How to Restore a Godaddy Hosted Website

Is your website hacked by someone? Or your website is attacked by some malware or virus? Or by mistake you have deleted some files? In that case how to recover a website which is hosted on Godaddy Managed Hosting service?

As I have experienced with Godaddy Managed hosting service for few months, this short tutorial is a part of my experience only. I will describe how easily one can restore a Godaddy hosted website and restore a hacked website.

What I liked about Godaddy managed hosting service is, your WordPress blog will be backed up automatically by Godaddy on daily basis. This feature is included under managed hosting only. I think this is very useful for a beginner, as initially it is tough to know how to back up a WordPress blog automatically.

Why I restore my WordPress blog with Godaddy?

When you do some mistake, you can learn the best tips of your life. One fine day I was trying to edit the function.php file of one of my WordPress blog which was hosted in Godaddy. Mistakenly, I have removed some necessary code and my entire website started giving some error, as soon as I click the save button.

Even, I was not able to login to my WordPress dashboard and cpanel itself. I was afraid like anything and gone clueless thinking how to recover my website?

Then I started looking for a solution from Godaddy managed hosting settings and found this awesome back up & restore option.

How to Restore a Godaddy Hosted Website

To recover your Godaddy website, first of all login to your Godaddy account. Go to My Web Hosting area and you will find a similar screen like below.

How to Backup and Restore a Godaddy Website

Click on settings. You can see a new window will be opened with many tabs. Navigate to BACKUPS tab.

How to Backup and Restore a Godaddy Website 2

Choose a restore type from options: Files, Database and Files & Database. In my case I have opted for files only as I have corrupted only 1 file. In case your entire website got hacked or malware attacked, you can choose to restore both files & database.

How to Backup and Restore a Godaddy Website 3

In the next step, you have to choose the date in which your website was perfect. It will restore your website as per that date only. Seems like a similar feature we have found many times for our Windows restore.

Now this is interesting, as how these files are coming in this list? It is because Godaddy managed hosting service has a feature called auto-back website in daily basis. I find this really an awesome feature, as after selecting the date when I clicked on RESTORE button, it simply revert back everything as it was.

How to Backup and Restore a Godaddy Website 4

Your website is successfully restored to the previous version as per the date selected.

Hope this tutorial will be helpful for a newbie who want to know how to back up & restore a website on Godaddy hosting environment. I am sure that similar steps can be followed for other hosting providers as well.

How to Restore a Godaddy Hosted Website
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