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How to Place Affiliate Banners with Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin

If you run a micro niche website and planning monetize with targeted affiliate programs then you might look for some awesome WordPress affiliate plugins to put your code.

Actually you can easily do that with these WordPress plugins but I thought to achieve this requirement without installing a new plugin. If your requirement is to display both Google Adsense and affiliate link together in a post, then you can easily achieve the same by using Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin.

Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin - WordPress affiliate plugins

How Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin can be the best WordPress affiliate plugin alternative?

Before proceeding further let me clear one thing, this idea will only work if you run a micro niche website which has a potential to attract specific affiliate marketers.

E.g. if you have blog on WordPress hosting deals or discounts, then you can easily share various affiliate links or banners within your posts for all popular web hosting companies. So, in this case all of your articles will be on various hosting reviews or hosting packages or hosting discounts. And you want to put a specific web hosting company banner (Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy etc.), you can put them after first paragraph of every article. Besides that if you want you can also put an adsense code after post title.

To do both the things with one WordPress plugin, you can use Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin. Simply use option ADS1 before post and put the affiliate hosting company code in the place after first paragraph section of Quick Adsense plugin.

Can I put both Adsense and Affiliate link on same page?

Yes, you can use both the ads together. But you should not use any of them accessibly. Otherwise there will be chance of your adsense account to get banned.

And while putting affiliate link, you should be careful about he content and target affiliate company. They should be of same niche. As I have told in the beginning of this article, that only for micro niche based websites these article will be suitable.

Try not to disturb your blog reader by putting irrelevant and so many ads. Put the ads smartly to keep the visitors engaged as well as get proper clicks to make money online with adsense and affiliate marketing.

How to Place Affiliate Banners with Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin
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