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10 Best Sites for Students to Sell Notes Online & Make Money

Selling college notes online is nothing new or unheard-of.

Many students make their habit to jot notes and write very thorough papers on exam preparation and other academic activities.

Why not make it a habit yourself and start earning a revenue as well?

Now you can get paid to take notes in college. Cool, isn’t it?

You will not only get help in passing exams from these sites, but you will also manage to earn good money online to spend as you may need.

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Best Note Selling Websites for Students to Make Money


As one of Australia’s most popular student sites, StudentVIP has made its purpose to sell quality college notes to students in need.

You can easily set up a profile and start selling PDF files to your colleagues and set your own price range depending on the complexity and value of said materials.

The great thing about StudentVIP is that students tend to keep up to 75% of the profit which means that you can easily make money selling class notes.

And while notes go through rigorous screening procedures in order to be qualified as valid, this is still a great opportunity to sell your old notes if you studied in Australia.


NotesGen goes a step further in making sure that students have quality materials to study from.

One of the many reasons that NotesGen is different than its competitors is the ability to preview and easily scan for notes that you need.

The main page puts you right in the middle of the repository and it takes only a few clicks to see if this website is the right thing for you.

Once you submit your notes for sale and set the price you see fit, students will be able to not only buy your notes but also use them wherever they go.

NotesGen has a dedicated mobile app that downloads all the materials that you have on your account.

That means not only you can easily manage the sales of your notes but also buy some for yourself.


Believe it or not, even notes can be plagiarized.

That is why NexusNotes exists and it allows for a very secure and user-friendly experience when selling and buying notes is concerned.

While situated in Australia, NexusNotes allows students from all over the world to submit, buy and sell notes in order to pass exams successfully.

Every student submission is scanned and analyzed by experts who can tell if the materials are plagiarized or not.

This in turn means that it’s very hard to submit false or spam notes only to be sold for money.

If you want to sell your notes in a legitimate way and can prove that they are indeed yours, then NexusNotes is the perfect place for you.

The numerous satisfied students who provided testimonials on the website’s main page should be enough for you to consider selling your notes here.


Pagish is not only a student notes website, but also an online community.

The administration allows students and dedicated users to participate in making the community a better place by managing data on the website, proofreading notes, helping students find what they need and so forth.

This means that active students who post their notes not only make money from selling notes but also from working as a community manager.

Give Pagish a chance if you are interested in participating in your notes selling activities a bit more closely.

They offer a monthly subscription for active downloaders as well as a per-note payment method, allowing everyone to try it out and see what fits them the most.

It has made itself known across the world for providing the most detailed database of medical notes among all the websites, meaning that a lot of medical students use it for their studies.

Selling medical notes at Pagish is the best decision you can make if you are a medical student or someone in possession of such notes.


As one of the most well-known names in the online student notes industry, Stuvia has been around for a while.

It provides one of the most professional services a student can ask for.

It allows you to easily sell notes at your desired price range without worrying too much about whether you will get your money or not.

The trust that Stuvia has built its reputation on ensures that both the seller and the buyer get what they want in the end.

Instead of looking for different writing services companies to do your work, you can easily do it yourself by visiting a professional website such as this.

Stuvia has one of the most elaborate notes databases on the web with over 250,000 entries in numerous categories.

Whatever area your notes belong to, you can rest assured that this website will cover your needs and compensate you handsomely.

Before opting for Stuvia, you can look at numerous samples and student testimonials.

This will help you decide if this is the right place for your type of notes, since every marketplace has its own benefits and detriments.


For those studying in the UK and neighboring countries, OxBridgeNotes may be the perfect solution.

The prices on the website are set per document and correspond with the complexity and rarity of the notes in question.

If you have a rare note from an exam that no one paid much attention to but want to monetize on it now, this is the perfect place for you.

The website offers a plethora of categories to put your notes into, from accounting to medicine.

This ensures that all bases are covered and that students can always turn to OxBridgeNotes for help with their studies.

Every note is screened for validity and requires information such as year of publishing, university and course of the said notes and so forth.

This is one of the best ways to not only monetize your own notes as a UK student but also find materials that you need yourself.


For students in the US, StudySoup offers the perfect place for studying and selling notes.

While the website itself is restricted to US students only, no one is forbidden from buying notes they might need, whatever school they are from.

The website is very easy to use and it takes only minutes to set up your online notes shop.

StudySoup is full of testimonials from satisfied students that make over $1,000 a month by selling their notes online but the site isn’t without its flaws.

Not only is it restricted to US students, but also students coming from a specific set of schools, ensuring that the quality of service remains top notch.

Even with these setbacks, StudySoup makes the list as one of the most up to date and professional student notes website.


Being one of the most unique student notes services on the web, OneClass has a little bit of something for everyone.

The site is open to students from US, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

With over a million notes from a huge number of professional providers and students, it’s no wonder that OneClass is doing so well.

An interesting part of getting paid on OneClass is the fact that you can choose your own payment method.

You don’t have to be paid in cash if you so desire – you can ask for Amazon Gift cards, Starbucks coupons and all sorts of different online monetization methods.

While it may seem like a detriment, many students prefer shopping online anyway, and having an ability to exchange your notes for useful household items and food might be a good idea to some.


One of the things that differentiate NoteSale from its competitors is the fact that the service is lightning fast.

You can start selling notes in a matter of minutes while your sales are registered instantly.

The money you earn is transferred to your account as soon as the sale has been made, ensuring that you always have quick access to the money you have made so far.

While some students prefer a more thorough or detailed method of selling their notes online, NoteSale is one of the quickest ways to do it and earn a little cash on the side.


OmegaNotes works a little differently than its contemporaries – it allows you to differentiate notes from cheat sheets, diagrams, tables, and so forth.

Every category of student notes has a different value and rarity, ensuring that sellers and buyers are always treated fairly and everyone gets what they need.

OmegaNotes allows for a number of payment methods including PayPal, and with the 70% revenue that students make from selling each note; it makes for a pretty good deal.

Give OmegaNotes a shot if you need a service that pays fast and doesn’t allow for scams and unprofessional behavior.

Which is the Best Site for Students to Sell Notes Online

Mentioned above are some of the best note selling websites of current time.

You can choose any, depending upon your stream and other factors.

Selling notes online has never been a simple task.

You never know who the person on the other end might be or if they are willing to pay full price for what you are offering.

Understand that the buyers feel the same way most of the time and have a hard time trusting someone they have never met.

Explore all the options at your disposal when it comes to selling your student notes online – the right website is waiting for you and the materials you offer.

Author Bio: Having graduated from Chicago’s Public Research University Luisa Brenton has started her career in advertising and brand developing where she worked for over 4 years. As a freelance writer, she sees her mission in helping students to find their own way to balanced lifestyle and cope with everyday assignments with success. You can find more of her articles at
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10 Best Sites for Students to Sell Notes Online & Make Money
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