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Moz Keyword Explorer (KWE) – New Keyword Research Tool from Moz

Moz Keyword Explorer (KWE) is the new SEO keyword research tool from team Moz. KWE is designed to offer comprehensive keyword research process in a well-structured manner. Many metrics and scoring options will help the users to find the best performing keyword ideas with more accurate search volume results for organic search.

You might think that, I have Keyword Planner from Google itself, then why do I need any other keyword research tool?

Then I must tell you that, Moz Keyword Explorer is a far advanced tool which takes data from many sources like — Keyword Planner, Google Suggest, Related Searches, cross-over keywords from pages that rank for a phrase, topic-modeling ideas along with keywords found from Moz’s clickstream data. This helps to predict a more accurate search volume range for the Keyword suggestions with about 95% accuracy (according to Moz).

Moz Keyword Explorer review keyword researchKeyword Explorer’s Metrics Essentials

1. Volume – Volume ranges demonstrates you how frequently a term or phrase is searched for in Google every month. Here No Data means they have not yet collected volume for that particular keyword.

2. Difficulty – Difficulty ranges from a score of 0 (easy) to 100 (difficult). This estimates how difficult it is for you to rank higher than current competitors on the first page of SERP.

3. Opportunity – Opportunity ranges a score from 0 (low) to 100 (high). This estimates the relative click-through-rate of organic web results (first ten links) for that keyword. When other SERP features like ads, verticals etc. seek for searcher attention, this score is lower.

4. Potential – Potential ranges from a score of 0 (low) to 100 (high). This combines all of the metrics, including your custom Importance score that helps to prioritize a keyword list. Higher potential represents a sweet spot of higher volume and opportunity with less difficulty.

5. Importance – Importance is a metrics that you can modify to demonstrate a keyword that is more or less critical to your campaign or project.

Here is a 2 minute video from Moz for a quick walk-through for those who prefer visual media.

Currently Keyword Explorer tool has a database of about 500 million high quality English language keywords (search queries) which is expected to grow in the near future.  As of now Search Volumes represent US volume only. But they hope to add volume data for other geo-regions soon.

Salient features of Keyword Explorer (KWE)

Moz Keyword Explorer seems to be one of the best keyword research tool which has lots of unique features and functionalities. Some of the highly useful features include:

1. KWE makes the keyword research process fully convenient and takes you through the whole process — from discovering keyword ideas to building a list, filtering the keywords to selecting which ones to target based on the data.

2. KWE features remarkable metrics essential for SEO based Keyword Research as mentioned above.

3. The rightness of the keyword data is near about 95%. The volume score in Keyword Explorer is based on Russ Jones’ volume bucket methodology and adding in anonymized clickstream data from around 1 million real searchers in the US. This helps to predict the search volume range a keyword is likely to have.

4. Keyword suggestions of the tool have data from almost all the sources, which the SEO practitioners access manually during their research process. This essentially includes Keyword Planner data, Google Suggest, Related Searches, different keywords that the ranking pages positioned for, topic-modeling ideas, and keywords found from clickstream data of Moz.

5. The Import and export functionality is strongly upheld in Moz Keyword research tool. If you have got a list of keywords and simply need KWE’s metrics, you can easily upload on Moz’s search tool and this tool will fetch them to you. If you like the KWE process and metrics, but want to do some more changes and additions in Excel, you can easily export the list.

6. Another unique feature of Moz keyword research tool is the prediction of Click-Through opportunity. We are aware that some keywords are worthy to chase for organic search compared to others. For example, a ten blue link SERP page has 100% click traffic to organic results. Whereas few adwards ads, images, news results and a knowledge graph in the right can drop down the click through rate by a huge number. Moz’s metrics ‘Opportunity’ tells you the approximate click through rate of organic results.

How to do Keyword Research with Moz Keyword Explorer Tool

If you visit Keyword Explorer in the Moz Website, you will find the below screen. There you can put your preferred Keyword and click on Try Free (You can also go for the premium version for better search options). For example I have put the search query WordPress Plugins here.

Moz Keyword Explorer KWE

In the next screen you will see 3 left navigations – Overview, Keyword Suggestions & SERP Analysis.


By default it will show you the Overview of your search query with metrics like Monthly Search Volume, Difficulty level, Opportunity and potential. You can also see more data such as top data for Keyword Suggestions, SERP Analysis and Mentions.

Moz Keyword Explorer Overview

Keyword Suggestions

This shows the keyword suggestions related to your search query. In the right hand side you will see the relevancy based on the initial query (5 being highly relevant and 1 being little relevancy) and the approximate search volume. (Here I have opted for Relevancy over Volume).

You can select your potential keywords as per the search data and export the CSV file for further work. You can also add these keywords to a list for future reference and research.

Moz KWE keyword suggeestions

SERP Analysis

This is one of the interesting features of this newly launched Moz keyword analysis tool.  The SERP data will include all the features that you will generally see in the Google’s search results. This page is much more representative of what’s actually in the keyword SERP. If you click through the navigation you will see the below screen:

Moz Keyword Explorer SERP AnalysisThis clearly shows the top sites of the SERP results and their Moz metrics. You will also find 2 News Boxes along with details of other search results at the bottom.

Keyword Explorer news boxes

For other search queries like SEO, Social Media etc. you will also see some top adwords ad. This will give you a quick feel for competition levels of your keyword.

You can visit the Moz Keyword Explorer Guide for further idea about the different SERP features.

Keyword Explorer: Free vs Paid with Pricing Details

Moz is offering both free as well as premium versions of the KWE keyword tool. Any user can access information about up to 2 keywords for each day at free of cost.  However if you have a free membership of Moz, the number will increase to 5. This apparatus is free for all to constrain access.

The paid version of Moz Keyword Explorer offers significantly more features to get advantages. You can have extra measures of keyword results and reports. You will be able to save custom keyword records and incorporate your own metric – Importance there. This will help you to weight the final choice and prioritize which keyword phrase will target first.

Checkout the Keyword Explorer pricing details below.

Moz Keyword Explorer pricing


Keyword Explorer from Moz is an amazing tool for keyword research. Definitely it needs further additions and upgrades that is required by the users. However the best part of KWE keyword tool is, for the next few months, the team is taking huge efforts to make feature additions and updates to make it the most powerful SEO keyword tool. Go explore the Keyword Explorer from Moz.

Hope you will find this article on Moz Keyword Explorer tool helpful. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends to make them know about the new Keyword Research tool. I would love to hear your thoughts about Moz KWE in the comments below.

Moz Keyword Explorer (KWE) – New Keyword Research Tool from Moz
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