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Best Profitable Niche Selection Strategies to Kick Start Blogging!

Finding the most profitable blogging niches to start a blog is one of the toughest jobs. Most of the time we don’t focus on our strengths, expertise and areas when selecting a niche for blog. Today we will discuss the niche selection strategies which can actually jump start your blogging career.

As a beginner, most of us do several mistakes while choosing a niche topic for your blog. Mostly people start blogging by sharing almost any sort of information on their blogs and gradually realize that they are not able to maintain all the categories they were targeting. To maintain a multi niche blog one has to put huge hard work.

Selecting a broad niche might be good for casual blogging, but if you want to blog for money then you have to find out the best profitable niche in which you can write articles. In this article I will share few tips to select the best niche for blogging and tell how to avoid mistakes while choosing a niche topic for your blog.

Profitable Niche Selection Strategies


What is Micro Niche Blog & Does it Still Work in 2015?

I read in many forums or websites that micro niche blogging doesn’t work after Goggle’s changes in algorithm. But you should know to which extent this statement is true.

In older days of blogging many expert people used to buy exact match domains with high CPC keywords and make micro niche sites without following much of SEO best practices. And they might get huge success as well, but this technique will not work now.

When we talk about making money from blogging, it is always better to choose a narrow niche than a broad or multi niche. And then you have to write enough quality content, make all SEO factors ok and do link building in a white hat way to get results.

The best part of a micro niche site is, you can target some affiliate product to make some good passive income together with Google adsense program. If your multi-niche site has 10,000 page views covering various topics, a micro-niche site with even 1000 page views can beat that big site. The reason is simple, most of the visitors are micro niche site specific and people with that interest will visit that site. This means conversion rate of ad click or product sale will be higher. This means more profit.

What is the Best Niche Selection Process?

When I have started blogging few years back on Blogspot platform, I used to share articles on many topics like technology, personal finance, health tips and also have done Recipe blogging.

In fact in few days I have started receiving traffic as well. But gradually I realized that I am writing for whom? Why people should read my blog? As I was not able write on all topics.

Very soon I have realized that my interest was towards personal finance and money saving tips niche related. So I have to discontinue that blog and start a fresh blog which cover personal finance, money and investment tips. It took huge time for me to build traffic and link building.

But again after few days of blogging I have realized that this niche is also too broad as I was not able to cover all the topics with expertise. Again I had to re-plan my blogging niche and narrowed to small scale investment products in which I am quite comfortable to write regular articles. This time I have not changed my domain name, but re-plan all the article and theme design.

So, you can see that how I struggled while choosing the perfect niche for my first blog. I am sure that I was not the only blogger who suffered like that, but many beginners do same mistake by choosing a broad niche.

Best Profitable Niche Selection Strategies

In that case how to select a blog niche for profit? Let’s take few tips to discover a profitable niche for a new website or blog.

1. When we talk about a profitable niche that means one should have enough potential to attract more affiliate and advertising product related traffic. But if your interest area doesn’t have any such keywords then what to do? Nothing to worry; if you can switch your interest towards a profitable niche then go ahead. Otherwise try to build an authority site with your preferred niche and in future monetize the same with Google Adsense or infolinks or similar other advertising program.

2. If you don’t have any such interest or you want to switch to a profitable blogging niche then you have to know about the high CPC keywords or areas where good earning potential is there. But remember that those niches might be already saturated by many authority websites of similar topics. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start another micro niche blog.

3. So you have decided the niche in which you can blog, then don’t be in a hurry to launch your blog & write your first post immediately after that. Take some time, explore that niche more and gain some good knowledge so that you can explain well. Look around whether you have enough stuff like magazine, newspaper to improve your knowledge or collect regular updates on that topic or not.

4. Use a free keyword suggestion tool like Google adword keyword tool or any paid keyword tool like SEMRUSH, Market Samurai, SEO PowerSuite etc. Do a research on what kind of topic people generally look for. Try to search for the topic or category you are expert in. E.g. I am interested towards money related news in India. So I used to read magazines, newspaper and few popular personal finance blogs based out of India. Now if I have to plan for new blog, then I might look for some specific investment scheme which could have good potential, popular and will continue in the long run.

So, with these niche selection strategies & tips one can easily decide about in which area he/she can start blogging. But this is just an overview article as I will explain in depth how to choose the most profitable blogging niches with various tools and make money from that blog.

Best Profitable Niche Selection Strategies to Kick Start Blogging!
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  • Hi Manidipa,

    Kind of new here and I’d you’ve shared really great topic here. Niche selection is crucial step for starting a blog and we must focus on niche which we could enjoy working and promoting.


    • Hi Mark,

      Welcome to my space & thanks for your comment.

      Definitely choosing the right niche for your blog is the first & foremost important thing. And you are true that our niche should where we can enjoy working & at the same time is profitable also.

  • Hey Manidipa,

    Fantastic post. I gained a lot from your advice. And to be rather honest I have been doing everything backwards. I write my articles and then think about keywords, get disappointed that none are satisfying and dismiss the whole process.

    However I have come to understand the importance of narrowing down my niche and taking on what so many of you continually write about – keywords and trends. However I must say I do struggle with these rules and am still not 100% sure how to go about changing my ways.

    Your story about how you started and were even writing about recipes sounds exactly like I am now. And how you started over twice. You certainly have me thinking. Thank you.


    • Hey Rachel,

      It’s very nice to see you here & thanks for dropping your thoughts 🙂

      Many of us work backward – write first & then think which keyword actually it is targeting. But this is a irremoval part of the learning phase. At first when I entered into blogging I knew nothing about it. So no keyword research, no SEO, no sharing. At the end actually no one was reading it 😛

      But gradually I started to explore the many facets of blogging & still in the learning phase. But the main thing is, it is too much interesting. If you have interest in something then it’s just a matter of time, you will definitely acquire the knowledge.

      Hope to see more of your views. Stay happy 🙂

  • Hello Manidipa,
    This is an awesome post and i had to agree with all the points you made about selecting a niche to blog about. The truth is that one of the few things that will guarantee your blogs success or failure is the niche you choose to set your blog on.

    That is why its always very advisable to pay more attention and be careful while deciding on a niche because if you eventually select the wrong one, you will find it difficult to make it profitable.

    • Hi Theodore,

      It’s really great to know that you agree with the topic.

      You are very right that, selecting the niche is the first & foremost step in anyone’s blogging career. If the niche is not correct, no matter how hard you work later, it’s really tough to get success. Thanks for sharing your views 🙂

  • Some of us prefer to just maintain one blog discussing different topics rather than a specific topics. I personally prefer to maintain one blog with many categories rather than splitting those categories and create a niche blog. In these way, I save on domain name and hosting fees. The best part of maintaining a broad category blog is that I only SEO a single site and it will be easy for me being a one man operator. Maintaining various niche site is hard to maintain and very hard to do SEO for all those site.

    • Hi Gilbert,

      Maintaining a single blog is definitely easier instead of having many niche sites. As you said, you can also save on your domain, theme & hosting plan. At the same time you are also right that you just need to optimize a single blog on the search engines which somewhat lessen your task list.

      But micro niche sites have their own benefits. You can easily focus on your targeted keywords in the niche sites & chances are higher that you will get better ranking in the SERPs easily.

      Thanks for taking time to put your comments.

  • Hi Manidipa
    Landing on your site for the first time. Love the design.

    Coming back to the post, I personally feel the best profitable niche is the niche in which we have interest. If one has long term plan in mind, it is always better to choose the topic of interest.

    Targeted blogging is always better than posting random stuff. 10 targeted readers are always more preferable than 100 random readers. With micro niche sites, it is easy to focus on the articles in an easy manner.

    As you said, one must work out on the niche before starting the project. Ya, we must read magazines and articles related to the niche. It helps in forming a sound base.

    Nice effort 🙂

    • Hey Yatin,

      It’s great to hear that you liked your first visit here 🙂

      Yes, you are true that targeted blogging is always better than doing it randomly. Working on setting your targeted niche is of utmost importance. And reading out magazines related to your preferred niche seems very useful. Thanks for sharing your views 🙂

  • Thanks Manidipa for such a great post on niche selection! Keep up the good work!

  • Hi i totally agree with you that selecting a profitable niche is a little tricky. Begginers did not focus the most significant part in blogging while creating blogs. But you have shared with us lucrative information regarding niche selection which is very useful for bloggers to go through.

    Thanks for fantastic share



    • Hi Mairaj,

      It’s great to know that you have taken the core intention of this article.

      As a newbie, most of the times, people do not get the opportunity to explore more about the right niche which will help in the long run. As a result, many blogs are withdrawn after a while, as it is no longer interesting to continue nor profitable.

      Thanks for stopping by & putting your thoughts. Take care 🙂

  • Hello,
    It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I’m happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • I find this site is very beneficial and helpful. I am thinking to start a mathematics blog where i am intended to show some basic mathematical topics in an intuitive and insightful way however i would also like to earn part time payment from it but many folk have said to me that educational blog like this one will n’t be paid or can’t make any money . How much is it true and how can i proceed further ? I am extremely gratitude for response.

    • Hi Sarita,

      It’s great to hear that you found the article useful.

      Education and schooling are a very hot topic nowadays. Many people want to know how to land a great job and that starts with education only.

      Any Targeted Course like Management, B.Tech or MBBS can be a good start or you can also write on any preferred education topic of your interest. Interest makes the knowledge sharing easier. So starting an educational blog can definitely be a profitable idea.

      In these kind of blogging niche, adsense is the main source of income. So a Mathematics site can definitely generate income if you gradually build authority & able to create a large traffic base.

      Thanks for reading this. Take care 🙂

  • This article is informative and important for the blogger especially the newbie blogger. Because newbie blogger have to face some problem when they select their niches because they don’t know how to choose a perfect niche. Your article helps the blogger to do well when they select their niches. Thank you for sharing such an interesting article.

    • Hi Sahadath,

      Selecting the right niche is one of the first and top most aspect of blogging. It is really tough to sustain if proper care is not taken while choosing the blogging niche. And it is much more important in case of micro niche blogging. Thanks for reading through.

  • This is useful article for those who wants to work on Niche Blog. After this post surely, I will start work on niche blogs and try to earn few bugs from it.

  • wow. just wow , that was a huge interesting and awesome guide you have here !!!

  • WOW!! What a great, well written post! Why haven’t I come across this site before? So much more informative than what I’ve come encountered so far! I could have saved myself a ton of hours bumbling around the Internet wilderness forever.

    Awesome case examples! I’m going to copy your methodologies. Off goes the TV in the background, phone is on mute. Coffee made. No plans for the day. Perfect time to dive in… Thank you so much!


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