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It is the Monster of all Optin Forms and the best email subscription plugin in the current market. Get OptinMonster with 45% Discount today!

OptinMonster is the most popular and the best WordPress Lead generation plugin in 2018.

With a number of new features and add-ons, this email subscription plugin for WordPress has become the market leader in this category of extensions.

In this comprehensive OptinMonster review, I will discuss about its feature list in detail along with the discount details.

Get the 45% Discount at OptinMonster

Building an email list is of utmost importance for anyone who want to become a successful online marketer.

There are various WordPress email subscription plugins out there which you can use for Email marketing and increase the number of subscribers.

But if you want the best of the best and won’t mind paying for that, then OptinMonster plugin is the right choice for you.

Within a very short time span, it has become the handiest tool for many bloggers from all over the world.

Optin Monster Review Best Lead Generation Plugin for WordPress

OptinMonster, as the name may suggest, is literally the monster of optin forms!

This premium plugin will require a minimal amount of work and offers many features to customize the popup design.

Let’s discuss why and how this WordPress plugin becomes the best help for you in detail.

What is OptinMonster Email Signup Form Plugin?

OptinMonster is a lead-generation plugin from the WPBeginner team – Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin.

It helps you to create and integrate highly effective optin forms for your WordPress website.

This plugin claims to fame of improving leads by 600% for its users. This may sound insane.

But it has actually done that for many bloggers who have been using this subscription plugin for WordPress for some time now.

Checkout how to boost your email list by 600%!

OptinMonster integrates with all the major email service providers (such as Aweber and MailChimp).

So your design possibilities are endless with other very powerful features like page level targeting, A/B split testing and exit-intent technology.

OptinMonster Review Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

Most of time pop-ups are very annoying. But without one we all know how difficult it is to get someone subscribe to your email list. So how to do it efficiently?

OptinMonster’s smart lightbox popup with exit-intent technology makes it easy and uncluttered for you to capture your target customers’ details.

Now what is Exit-intent technology and Smart Lightbox Popup?

OptinMonster Exit Intent Technology and Lightbox Popup

You might have definitely noticed those popups which opens whenever you click on the screen of a particular website which opens in a different window.

These are the most common popups type (and most maddening too!) which bombards in almost each page load.

Then comes the lightbox popups which are used by many bloggers. These popups open within the same window right when you visit the blog or after a few seconds.

These can also be irritating to some visitors who came to read through the post.

But how about a popup which opens right when the user is about to leave? Smart lightbox popup does exactly the same.

OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology detects user behavior as they browse through your page.

This allows the plugin to detect the particular moment the user is about to leave and prompts them with a targeted campaign.

Most of the times, the visitors leave your website without subscribing. It is not that they don’t like the content, but because there is no clear call-to-action on most of the pages.

And the worst part is, they might not ever return to your site.

By giving them a gentle reminder (and if possible some free bonus), they would be more likely to subscribe for your newsletter.

The exit-intent technology, helps to convert the abandoning visitors of your site into subscribers.

At the same time it does not restrict them from leaving, like some other irritating exit popups. The user can leave normally by clicking the close button.

But precisely it gives you an extra page views by retaining that visitor with a potential to get them sign up.

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OptinMonster Features for Customer Acquisition

OptinMonster is the most powerful lead generation platform. It comes with all the best features any WordPress subscription plugin can have.

Let us see some of those which helps you to grow your email list.

Exit Intent Technology

More than 70% of the visitors who visit your website will never return. The exit-intent technology track the mouse movement of the users and prompts a popup with the targeted message at the moment they are about to leave.

So now convert the abandoning visitors into your subscribers and also potential customers.

High Converting Optin Forms

With the powerful drag & drop builder of OptinMonster WordPress lead generation plugin, now you can create visually stunning optin forms within minutes.

Create various types of highest converting optin forms like lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-ins and many more.

Customer Segmentation

You can easily analyze the behavior of your customers and segment your email list by grouping your subscribers based on their interests.

OptinMonster’s page-level targeting allows you to display personalized offers based on the visitors’ location and interaction on your website.

Easy A/B Testing Option

OptinMonster allows you to easily A/B test your ideas to increase conversions. The smart and easy A/B testing allows you to take data-driven decisions on what works best for your site.

You can try different layouts, styles, title and content to see what converts best.

Measure Your Results Quickly

You can easily find out how your optin forms are performing with the built-in analytics option.

Analyze the clicks, views, and overall conversion rate for each page and take the necessary action to improve your lead-generation strategy.

Buffer blog has shared a detailed case-study on how they doubled eMail sign-up in 30 days. Below are the top sources for eMail signup for them.

slide up email optin form

Top sources for eMail Signup by BufferApp


MonsterEffects is a signature OptinMonster technology that allows you to catch the attention of your visitors with animated effects.

You can choose from the dozens of animation effects to grab the attention of your readers and thus increasing the number of email sign up.

MonsterLinks™ 2-step Optin Technology

The Optin technology of MonsterLinks allow you to boost the conversions by turning any link or image into a 2 step optin process.

Highly Noticeable Floating Bars

OptinMonster’s floating bars attach themselves to the bottom of your visitor’s screen and scroll along with them.

This makes the floating bar highly noticeable and helps you to get more subscribers.

Full Screen Welcome Gate

OptinMonster’s fullscreen with the Welcome Gate, Exit Gate and Interstitial Ad allows you to turn any page on your website into the highest converting one and double your email conversions rates.

Polite Scroll Boxes

As the user scrolls down on your website, the slide-ins appear on the bottom right hand corner which makes it highly effective in boosting email signups.

Mobile Specific Popups

The mobile addon of this lead generation plugin for WordPress can increase your mobile conversions by creating targeted popups specifically for your mobile visitors.

So now see effective conversions in your mobile app downloads or any other targeted campaign.

Data Driven Sidebar Forms

Most of the sidebar forms do not provide you any conversion data. OptinMonster Sidebar forms allows you to A/B test and take data driven decisions.

Location specific in-line forms

OptinMonster after-post and in-line forms are perfect for getting more subscribers through your content.

The engaged visitors of your blog can easily get converted without getting disturbed while reading.

Explore the full features list of OptinMonster plugin

How to Use OptinMonster?

If you are thinking that, with so many features and way out, the installation process will be complex, then let me assure you, it is not. It takes less than 10 minutes to get all the setup in place.

  1. First of all, get OptinMonster in any of your choice of version – Basic, Plus and Pro.
  2. You need to install and activate the plugin thereafter. The process is similar to any other WordPress plugin installation.
  3. The next step would be to connect it with your email marketing services such as Aweber, MailChimp etc.

Though this is an easy step to perform, but you can also refer to the available documentations, if you require so.

OptinMonster Pricing Details

There are three versions available for this premium plugin. The Basic version cost just $49. You can upgrade the license as and when needed. You can see the pricing and difference in features in the below chart.

OptinMonster Pricing details

Though you can go with any of these versions, but we would recommend you to go for Pro, as the exit-intent technology along with all existing and future addons is available for this Pro level.

If you are looking to do serious business, then this is the best choice for you.

$199/year may seem to be costlier for your blogging expenditure. But anyone who is into serious blogging will understand the importance of email list building.

With OptinMonster you are likely to convert the abandoning visitors into your potential customers. Also enjoy the new and addon features which is free for the existing users.

OptinMonster Coupon Code 2018

Checkout the current 45% OptinMonster discount by visiting their website now.

Get Your Discount at OptinMonster Now

Also the best part is, it comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. So in case you are not happy with the subscription growth rate, then you can simply ask for a refund.

You can also checkout the OptinMonster coupon code page to find the exclusive OptinMonster coupon code & discounts.

OptinMonster Review 2018: Worth Your Money?

OptinMonster is for all those bloggers who want to get the most out of their investment and find it wise to invest in the right tools.

Within no time, this premium WordPress plugin can increase the email subscription rate of your blog by a real significant number.

Don’t forget to share this OptinMonster review and discount with your friends who might want to boost their subscription list. Please feel free to share your experiences with this subscription plugin for WordPress, if you have any.

OptinMonster Review 2018 with 45% Discount: WP Lead Generation Plugin
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