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How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is amongst the oldest marketing techniques and has emerged as one of the most popular one as well.

It is a form of online marketing in which you recommend or redirect online traffic to a product.

Every purchase of the product made through these recommendations earns you a commission.

As it gained prominence on various websites and networks, affiliate marketing became a trend on YouTube as well, with thousands of users and groups earning money by redirecting traffic through their YouTube affiliate links.

In this article, we will will be discussing how to start affiliate marketing on YouTube, the benefits and risks involved and few important tips on how you can be a successful affiliate marketer on YouTube.

make money youtube affiliate marketing

The strategy to market products by including the links in the video descriptions or through annotations on the video itself is implemented by almost every content creator on YouTube.

There are basically two types of affiliate marketers who may be defined as:

  • Professional Marketers: Affiliate Marketing is the sole source of income for these channels. The content created by them is mostly related to the products they promote.
  • Casual Marketers: For casual marketers, affiliate marketing is a secondary method to earn money as their main source of income is through sponsored content, ad views, etc. Thus, these users would link their videos only on occasion.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on YouTube?

Once you are well versed with what affiliate marketing is and how it works on YouTube, you must familiarise yourself with the process of becoming an affiliate marketer on YouTube.

The basic steps to follow in layman terms for the same are as below:

1. Research well and select a product that you wish to promote and market. It is advisable to select a product that you know well and can base your entire channel around easily. You can check out this guide on how to select the right affiliate products to promote.

2. Create a YouTube channel and consistently update it to gain more views and consequently, more traffic.

3. Join the affiliate program provided by the brand or by other online shopping websites/retailers that sell the product.

4. Obtain the affiliate link that you would have to include in your videos from the company whose program you’ve signed up for.

5. Add the links to your video descriptions and/or to the annotations on your videos.

Upon completing these steps, you have successfully established your affiliate marketing page.

After that, you would need to promote and publicize your channel well to get more views, subscribers, and subsequently, higher commissions for each product bought through your recommendations.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is amongst the most popular websites and apps in the world and is an absolute favourite of many content creators and consumers.

The video streaming platform ranks as the second largest search engine in the world and records nearly 6 billion hours of viewed content every month.

Thus, affiliate marketing with YouTube videos can prove to be very beneficial and earn you great money, if done right.

Other than being a convenient  method to earn money, some prime features and benefits of affiliate marketing on YouTube are:

Exponential Growth: If one of your videos goes viral, the rise in views and subscribers that you experience would be massive and lead to better recognition of your channel.

Low Competition: Provided you don’t have a channel based on gaming, technology, fashion, and similar niches, the competition level for video channels is still low when compared to blogs or websites that are driven by written content.

Thus, quality video content in a less-explored aspect would greatly benefit your channel.

Stability: The subscriber interface of YouTube is unlikely to change in the future and thus, it is a more stable platform than other constantly evolving networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

Easy SEO: More than half of the search results on Google are links to videos, most of which are on YouTube. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is easier for videos. Thus some simple YouTube SEO techniques can boost your video to the top position.

Risks Involved in YouTube Affiliate Marketing

There are off course some risks associated with affiliate video marketing on YouTube.

Like, if your channel doesn’t gain popularity or your videos don’t get enough views, the total commission you receive would subsequently be low compared to your investments.

The time devoted by you on creating content would seem to waste as well.

For those users who aren’t comfortable in front of a camera, gaining views and subscribers might be a challenging task.

Thus, one must take all these risks into consideration before deciding to be an affiliate marketer on YouTube.

How to Make the Most Money on YouTube

So, how much money you can make on YouTube?

According to Forbes, the highest earner on YouTube (Felix Avrid Ulf Kjellberg) has made $15 Million from his 50 Million subscribers.

So, the secret lies in increasing your subscriber base.

Quality Content Creation is seemingly the best method to gain views and hence subscribers while receiving better commissions.

Along with that, it is advisable to follow few important tips to earn better profits.

Build you Affiliate Website: This is more of a necessity than a tip as designing an affiliate website for all the products you promote and the videos you make is of paramount importance.

Having a website adds to your credibility, and is a mandatory condition to enrol in the affiliate programs of some companies.

Use the Provided Shortening Software: Instead of other private link shortening software, it is advisable that you always opt for the link shortening software that is provided by the merchants of the affiliate programs you are in.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an YouTube affiliate marketer can prove to be a great investment of your time and money as once your channel is established, you would have a steady source of income.

Establishing your channel is simple enough provided the content you create must be good and updated regularly.

Without any doubt, affiliate marketing on YouTube is a convenient method to earn money.

What do you think about this YouTube affiliate marketing tutorial?

Please feel free to share your experience and tips on YouTube affiliate marketing.

Author Bio: Sejal Parmar is an enthusiastic blogger who has a passion and interest in SEO. She covers topics on SMM, SEO, social media, digital marketing, blogging and much more at Web Ratna.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing
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