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Blogger’s Interview – Raman Sharma of AllUsefulInfo.com

There are many pro-bloggers in India who are living there life out of Blogging. The famous pro-bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal have been interviewed many times.

But still there are many pro-boggers who may not be that famous but are highly skilled in their profession. They are also earning a decent, or I must say, a really good amount of money from their blog/blogs. We have started this Bloggers Interview series to discover such experts of blogging & know about their blogging journey.

Today we have our first guest, Raman Sharma from AllUsefulInfo.com. We have asked a set of questions about his life, his blog & blogging journey and he has answered all of these with utmost honesty. I am really thankful to Raman for his time in answering all my interview questions. Without wasting much time let us go through the discussion.

ProBlogger Raman Sharma AllUsefulInfo.com

Q: Let us know about yourself, who is Raman Sharma?

A: Hello friends, I’m Raman Sharma, a pro blogger from Gwalior, India. I have completed BE in Computer Science Engineering from Madhya Pradesh, India.

Honestly, from 5th to 12th standard, I studied in Hindi Medium. It’s not because I was bad in English, but I really love to learn things in Hindi. After that, I took admission in Engineering with Computer Science branch. That was when I spent maximum time with English language and I truly enjoyed it.

Q: When & How did you discover blogging?

A: Blogging was not in my blood. But still I was always close to the field of blogging owing to my lovely maternal uncle. He is a blogger since 2006 who taught me all the basics of blogging and finally dissolved it into my blood. Gradually, due to my great interest in blogging I started this blog in December 2012.

Q: Tell us about your blog: www.allusefulinfo.com

A: All Useful Info (AUI) was started in December 2012 which has become one of the India’s most popular technology blogs.

At AUI, you will find many interesting and useful tips, tricks, news like tips on Internet & computer, mobile tips, technology news, new and latest software or apps lists, useful websites and useful information. You can also get some great amount of learning stuff on most popular technological topics.

I have started this blog out of passion but now it is empowering thousands of daily visitors.

Q: Are you a full time blogger? When did you realize that you can choose blogging as a full time career in India?

A: Yes, currently I’m a full time blogger but not was in past when I started blogging. In 2012, when I have started blogging I was just a part time blogger due to my studies. But after completing my graduation I decided to make it my full time job.

When I started blogging I was not alone in the field of blogging as there were already lots of popular bloggers in the row and they inspired me a lot for choosing blogging as a full time career option.

Q: How did your family & friends take this profession?

A: No, actually I didn’t have to give any kind of explanation to my family members about my blogging work as they took it very normally because already my maternal uncle have been in this filed for many years. But, yes, my friend didn’t believe about my blogging work until I started making money out of it.

Q: How many blogs do you run? Do you have a team or you are blogging by yourself only?

A: Currently I’m running only AUI blog because I wanna focus on it a lot. And I’m the only man behind All Useful Info blog. Though I recently I started guest articles, even looking for some paid authors 🙂

Q: How many hours do you work daily? Would you like to share your everyday blogging routine?

A: I work on my blog 7 to 8 hrs a day and in remaining time I love to read some tech magazines. And there is no special routine as I everyday wake in early in the morning at 5 o clock and work on my blog till 8 o clock and then I start directly after 11 o clock and so on.

Q: What strategies do you follow to bring traffic to your blog?

A: There may be more strategies like SEO, social media promotion but the simple and cute strategy to bring traffic to my blog is writing the content that is efficiently needed by a common tech savvy person.

Q: Blogging has changed its face in last couple of years and now many people are dreaming to become a pro-blogger and live a self-controlled life. Do you think this is so easy?

A: Blogging in India is now very popular way of making money for youngsters but it’s not that easy. In fact, there are lots of challenges you’ll have to face to become a pro blogger and most of the problems arise initially at the time of start. But, you should have the confidence to keep running in the race.

Still, for making it easy, you should start reading more and more blogs in your niche.

Q: Do you provide any service from your blog or blog network?

A: No. AUI is only a content sharing tech blog for techies.

Q: Would you like to share your income sources & monthly income you are able to generate from your blog?

A: I generate most of the revenue for my blog from Adsense and Media.net ads. Other than this, I’m also promoting affiliates for lots of products like hosting, CDN, software, apps etc. And on an average I generate the total of $4000 per month.

Q: What is SEO in 2015 as per your experience?

A: SEO in 2015 according to me is very clear for bloggers. I think some of the most important factors are quality, fresh and unique content, website speed, site responsiveness etc.

Q: How do you manage to safe guard your blog from various Search engine changes?

A: I don’t think there is any need to have a safe guard for blog from search engines because if you keep your blog search engine optimized and be updated of the upcoming algorithm updates of Google, then you don’t need to fear about anything for your blog.

Q: How much importance you give to social media? What are the practices you follow to make the most out of all the social networking sites?

A: Social Media has its own place for letting people know about your blog. And for a pro blogger social media engagement is very necessary. I believe social media plays a vital role to uncover your blog among people and help to make it a brand. And that’s why I love spending a little bit of my income for social media promotion.

Q: Would you like to share few tips for the newbie bloggers you have discovered in your blogging journey?

A: There are not a few in fact lots of tips I wanna share with newbie bloggers who’re desiring to become a professional blogger. But, due to little time I just wanna share a few things as mentioned below:

  • Spend your more time for reading other blogs rather than writing.
  • Never copy the content from other blogs, it will hurt you!
  • Create a well-managed quality content with organized headlines, paragraphs.
  • Write to the point, never bore your visitors!
  • Keep reading SEO tips and tricks.
  • Be updated of upcoming Google algorithm updates.
  • And many more 😉 😉

Thanks again Raman for taking the time to share your advice and story with the readers of WPBlogging360. In case you have any question for Raman that I missed asking during the interview, please feel free to ask using the comments section.

Blogger’s Interview – Raman Sharma of AllUsefulInfo.com
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  • Raman Sharma had mention that he earns 4000 $ from his Blog …Still his blog have a alexa rank of 62,996 which is little bigger for this much popular blog. But Alexa can’t define a popularity of a website. But still thanks for promoting talents on your page.

    • Hi Aayan,

      Definitely Alexa is not the single determinant of popularity or income. But as per the analytics data shared by him, he is getting near to 7 lakhs page views per month. So it could be possible.

      Thanks for liking our efforts!

    • Aayan

      Alexa don’t consider referral traffic most of the time. It only consider organic traffic and page views.


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