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Micro Niche Link Building Successive Guide – 7 Simple Strategies

Micro niche marketing is the best way to earn passive money online without any hard competition.

The competitive level will be less and you can easily rank your website high on the SERP.

Now do you need to build backlinks for your micro niche site too?

Yes, off course.

So, what are the most effective techniques to build backlinks for your niche website?

In this article, I will be demonstrating some of the easy and effective link building tactics for your niche website.

micro niche link building guide

These micro niche backlink strategies will be helpful for you to rank within a very short period of time.

You can follow the same strategies to boost your website’s ranking and hence improve your earning.

What Is A Micro Niche?

Niche stands for a specific topic/ category. And micro niche is nothing but a part of that broader category.

The marketing efforts for a specific micro niche would improve your focus over a single part of the niche.

And, you can happily promote those micro niches as there will be no hard competition.

You can read this micro niche marketing guide to get an indepth idea on the topic.

Confused About Backlinks?

Backlinks are the hyperlink that points the link to your website URL or any part of your website from other websites. This will be helpful to boost your website by passing the link juice and rank them very high over SERP.

In general two types of backlinks are there – dofollow and nofollow. You should always keep an eye over the do-follow backlink over a no-follow backlink.

Advantages of Building Backlinks for Micro Niche Blog

The few advantages and benefits of doing proper link building process for micro niche blog are as follows. It helps you to:

  • Rank your website very quickly.
  • Improve your blogging revenue than the usual authority websites.
  • Easy ranking over SERP due to single product focusing.
  • The stable and secure way of making money online than the usual blogging method.
  • No need to invest in any paid marketing anymore.
  • More organic traffic and high leads.

Simple Backlinking Process for Micro Niche Marketing Blog

These 7 effective link building techniques and sources that I’ve mentioned below will help you to fling your micro niche blog very high.

1. Social Bookmarking 

Social bookmarking is very important in your micro niche link building process. The social bookmarking sites will boost your site for sure.

As the social media is very much important in these days due to the billions of active users, you can vastly improve your micro niche website quickly.

You can do the following things very carefully to improve your niche website.

Micro Niche Link Building via Social Bookmarking

It is recommended that you do the social bookmarking on top high authority sites alone. You should check the strength and social website’s credibility & exposure first.

Then collect the list of best social bookmarking websites and save it on your notepad for future reference.

You should then do social bookmarking action very slowly and steadily on the 5 top authority websites in that month.

But don’t over-optimize your website on the social bookmarking sites as it may hurt your website ranking due to the spamming criterion.

It is recommend ed that you don’t do the link building experiment on more than 5 social bookmarking websites per month.

Some of the famous social bookmarking sites are Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, Google+, Scoop.it and more.

Pro Tip – Google Plus is the most underrated social bookmarking site ever. I strongly suggest you do the Social Bookmarking over G+ to earn more benefits over search engine.

2. Profile Creation

The Profile Creation technique is also found to be a successful Link Building Process for the Micro Niche Blogs. It helps you gain more visibility than the usual method over Online.

It is recommended that you do the following Profile Creation link Building tactics for boosting your micro niche sites.

It is the most simple and useful method that could drastically rank the micro niche site along with the referral traffic.

Micro Niche Link Building via Profile Creation

At first, analyze the best profile creation websites over online or ask some help from your colleagues.

Some of the websites allow you create the Profile Bio without any restriction but you should check the genuine factor of that website before practicing the process.

It is recommended that you build profile creation backlink sonly on the top quality sites.

Create a profile only on the website that has High Domain Authority and Trust Flow Score.

Always prefer do follow backlinking than the no follow backlinking while performing profile creation activitities.

Try not to put much effort on no follow backlinking sites.

Pro Tip – Creating Profile on various resources would improve your referral traffic. You should create the profile on the sites that have a good number of active users and visitors as it will pass the link juice perfectly.

3. Authority Backlink

The authority backlink process is one of the link building tactics that are practised in these days very effectively. I am damn sure that it will make your micro niche website achieve better ranking  and sustain that for a long term.

Micro Niche Link Building via Authority Backlink

Get or Compile the possible authority backlinking sites list first and then choose the best out of that initially.

You shouldn’t worry whether it’s a dofollow or nofollow link. Build as much possible backlinks from the Authority Websites.

If you get the do follow backlinks, then your website can rank blazingly without any doubt.

It is recommended that you don’t fail to do nofollow backlink as well. As the link points from the high authority website, you can have great benefits in nofollow backlink as well.

Get Backlinks from high authority sites like Amazon, Apple, Samsung and more.

Pro Tip – Try to get a backlink from DA 50+ and don’t neglect No Follow backlink from these sites. You should outreach the people around your industry and collaborate with them for gaining profitable backlinks.

4. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is one of the best and simple methods for building backlinks during your spare time. However, you should do this slowly and gain more referral traffic as well.

Micro Niche Link Building via Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting over the Spam-Free sites list should be compiled initially.

Then do at least 5 approval based blog comments every month.

Don’t comment with the generic words. You should write a good comment related to the topic on your neighbour’s blog in a genuine way.

But don’t spam the internet by linking your site everywhere online.

Pro Tip – If you’re about to post 10 blog comments, then you should naturally get the backlink from 6 to 7 comments and this will look natural by the Search Engine Crawlers.

5. Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 is the internet area where the public is allowed to post the articles, stuff, content, and visuals without any strict restriction. These places are a great destination to build the backlinks for your niche sites.

Micro Niche Link Building via Web 2.0

Don’t spin or rewrite or provide low-quality content while doing Web 2.0 Submission.

Build a list of Web 2.0 submission sites (No spam sites) and use them every month for submission.

Provide 500+ Words Articles with quality content without any threatening or grammatical errors.

Post 5 to 7 Web 2.0 Submission every month and link them to your major micro niche website.

Don’t spam more over those sites as it may hurt you more.

Pro Tip – Put effort on the quality of the content and see the magic. Most of the quality content get the good result than the low or spun content.

6. Competitor Backlinking

Analysing your competitor would definitely give you an idea about the link building strategy that he/ she may have used to rank his/ her website online.

Micro Niche Link Building via Competitor Backlinking

Collect the competitor list first using any online competitor tool.

Then, check the backlinks that the competitor has used to build a good ranking strategy.

Filter the do follow backlinks that your Competitor has built.

After finding out the backlinks, try to get the backlink from the same sources.

Pro Tip – Always keep an eye on the top performing competitor site and steal the backlink that they gain for improving your backlinking strategy.

7. Slides Submission

The slides that you have built or outsourced will be helpful for your link building process. The slides and PDFs would increase your visibility as well as are helpful in gaining the powerful backlinks.

Micro Niche Link Building via Slides Submission

Create the best and useful slides and PDFs that reflects your business or micro niche.

Then search for the potential slide submission websites.

Now upload your slide and PPT presentations that have your links inside on those Slide Submission sites.

Don’t spam with frequent submission and spoil your publisher account.

Pro Tip – Don’t provide the link on your first 4 Pages/Slides as it may catch you for the link promotion via slide submission. So, link your micro niche website after reaching several slides/ pages to make it look natural.

Micro Niche Link Building Guide: Conclusion

Finally, you’ve read all the effective and easy ways of building backlinks for your niche website. The link building concept for your micro niche website should be carried very carefully and steadily.

I recommend you do the micro niche website link building action with the above mentioned 7 backlinking strategies. Without any doubt, this would help your micro niche website boom in a very short period of time.

Hope you will find this micro niche link building successive guide helpful. If you’ve any queries, please comment under this blog post.

Author Bio: This article is contributed by Sathish Arumugam. He is a professional blogger, web designer, entrepreneur & digital marketer. He has founded Traffic Crow & SGS Mediasoft to share his immense knowledge (almost 8 Years) through blogging and internet marketing. You may connect with this web enthusiast on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Micro Niche Link Building Successive Guide – 7 Simple Strategies
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