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10 Top Pro Bloggers from India (2018 List)

Over the period of time, blogging has really evolved as a full-time career option in India. Many people are living their life by pursuing a full-time blogging career. They are all pro-bloggers.

In this article I will share a list of my favorite pro bloggers in India, rather than the list of best Indian bloggers. It’s not at all an easy journey for them, but they have proved that one can live on his/her own terms without working under a boss in a typical 9 to 5 routine.

Blogging has become a proven way to make money online for many international bloggers. If you would have followed them regularly, then you could find that the number of bloggers from USA, Canada, UK are huge compared to India.

pro bloggers india

But time is changing, as Indian bloggers are also gradually understanding the power of blogging. But to declare one as a pro-blogger, is not that easy. Anyway let’s check out the pro bloggers of India, whom I follow regularly to read about their blog updates, blogging journey and to explore their income report & sources.

Popular 10 Pro Bloggers of India

1. Harsh Agarwal From Delhi [shoutmeloud.com]

Harsh-Agrawal pro blogger IndiaHarsh Agarwal is my most favorite pro blogger like many others. Right now he is running India’s one of the most popular blog about blogging on WordPress. He is actively engaged in social media, public interaction and other way and gaining huge followers day by day.

He is blogging since 2008 and making huge money from his multiple blogs via advertising, affiliate marketing.

2. Amit Agarwal from Agra [labnol.org]

Amit-Agrawal pro blogger IndiaAmit Agarwal is one of India’s all time great blogger. In fact he is among the first pro-bloggers from India. His blog labnol.org (Digital Inspiration) is the most popular tech blog in India. He received huge praise & applaud for his blogging skills in that time. He is blogging since 2004, long time now.

Unlike others, Amit Agarwal’s income is mainly depending on Google adsense program only. He is highest adsense earner of India. Besides that he used write tech columns in newspapers, magazines, work on various tech products & new projects.

3. Jane Sheeba from Chennai [probloggingsuccess.com]

Jane Sheeba pro blogger IndiaJane Sheeba is an awesome blogger whom I know very closely. She runs multiple blogs covering various niche. Back in December 2014 I came to know about Jane Sheeba to have her blogging services. She has simply changed my life and view towards blogging like many other bloggers.

Jane is an awesome web developer and capable of doing any kind of theme designing. All my websites themes are customized by Jane Sheeba only. She has huge knowledge in blogging, SEO, content marketing and running her own web hosting business from home itself. Jane Sheeba is one of the finest women blogger of India.

4. Bharat Nagpal from New Delhi [igyaan.in]

Bharat Nagpal pro blogger IndiaI know Bharat nagpal from very early days, as I used to follow him on YouTube from his early days of blogging. I discovered him while looking for a mobile phone un-boxing videos. That time he used to review mobile phones and other gadgets.

But now he is a successful tech blogger who run his own YouTube TV, as iGyaan TV. You can visit his website iGyaan.in and discover many awesome gadget reviews. Specially I like the way he shoot all the unboxing videos.

5. Manish Chauhan from Pune [Jagoinvestor.com]

manish-chauhan pro blogger IndiaManish Chauhan is another awesome pro-blogger in India, whom I am following from his early days of blogging. In fact I have started blogging by reading his blogging journey. He is one of the famous personal finance blogger in India.

Personal finance niche is one of the most searched niche in India and Manish is a very well know face right now. He has organised many finance workshops across India which gave him huge boost to choose blogging as a full-time career. He joined with Nandish Desai and now running India’s one of finest finance start up, Jagoinvestor.com.

6. Amit Bhawani from Hyderabad [Amitbhawani.com]

amit bhawani pro blogger indiaAmit Bhawani is another finest pro-blogger from my favorite city Hyderabad. He is making money mainly via adsense program. His blog name is in his name only, amitbhawani.com.

Amit is running a tech blog covering various topic like Blogging career, SEO career, Work at home, Mobile phones updates etc. Besides this he is also running a android blog androidadvices.com.

7. Ashish Sinha from Bangalore [Nextbigwhat.com]

ashish sinha pro blogger indiaAshish Sinha is an awesome personality who started his blogging journey with pluggd.in, a community for new start ups. He started his blogging journey back in 2006 when everyone around him was engaging in blogging, just for fun. But he realized the potential of Indian IT sector and start up area.

His latest start up Nextbigwhat.com is one of India’s finest tech start up news website. Not only in India, they are covering various global entrepreneur story and news as well. I am a big fan of reading various start up story, blogger’s journey etc and that’s why Ashish Sinha has made up to one of my favorite Indian pro-blogger.

8. Shradha Sharma from Delhi [Yourstory.com]

Shraddha Sharma pro blogger indiaWhen I mentioned about start ups & entrepreneurs, then how come someone forget the popular blog Yourstory.com. The personality behind this website is Shradha Sharma. She has started her blogging journey back in 2008 and gradually master in her blogging skills. She received couple of awards like one of top 500 LinkedIn Influencers across the world and the L’Oreal Paris Femina Award for Online Influence.

Besides this, YourStory.com is arranging various conferences & meetups for entrepreneurs like TechSparks, MobiSparks, E-Sparks, WebSparks, EduStars, Cloud Conclave, Startup Jobs Fair, Sociopreneurship etc.

9. Tony John from Kerala [Techulator.com]

tony john pro blogger indiaTony John is another pro blogger from India, who started blogging back in 1998. Wow, by that time I did not knew that there is something called internet. He is mainly popular for few of awesome blogs like techulator.com, indiastudychannel.com and many more. I mostly used to visit these 2 websites to read articles related to technology & everyday life hacks.

First time I read Mr. Tony John’s Interview on BloggersIdeas.com and was completely amazed with his success. He is running more than 40 blogs, which is unbelievable. Although like Harsh Agarwal he is not keen to share his monthly income from blogging, but he shared that most of his income is from google adsense program only.

10. Raman Sharma from MP [allusefulinfo.com]

ProBlogger Raman Sharma AllUsefulInfo.comRaman Sharma is one of my favorite bloggers who deserves to be in this list. Raman Sharma runs a single blog allusefulinfo.com and makes more than $4,000/ month from that, which has simply caught my attention.

In fact I have discovered his blog couple of years back when I was building my first blog, mydailylifetips.com. I was inspired by the types of articles he used to share in his blog and planned to start a similar blog covering multiple useful niches based out of Indian users.

He mostly share articles related to How to guides, Top 5 or Top 10 related to computer, internet, technology, WordPress, blogging and many more. Recently we got the opportunity to feature Raman Sharma in our blog to know more about his blogging journey.

So, these are top 10 pro-bloggers from India whom I admire. I am also preparing a list of best Indian blogs & bloggers who are living their life out of blogging. Would you like to share your favorite blogger from India?

10 Top Pro Bloggers from India (2018 List)
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