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Quick Adsense – Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugin

Want to monetize your WordPress blog? But don’t know how to insert code in various parts of your content or WordPress theme?

If you would use the blogger platform, then you should know various coding techniques to insert adsense code in various parts of your theme. But as WordPress makes our blogging easy, one can simply install a plugin and handle these complex scenarios in a few click only.

In this article, I will talk about the Quick Adsense WordPress plugin and will check how one can easily put adsense code within content very easily. In fact from my personal experience, I can say that this is the best Google adsense plugin for WordPress.

quick adsense wordpress plugin review

How to place adsense after first paragraph with Quick adsense plugin?

Do you know what is CTR or Click Through Rate? It is the place where chances of getting a click from user is maximum. Generally below title, above title, top side bar etc are the areas where users mostly click on ads.

Quick adsense plugin makes it very simple. Simply select the option from this plugin and enable the ad. You can also put your ad after 2nd or 3rd paragraph. Quick adsense plugin will automatically detect the proper paragraph and show your ad easily.

With Quick adsense plugin one can put ad in various parts of the WordPress theme, even without knowing any coding knowledge. E.g. One can put Google adsense code in

  • Beginning of post. Means just after the title of the article.
  • Middle of the post. This plugin will divide the words and put the code randomly in the middle of the content.
  • End of the post. Means after completion of the article if you want to put your ad then its very easy.
  • You can also put ad on home page after the read more tag.

Not only that Quick Adsense plugin provide many more customization option as well. You can download this plugin and try out all those options and decide how you want to display ad in your WordPress blog.

How to put subscription box or any other custom feature via Quick adsense plugin?

Besides putting adsense code to various parts of the content, one can use Quick adsense plugin to put some custom code as well. E.g. if you want to put a email newsletter form below article, simple put that code in the Quick adsense plugin end of post option.

Like this you can put any code like sharing option, some related post etc. Not only that, if you want to put an affiliate banner in any part of your content, you can use this awesome plugin. This is an awesome trick that we can use with this Quick adsense plugin to reduce coding complexity.

Quick adsense – the best Adsense WordPress plugin

I have used couple of adsense WordPress plugin to put adsense code in various parts of my WordPress blog. But most of them don’t able to such variety of features when we compare with Quick Adsense plugin.

Besides that I really like this plugin as I can use this plugin to put other styles in my theme content. Do you find Quick adsense as best adsense plugin for WordPress? What else plugin you use to handle ad in your website? Share your comments to make this article useful.

Quick Adsense – Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugin
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Comments (6)

  • Even if “Insert Adsense” plugin hasn’t been updated in more than 2 years, it works perfectly for me.
    In the last few days I wanted to change my main add on each page from a small one to a big one, and by only changing the HTML at Insert Adsense, all my pages changed at once. The other adds, stayed the same.
    It does exactly what it proposes…and works perfectly on my bilingual site.

  • Please link to the latest version of quick adsense, called quick adsense reloaded:

    It’s a new plugin 100% compatible to the original one.

  • Hi Satanu,
    It’s indeed a great joy to be here today to read this wonderful tuto. if fact I was looking for such a Tito, nice that i found it here today, i will try to install this on my page, the different features mentioned are really attractive too,
    Thanks for explaining it well.
    Keep sharing.
    Have a great day.

    • Thanks Philip for finding our efforts useful. Yes, I am using this plugin to access to hooks within content and i think its wonderful so far. 🙂

  • Hello, I test this plugin, but I recomended you a new plugin for add adsense.
    This plugin is adsensei.
    More fast, more options, fantastic plugin for wordpress.
    You can see more in their website.


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