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Link Building Techniques to Rank Higher & Stay Ahead in 2017

Link Building is a crucial part of any Website’s Growth.

Despite of all the recent Google Updates and the increasing competition, it is essential to gain high-quality links.

The sad part is that, it is impossible to obtain high-quality links just by begging via email or by buying links from sites like Fiverr and SourceWave.

Are you also struggling with building backlinks?

Then this is the post that you would want to read. Below are some new link building strategies that you can apply now to rank higher in the years to come.

Link building techniques in SEO

Link Building Techniques to Rank Higher in 2017


Guestographics as a link building technique has been there for a while now. But I don’t see many bloggers using it to its full potential.

In Guestographics, you essentially use infographics as a guest post to get your links. This has to be the easiest way for getting high-quality links. Unlike guest blogging, you need not to write thousands of words to get your links.

The tricky part is creating the infographic. Not all can create a good infographic. There are many sites with free templates which let you do the same, but the quality is awful.

All your efforts can go into waste if your Infographic doesn’t stand out of the crowd.

infographic link building

Steps to Follow

  1. The first step is to find an infographic idea. Make sure the idea is related to your niche. Also ensure that the idea easily grabs the attention of your readers.
  2. The next step is to create an infographic. Make sure your infographic is engaging and is packed with data. Outsourcing the infographic is the best option if you want to see great results. Alternatively, if you love to design your own infographic, you can do so with tools like Venngage.
  1. After your infographic is ready, the next step is to publish on your blog. Make sure it is supported with a good article.
  1. Use Google and other tools to find potential blogs which might be interested in publishing your infographic.
  1. Reach out to those bloggers via a good email outreach campaign. Don’t ask for a link directly. Tell them the importance of your content and how it is useful to their readers.
  1. Make sure that you reach out to the bloggers who haven’t answered to your mail again. This helps to increase your conversion rate.
  1. Try to send them the Infographic with some content. Most infographics should be supported with some text. If you provide them with the content, then it makes the author’s job easier.
  1. Submit your infographic to the top infographic submission sites.

Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique is one of the best technique one can follow to attract authority sites to their blog.

It is a two-step process. First, we need to create a piece of content which is better than the content that ranks for the first position. The next step is to reach out to those who are linking to it.

Steps to Follow

  1. Go through the three best pieces of content, ranking for your keyword.
  1. Make a checklist of what is lacking in their content. This might be things like images, video, content etc.
  1. Make sure that you add the elements lacking in the content.
  1. Make a list of potential blogs which are already linking to the top content.
  1. Reach to all of them and introduce your resource to them. You can use some good Subject lines and templates to increase your conversion rate.

You might find Brian Dean’s Link Building Case Study through Skyscraper Technique useful.

Link Roundups

This is the easiest method of gaining high-quality links to your blog.

Many blogs do a weekly or a monthly link roundup. In these roundups, they feature the best posts of the week or the month.

blog link roundup

If you are someone who writes good quality content, then you can easily reach out to them and tell them about your content.

Steps to Follow 

  1. The first step is to find the already published roundup posts. This can be done by a simple search on Google. Eg- “Your niche Roundup” + March
  1. You can also use a free service such as DropMyLink to find these opportunities
  1. The next step is to reach out the author of the post by a simple email outreach.
  1. Make sure that you introduce the content and tell the reason why should it be included in the post.
  1. Most of these posts receive a lot of visits. This will help you to get targeted traffic apart from the link.

Broken Link Building

The whole web is broken. Each day millions of links become broken.

This may be due to some hosting issues; sites getting messed up or due to a typing mistake.

This creates thousands of link building opportunities. Unlike the other link building strategies, broken link building has a much higher success rate. You can expect to gain 5-15 links by sending 100 emails.

The whole process is very simple. This works for most of the niches.

Steps to Follow 

  1. Find a web company or a blog which was popular but is no longer in existences.
  1. You can scan for broken links on a particular page by a simple plugin. Check My Links Chrome Extension is the best tool to find broken links.
  1. The next step is to check the links of the website. List down all the blogs the site is linking to.
  1. You just need to create a similar post that the blogs were linking to replace the broken links.
  1. Reach out to them via email and tell them about the issue. Most bloggers want their blogs links to be clean, so you have a good chance of gaining a link.

You might find it useful – A Step by Step Guide to Modern Broken Link Building

Email Outreach Tips for Better Link Building Approach

Be Personal – Whenever you write an email, make sure that you start it with a name. If you don’t know it, you can start with “Hi” or “Hello”.

Keep it short– Make sure that you are specific and straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush.

Keep it free of mistakes– Check the grammar of the mail contents before sending it. Don’t be too pushy.

Be polite– Make them feel that you are just asking for a favour and not like that you are demanding.

It doesn’t matter how much importance you give to writing an epic content or promoting your blog, backlinks still remains the most important factor in the growth of your blog/ website.

I hope you will found the post useful. Link Building is a very natural thing, but due to the increasing competition on the web, it has to be done manually. Most newbie bloggers find it very difficult to build links.

I think if you follow the right steps it’s quite easy.

What link-building techniques do you use? Please let me know in the comment section below.

Tuhin AdhikaryTuhin Adhikary is the founder of Serpdaddy and an expert in Internet Marketing campaigns, specialised in Organic SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing. Since he discovered the endless flow of money going through the internet he started making money since 2010. His new goal is sharing information, helping people to make money and increase their earning.


Link Building Techniques to Rank Higher & Stay Ahead in 2017
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  • Hello Manidipa,

    How are you?

    Hope you’re doing awesome.

    No doubt, if you’ve powerful backlinks profile then you’re on the top of the list.

    Backlinks helps in ranking any keyword but it needs smart work. 😀

    Thanks for the write-up Tuhin. 🙂

  • Hey Manidipa,

    The engines themselves have refined the use of link data to a fine art, and use complex algorithms to perform nuanced evaluations of sites and pages based on this information. Links aren’t everything in SEO, but search professionals attribute a large portion of the engines algorithms to link-related factors. Through links, engines can not only analyze the popularity websites and pages based on the number and popularity of pages linking to them, but also metrics like trust, spam, and authority.

    For good link building, we need to build good relationships. There are plenty of opportunities to build new contacts. We should start with niche-related communities such as- forums, blogs or social groups.

    Testimonial link building is a win-win scenario. Many businesses offer the chance to say a few words about our experience using their products. On the one hand, this is a perfect way for them to build customer trust. On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity for us to get a back-link and potential traffic from that site and it usually has a much higher approval rate than our standard link request e-mails. The contact gets another testimonial to place on their site, while we get a new incoming link. It’s important that we build links that help our website and not links that can negatively impact our website’s ranking in search results.

    Build links for our business, for our customers, make them relevant, and associate them with great content. Google checks technical features of our site like site load speed, navigation, design, keyword density, complexity, etc. Also they will measure user experience through CTR, bounce rate or time spent on site. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  • Hey Tuhin,

    Those are some great tips! I especially like the Skyscrapper technique. Guestographics are gaining momentum as well given that the web is becoming more and more visual.

    I’d like to add guest blogging to this list as it can help both with link building and branding 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Thanks Tuhin for this great tips that really help newbie bloggers for sure..

  • Hi Manidipa Bhaumik!
    Thanks for sharing such amazing link building techniques!
    As I’m a newbie, so it helped me a lot!

    Thanks for Sharing 🙂

  • Perfect tips and tricks for Link building for every blog increasing its web traffic. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  • Hi Tuhin,
    You are right guestographic is the easiest way to get high quality links . Because still most of the bloggers are not creating infographics regularly that’s why I think you will face low competition in this field.
    All the other tips are also great. I think link building with skyscraper technique is a bit more dificult if you have an average site.
    Anyway great article. Thanks to Manidipa for publishing it on your site.

  • Hi,
    I just came here in your blog first time and I read this article that was interesting and helps me fully because I learned something new today from you. There are so many techniques but your tips are awesome and I am gonna try this to my all websites. Thanks for sharing this great post, will be back soon for more informative post from your 🙂

  • Hey,

    I appreciate your effort put the things together in this post. I was really happy to see these advanced techniques which will help me a lot. I’m newbie to Blogging industry and searching for the best techniques to build links for my Blog. I heard about the Skyscraper Technique and actually I was applying it. Hope it will get successful to me.

  • Hi Manidipa,

    It’s a great article and helpful for many of us struggling blogger out there. Keep posting such quality articles.

  • Great list Tuhin! I feel like link building is more than relationship building now. For that, social media and Guestographics is my favorite choice. I can also find some other best ways for link building in this article. Hope this help every reader to find more easiest ways for link building for coming years.


  • Hi Tuhin,
    Thank you for sharing the link building techniques.This article is really helpful for the people who have just started blogging.

  • Hello Tuhin, This is an amazing post. This all tips are so awesome. Can you tell me about Skyscraper technique? How can I build links through Skyscraper technique?

  • Hello there Tuhin,

    Much obliged to you for sharing the third party referencing techniques.This article is truly useful for the general population who have quite recently begun blogging.


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