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How to Make Money with Micro Niche Sites

What is a micro niche site?

Do niche sites make money?

How to build a niche site on WordPress?

How to make money with niche websites?

These are some of the common questions on niche websites.

When we talk about making money from blogging, no one can beat micro niche blogs. But what are the secret niche blog tips that can help you generate some real good income?

I have read in many places that micro niche sites have lost their crisp due to various changes in Google algorithm. But the truth is that, niche sites are the best way to blog for money, if you have taken all the necessary steps to avoid any Google penalty.

Now the question is, is it so easy to start a niche site? The answer is “NO”.

You have to plan properly and also need to be lucky to get such a niche where there is very less competition in blogging till now. If you believe the facts, then everyday millions of blogs are hitting the web world and competition is increasing day by day.

micro niche site to make money

But if you believe in hard work, are able to follow the best practices of blogging and remain patient for a long term then success can’t stay away from you. In this article I will share 5 awesome micro niche blog tips which will compel you to consider starting a niche blog.

What is a Micro Niche Site?

Before proceeding further let me answer what is a niche site and how to do micro niche blogging?

Actually if you see the popular blogs around you, you might have noticed that they are covering many topics under a broad niche in their blogs.

However, you will also find some sites who are writing on a very narrow topic covering a specific interest of people. These are micro niche blogs.

Micro niche websites target a very specific topic and cover almost every detail on the same.

Types of Niche Websites

Micro niche websites are mainly of two types, which is based on the the way they make money – adsense and affiliate.

Depending upon your interest and understanding, you can opt to go for either of these.

How to Make Money with Micro Niche Websites?

So how do you earn money with micro niche blogging?

Micro niche websites are meant to be money generating machines. So if you wish your site to make some decent money, you need to maintain few techniques.

Here are some micro niche blog tips which will help you to build a successful niche site.

1. Traffic Source

As we are talking about making money via micro niche blogging, you have to remember that your keyword should be targeted to such countries where conversion rate is high. Countries like USA, UK, CANADA have very high conversion rates. That means one can make more money online.

If you choose a micro niche based on India or Bangladesh then you may get very little money from ad. So choose your keywords from those countries only.

2. High Converting/ High CPC Keyword

These are products/ keywords for which you can earn a big commission in case of a sale/ click. Look for all such keywords with good volume of search. But remember the competition has to be low to get good result.

If you try to rank for a popular high converting/ CPC keyword, then there will be no benefit as you can’t beat those existing blogs for that keyword. So do some keyword research and choose your keywords wisely.

3. Plan Your Content

So you have finalized the targeted keyword for your micro niche blog. Now you have to explore more related and long tail keywords so that you can write atleast 15+ articles in your blog.

If you can write more articles then no problem as there is no limit on how many blog posts you must write.

Try to write the main article with more than 2000 words with an in-depth analysis. And then write more articles with minimum 500 words to support the main article.

4. Buy Your Domain Name

Now you have to do the next very important thing, buy a domain name for your website. Earlier, if you could find an Exact Match Domain (EMD) with a very low competition then there was huge chance of getting ranked very easily. However, now you have to be more careful about the type of site you build.

Whether you go for an EMD or a PMD (Partial Match Domain), make sure that you have a good website with some quality content on that. Also optimize your site well to rank it better.

5. Rank Your Site

Simply buying the EMD and writing few articles will not give you the desired result. Search engines has changed a lot. So you have to follow the best SEO practices like on-page SEO optimization with a good backlink structure (read the micro niche link building guide).

Keep doing these activities time to time without much bothering about the current state of the blog. Micro niche blogs are easy to rank but to be in the position may take a little more effort. And if you continue these practices then you can even beat a reputed website be in the top for a long period of time.

Do Niche Sites Make Money: Niche Site Examples

So, do niche sites really make money?

Yes they do.

Here are some examples of successful niche websites.

SecurityGuardTrainingHQ : This website from Pat Flynn is a perfect example to show that EMDs are not dead. It is one of the very first niche website examples that is still earning $3000 to $4000 from adsense and other affiliate programs.

TinyHouseBlog: This is a conventional niche site focusing on housing products and other related items.

ThisisWhyImBroke: This website shares unusual items, geeky gadgets and other cool products across multiple categories.

Comet Camper: This website is targeted towards a very specific interest group of people, who want to make a positive impact on environment with a minimalistic lifestyle.

Of course the next valid question is whether I got any success in micro niche blogging.

Yes, I have also started couple of micro niche websites which are giving some decent income from adsense and affiliates. In near future, I will share about the learning and blogging mistakes I have gained from these micro niche blogging experiments.

So have you tried micro niche blogging? Please share your experiences and learnings to enrich the article for the people who is thinking to start a micro niche blog in coming days.

How to Make Money with Micro Niche Sites
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