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Blogger of the Week: Nisha Pandey of SEOTechyWorld

Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you. 

Hello Friends, we are here with another awesome she-blogger in our Blogger’s Interview series. Nisha Pandey is the lady behind SEOTechyWorld.com and is an well-known SEO expert.

Nisha is an passionate blogger who writes about interesting topics and at the same time managing her kid and family with great keenness. She has been sharing many useful topics like social media, gadgets, internet tips, technology, SEO, blogging etc. Nisha was in the SEO field for quite a sometime and finally have taken blogging as a fulltime career option.

In this interview with WPB360, she has discussed about how being an SEO Pro has helped her in blogging, recent changes in SEO trends and best social media sites to boost online presence. We are very much thankful to Nisha for taking time to answer the questions. So let’s check out the discussion now.

Nisha Pandey Interview SEOTechyWorld

Manidipa: Hey Nisha, welcome to WPB360. Could you please introduce yourself to the readers here?

First of all, thank you so much Manidipa for giving me this opportunity today to meet your readers. It’s always wonderful to get to know new people.

I’m Nisha Pandey, founder and editor of SEOTechyWorld. I’m a professional blogger, based in New Delhi where I live with my whole family.

Manidipa: How did you come up with the name SEOTechyWorld & the niche of your blog?

Nisha: Well, before taking up blogging as my full-time profession, I was working as an SEO expert. So, when I decided to start blogging, naturally SEO was the subject I wanted to talk about. Other than SEO, I’ve always been passionate about new technology and gadgets. So, I decided to combine the two and started my blog SEOTechyWorld.

Manidipa: Would you like to talk about your other new startups?

Nisha: Recently I’ve started another blog Loudhere.com. This one is basically in entertainment niche. We cover entertainment news, lifestyle updates etc. The most fun category however is ‘Top 10’ where we offer interesting lists of top 10 anything under the sun.

Manidipa: Being a mother I can understand the challenges of early motherhood. Why & how did you decide to start a blog during that phase?

Nisha: For me blogging happened like a happy accident. During my maternal leave I started surfing internet about various things and came up with the idea of blogging. I instantly liked the idea and decided to give it try. Once my baby was born, I wanted the flexibility of working from home that blogging offers. So, took it up as my full time profession.

Manidipa: Motherhood is a fulltime job. How do you motivate yourself to keep your blog up and running?

Nisha: Yes, it gets tough sometimes. But I love what I do. So, motivating myself is not a big problem. I believe when you actually love your job, it becomes easy to stay motivated and give your best. It’s equally true for any kind of job, not just blogging.

Manidipa: Could you please tell us about your daily blogging routine?

Nisha: Well, I’m a self-professed late riser. So, I sit down with work in afternoon time only. Mostly I work during late night, when my baby is asleep.

Manidipa: Nisha, Being an SEO pro, you already had the knowledge of one of the most important aspect of blogging (SEO). Did you face any blogging challenges in the early days?

Nisha: As far as SEO goes, I was pretty okay since the early days because of my professional background. However, the early blogging challenge I faced was with contents. I was writing about anything and everything, without judging the value of the subject first. With time I understood the mistake and corrected it.

Manidipa: According to you, what are the biggest change in SEO trends in recent times?

Nisha: Google has become very strict about the content quality as well as quality of backlinks now-a-days.

And another major change is that the competition is increasing day by day. So, the ranking factor is the main concern.

Manidipa: How do you SEO your blog posts? Do you prefer using any plugin or software for that?

Nisha: I don’t do much backlinks. Whenever I get time, I do commenting on other sites which help me to network with other bloggers. Also it gives me quality backlinks. I don’t use any paid plugin for SEO purpose.

I just use Grammerly Pro version to check the content quality for the guest posts, I receive for seotechyworld.com.

Manidipa: How much importance you give to social media promotions? What are the best social sites for a beginner to get started?

Nisha: Social media promotion is very important. After all that is where your readers are; it is absolutely important to be visible to them. Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are the best social sites for a beginner to get started.

Manidipa: Would you like to share about your major income sources? According to you, what is the best monetizing technique online for a new blogger?

Nisha: Sponsored posts are my main and major income source from seotechyworld. And my other blog how-to-make.in is making some $$$ via adsense. I am also running few new projects. One of them is: loudhere.com. It’s quite new but, going great.

For newbie bloggers my suggestion is – have patience. Work on the branding of your blog. Make it popular, increase your traffic with the quality content; then you will be able to make money from adsense as well as through sponsored posts. Networking is the right hand of blogging. Make good network with other bloggers and it can help you a lot.

Manidipa: What is your best blogging moment so far?

Nisha: Obviously, when I made first huge income ($$$$) from blogging; it was my best moment. With bogging, I am able to run my own venture today.  Blogging made me an entrepreneur!

Manidipa: What do you love to do when you get some time besides being a mommy & blogging?

Nisha: Frankly, between these two I don’t get much time. However, I like to listen to music whenever I get some free time.

Manidipa: Do you think, being into SEO profession can help someone to become a better blogger? What other skills one SEO pro must learn, if s/he wants to excel into blogging?

Nisha: Well, of course having SEO knowledge is a plus point when you start your blogging journey. However, you can learn as you go too. There are many bloggers who had little SEO knowledge when they started, but they learnt on the journey.

As for SEO pros, learning to write good content is a skill that one needs to develop. No matter how SEO friendly your blog is, if the content is poor, it is of no use.

Manidipa: Would you like to give some tips to the newbie bloggers who is going to start a new blog and planning to make it a career?

Nisha: Being patient and consistent is the key to success. I have seen many new bloggers getting started and then getting disheartened. Accept the fact that your blog is not going to make money from day one. You’ll have to build your blog first, popularise it and then only can expect rewards from it.

Thanks again Nisha for sharing your journey with the readers of WPB360. In case you have any question about her blogging journey or want to know any other blogging tips, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Blogger of the Week: Nisha Pandey of SEOTechyWorld
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  • Respected Manidipa mam, I always read bloggers interview posts. I like it a lot. Kindly ask few other questions from them also like –
    1. After How many months or years you have earned your first dollar ?
    2. How many hours do you work daily ?
    3. How many staffs have your hired for your work ?
    4. How many websites do you have ?
    5. what is your current traffic status ?

    • Hi Prakash,

      Direct questions are not entertained many a times from the expert bloggers. So I always try to make the interviews interesting which covers many valuable tips. And also questions are most of the time personalized and not a single set of questions for all. However, Thank you for the suggestions. Take care.

    • Hi Prakash
      I must say every interview is not subjected to share sensitive information like this. Most of the statistics are of a kind that a person can share only with his/her advertisers.
      Yes, I am not saying that this is a bad question but not every time.
      Many websites are doing too good but only a few of them are publishing a transparency report.
      And yes, this interview is a true showcase of her nature, her struggle and her life in real time, not a statistics disclosure statement.
      You can follow her blogs to stay updated and visit respective links and know more.

    • Hi Prakash,

      Thanks for reading my interview.. I think you asked these questions to me personally and I have answered them too. Some people don’t share these things in public. When you start blogging, these questions will be solved easily. Just have some patience and do hardwork. Start blogging and enjoy your life!

      Have a great day!

  • Hi Manidipa Ji
    Nice to be here on your blog and am really delighted to read one more awesome interview of Nisha Mam. So far as I have known her, she’s a real-life superstar. She is managing her office, kids and family very well.
    Yes, and her knowledge about SEO and digital marketing is great. I wish you and Nisha mam both a good luck in future ventures.
    Have a great day ahead.

  • Hi Manidipa,
    Thank For Sharing This Conversation. After reading interviews of the most famous pro blogger, Few common things that i could collect are content quality & patience.
    I’m new at blogging but know the concept of seo. I don’t want to implement my seo strategy on my blog so, will you please suggest me about best way to increase my brand? Is there any other way to make a suitable place in the field of bloggers?

    • Hi Akash,

      You have taken it right, patience is surely the key.

      If you already have knowledge in SEO, that’s a great plus point. As it takes some real substantial time to learn the correct methods. The only thing you must focus on is the content part. Useful and quality content is the primary aspect for creating your own brand. Also you should also consider to get more social visibility. If you are already doing that, then you are on the right track my friend 🙂

  • Hi Nisha

    I suggest every newbie must read this interview because they always have the problem of not earning from the day 1, after reading this I am sure they will have some patience.

    After all I the enjoyed knowing about you. It was nice experience.

    Manidipa thanks for bringing her.

  • When I click on the menu link “HOME” I see not content in the left hand side of the blog. I read one blog post and found out the author did not fill in the author bio section in the profile account. That seems unprofessional for a so-called SEO blog.

    On blog post, I see a google adsense ad hovering over the content in the blog post. That’s Google AdSense violation right there. Normally I never see Google AdSense ads on professional SEO blogs.

    First impression means a lot for me in regards to trusting a blog owner and I’m not thrilled. Also if you a SEO expert then I am sure you can afford to have a custom theme created and not buy a premium one thousands of bloggers could be using as well.

    Great interview Nisha but in 5 minutes I found issue’s I noticed off the start.

  • Great post thanks for sharing this awesome interview

  • Hi Manidipa,
    It was really an enjoyable read for me. Nisha Pandey has answered the questions smartly.
    Simply, i would say good work.

  • One of the most interesting questions would be how the others start up their businesses, they always share interesting story and everybody loves to know why everybody starts something

  • thanks for sharing this amazing interview…

  • Well thanks for sharing these good interview with nisha. I read your blog regularly. It’s great and you share useful stuffs.

  • thanks for sharing this valuable interview for digital marketing world and nisha shared tips for new bloggers thanks for it…….


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