Aggrawal of labnol makes money. Though everyone knows that Adsense is his primary source of income, but still.

    • Author

      Hi Denesh,

      You are right, these stories are very motivational and that’s why I love to read & write about such thing.

      Regarding Amit Agarwal, I am on the way to publish his blogging story. He is really an awesome blogger, when almost every six figure earning blogger stress more about affiliate marketing, Amit Agarwal shouwed how to make millions with Google adsense only.


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