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How to Beat the Competition with Most Profitable Blogging Niches

Do you think all the best ideas or most profitable blogging niches are already taken by other people?

Then you are not wrong actually. But how many of those people are blogging seriously? How many of those websites with your preferred keyword are still live in search engines?

You may choose a profitable micro niche and look for that domain with that keyword. But the domain name is already taken. What is next?

Did you check that whether that website is live or not? Even if the niche site is live, is it ranked # 1 for that keyword in Google? Even if that website is ranked #1 for that keyword, is the owner able to display the content in such a way which can convert the traffic to a sale?

But before that, how much competitive that niche or keyword is you are targeting?

Most Profitable Blogging Niches

I know many beginners don’t check these points and feel disheartened after not being able to buy that exact match keyword domain. But if you believe in hard work, don’t you think that by answering above questions, you can still blog for that keyword to beat the existing competition?

  • You can extend that keyword by adding few suffixes in the beginning or at the end and buy a new domain? Make sure you don’t cross the best practices while choosing a domain for your niche site.
  • Now make a better content plan to beat the existing website?
  • You need to write more quality content & get back link from relevant websites for better link profile.
  • You can invest little more time & money to give your blog a SEO friendly design & a professional look.

If you can take these steps, then in the long run definitely you can beat the other websites in that niche. One can beat any such ranked website by following the effective blogging techniques.

Will this trick work for the saturated niche also?

Now you may not apply the similar tactics while looking in a much competitive niche. E.g. if you search in Google with Make Money Blogging, then there will be millions of websites writing on this topic.

Even if you try to narrow down the niche it will be tough as this is a very generic keyword from any part of the world and it’s one of the most profitable blogging niches. But if you can narrow down the topic in a country specific or some specific way of making money which is yet to get popular, then again it may be possible.

What is the long term value of that micro-niche?

These days micro niche blogging has become so popular that many people are waiting for a new product or a scheme launch. So that they can immediately buy an exact match domains and exploit the opportunity. E.g. Recently Amazon Roll out Push-Button app. Let’s say you have booked a domain for that as Amazon’s products are hot cake for affiliate marketers.

But did you ever think that how long people will look for this keyword?

Is this an evergreen product or scheme or keyword that people will look for life long?

Even if that is ever-green can you beat the competition in future as many expert bloggers will also target that niche to make money?

How to choose the Most Profitable Blogging Niche?

Gone are the days when people used to buy a domain with any high CPC profitable keyword and write 5-10 in-depth articles on that. And luckily that got ranked #1 in Google. This may happen to you now also, but as time changes Google and other search engines has also changed. May be you can see your micro niche site ranked #1 initially; but gradually it may lose the plot as others are smarter than you.

So what is the secret to beat the competition and be on the #1

  • Research thoroughly about the niche in which many people are making money. E.g. web hosting niche. Can you build a quality website which can target these hosting websites, their reviews and coupon codes etc?
  • Buy your domain as fast as you can. If you have reached to a keyword domain after long research then why are you waiting for? Buy the domain right now, otherwise tomorrow you have the articles ready but someone else may buy that domain.
  • Have to be a little more smart while blogging. Although the competition is tough, you have to plan to take a step forward. E.g. if we consider the web hosting niche example, already Google is flooded with many authentic reviews by expert bloggers. Can you write something different, may be another review with some extra oomph factor to beat the existing articles?
  • If you want to become a successful blogger, you have to keep patience and think for future. You can hire someone and invest money for your blog design, SEO and fix all technical issues to show some professionalism or seriousness about your blogging passion.

So, are your ready to beat the micro niche competition and kick start your first blog with the most profitable blogging niches? To make your blog a success in future, invest your money & time and forget about the return for some time. Then you can definitely reach to a milestone. Don’t worry, a good website will always find the right traffic and audience, even though there is huge competition.

How to Beat the Competition with Most Profitable Blogging Niches
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  • Nice post and something i noticed that is your interlinking is not so good as text is other and link is for other.I think this is due to new blog and You donot have Posted about that..You should to republish all articles with edited link.By the way i love to read this. 🙂

    • Thanks Aryan for pointing this. This is really helpful.
      Yes, we are in a very new phase of blogging. Daily basis we are learning many things and implementing the same. We will definitely re-check all the old posts and make them more useful with proper interlinking and also planting affiliate links.
      Thanks for sharing your views. Hope to see you again. 🙂

  • Well written blog..it might help me perform better at work.


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